SCOOP 2016: Sun shines brightest for AintNoSun in Event #28-L ($27 FL Triple Draw 2-7)

May 16, 2016

Many players who enter the world of poker through No-Limit Hold’em stick with that variant, and maybe some Pot-Limit Omaha, but never move of and try mixed games. If only they would, then they’d find a rich tapestry of games await them. One of the easiest to pick up, and one of the most enjoyable is Fixed-Limit 2-7 Triple Draw.

The 28th round of SCOOP events saw this variant enter the fray. A generous $25k was guaranteed for the $27 Low entry, but that was smashed after 1,611 players entered, creating a $39,550.05 prize pool. The top 204 players made the money on Day 1, locking up a minimum $45.48. The final table of six was reached by the end of the day and the returned players would earn a minimum of $988.75. The player walking away with the title would get $6,526.50.

Six Team Pros entered this one. Four failed to cash, one made the money but busted after that, and one made it all the way to today’s final table. Jason “JasonMercier” Mercier managed a bit more than a min cash, taking away $51.41 for his 159th place finished. Adrienne ‘talonchick” Rowsome primarily focuses on mixed games and that expertise helped her to make Day 2, albeit in fifth place (of six).


Final table

Seat 1: dmcneally7 (2,336,965 in chips)
Seat 2: clancywigam (351,770 in chips)
Seat 3: KlgAborigen (4,453,000 in chips)
Seat 4: AintNoSun (4,645,070 in chips)
Seat 5: GrabYaGun (3,321,585 in chips)
Seat 6: Adrienne ‘talonchick” Rowsome (1,001,610 in chips)

talonchick may have entered the day in second to last spot but her position was better than clancywigam’s, who was dead last with a third of the Team Online member’s chips. The Irish player failed to recover and was first to go. dmcneally7 raised from the cutoff before clancywigam three-bet the button and AintNoSun four-bet from the big blind. Both opponents called, with clancywigam’s being an all-in one. AintNoSun and dmcneally7 drew one to clancywigam’s two, before the action was checked. The players drew the same as the first round and AintNoSun check-called a bet from dmcneally7. Clancywigam drew two on the last draw round, AintNoSun drew one again and dmbneally7 stood pat before checking behind. AintNoSun opened 4♥A♣6♥8♣2♠ losing out to dmcneally7’s eighty-seven with 5♥4♣8♠3♠7♣. clancywigam mucked and was out early.

talonchick only lasted one more hand and it was dmcneally7 who did the damage again. Her stack had shrunk to fewer than two big bets so when she raised from under the gun, it was all-in. dmcneally7 called in the next seat and GrabYaGun called in the big blind, before drawing four. talonchick drew two and dmcneally7 just the one. GrabYaGun drew two, talonchick three and dmcneally7 stood pat. It looked like a good draw for GrabYaGun who check-raised and then stood pat. dmcneally7 had bet-called and stood pat behind before calling one more bet with 4♣5♥2♣8♠3♦. It beat GranYaGun’s 3♠8♣2♦5♦6♣ and talonchick who mucked.

Adrienne Rowsome - 2013 WSOP(Sccop)-thumb-450x299-197323.jpg

5th place for Adrienne ‘talonchick” Rowsome
dmcneally7 failed to kick on after taking out the two short stacks and fell to the chip leader KlgAborigen, who has started the final in second place. AintNoSun opened from under the gun before dmcneally7 three-bet from the small blind. KlgAborigen and AintNoSun both called before all three drew two. dmcneally7 continued and then three-bet after KlgAborigen raised. AintNoSun folded but KlgAborigen four-bet and was called. dmcneally drew two and then led with another bet; KlgAborigen stood pat and then raised enough to set the Brit all-in. dmcneally called, drew one more and then opened 4♦8♣6♦9♦2♦ for a ninety-eight. KlgAborigen also had a ninety-eight but a better one with 5♦8♠4♠9♥2♣ and took a commanding lead through to three-handed play.

AintNoSun made the biggest strides at that stage mostly to the detriment of GrabYaGun’s stack, although it was KlgAborigen who came along and finished off the Hungarian. The Russian raised from the button and GrabYaGun called from the big blind before drawing two to his opponent’s one. Check-bet-call and both drew one before GranYaGun bet-called all-in. Both players stood pat and GrabYaGun’s stack was shot after 4♠5♥10♥7♣9♠ couldn’t beat the nut hand (7♠3♦5♠4♣2♣) of KlgAborigen.

Heads up

Seat 3: KlgAborigen (13,366,885 in chips)
Seat 4: AintNoSun (2,743,115 in chips)

The start of heads up play was a slow affair (in terms of big pots), contrasting the pace of play the final table had seen so far. More than 70 hands passed before AintNoSun managed to find some traction, showing down a ninety-seven to get their stack up to 3.5 million. It took until hand 100 until AintNoSun won a decent pot with an eighty-six to get within touching distance of five million. From then though, KlgAborigen fought back and undid all the losses and some. With the blinds increasing the pots, and therefore the swings, got a lot bigger.

A bit turning point came from AintNoSun when a 2 million chip pot, the biggest head-up pot so far, went their way – J♠5♠6♣9♦4♦ beating 5♥4♣3♠6♠A♦. That got AintNoSun to within 2 million of KlgAborigen and a short while after the lead for the first time since two remained. A 2.8 million pot with a ninety-seven beat KlgAborigen’s 2♥7♠5♦4♣K♥, who seemed to have a nut draw that failed to com in.

This ding-dong battle, that had seen more hands than the rest of the final table combined, saw KlgAborigen fall two-to-one behind before storming back into the lead once more, and then behind once more, for the last time. The Russian survived two all-ins but couldn’t survive a third one.

AintNoSun raised and KlgAborigen called before the players drew three and two. KlgAborigen led and was called before both drew one. The two players then kept raising until KlgAborigen was all-in. Both players stood pat and KlgAborigen opened an eighty-six with 8♠3♠5♥2♦6♦, losing out to AintNoSun’s 4♦7♥2♣6♣3♦.

These two players entered the final table as the chip leaders and were the last two standing. After an epic heads up battle, AintNoSun was a deserved winner after making a great comeback. Congratulations to KlgAborigen for playing a huge part, and to all the finalists.

SCOOP-28-L ($27 FL Triple Draw 2-7) results
Entrants: 1,611
Total prize pool: $39,550.05
Places paid: 204

1. AintNoSun (Austria) $6,526.50
2. KlgAborigen (Russia) $4,884.43
3. GrabYaGun (Hungary) $3,559.50
4. dmcneally7 (UK) $2,373.00
5. Adrienne ‘talonchick” Rowsome (Canada) $1,582.00
6. clancywigam (Ireland) $988.75

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