SCOOP 2016: Spin & Go SCOOP winning tickets in figures

May 19, 2016

Throughout SCOOP 2016 there has been a unique way to win your way into a SCOOP Main Event. Spin & Go’s not only award bumped up cash prizes but award SCOOP tickets as well, as several thousand PokerStars players have discovered in the past few weeks.

For those interested in just how many here are some figures to put things into perspective.

In all there have been a total of 40,746 SCOOP Spin & Go’s so far.

From that figure some 3,970 “Low” tickets have been won.
Also a total of 245 “Medium” tickets have been won.
And in the “High” category 41 tickets have been won.

To put that into a cash figure that means the total value of SCOOP tickets won as Spin & Go prizes currently stands at $1,052,000.

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SCOOP continues through the weekend, with an extra event added to the schedule meaning things come to a close on Monday. Meanwhile Spin & Go’s remain an option to win your seat. Good luck at the tables.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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