SCOOP 2016: SergeySil83 steamrolls Event #52-L final table, earns $39K ($27 NLHE 8-Max)

May 23, 2016

Sometimes things just break your way at a final table. Such was absolutely the case for SergeySil83 of Belarus today in SCOOP Event #52-L, a $27 buy-in, two-day, eight-handed no-limit hold’em event that drew a whopping 12,926 players.

SergeySil83 and seven others had outlasted that huge field, and SergeySil83 had the smallest of chip leads to start the final table. But an early knockout of a big-stacked opponent suddenly catapulted SergeySil83 into a big lead, and soon after that — on the other side of a five-handed deal — SergeySil83 had collected all of the chips, a huge $39,266.21 prize, and a SCOOP title.

That big turnout meant a big prize pool, too, with the $317,333.30 total easily exceeding the $200K guarantee. The top 1,800 finishers got paid, and by the end of Day 1 they’d played all of the way down to just 67 players, with Germany’s Wonderdino having built a big stack and a wide lead with which to begin Day 2 on Monday.

1. Wonderdino (Germany) — 15,316,939
2. Vingtcent (Netherlands) — 9,868,141
3. TottiLitti (Finland) — 9,517,674
4. tarantula535 (Romania) — 8,519,246
5. absolutimão (Brazil) — 7,975,580
6. lachim70 (Poland) — 7,539,729
7. smurf0 (United Kingdom) — 7,232,739
8. mr.di3x (Russia) — 6,877,590
9. dancing_toy (Russia) — 6,740,563
10. wawryn1410 (Poland) — 6,554,021

It would take around two hours for those 67 to play down to 16, and with two tables left lachim70 had ascended to the top spot in the counts with Wonderdino still in the mix with an average stack.

jr_uemura (16th), tecaoo (15th), friasalex (14th), and smurf0 (13th) next went out, picking up $1,142.39 each. Then CandyJohnson (12th), Wonderdino (11th), dancing_toy (10th), and Keep3r (ninth) were successively eliminated, earning $1,348.66 apiece.

With the day’s three-hour mark just about to arrive and SergeySil83 the chip leader just barely ahead of lachim70, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: ProMonkey (Netherlands) — 39,433,252
Seat 2: caprisonne58 (Switzerland) — 26,819,876
Seat 3: skipper-sw8 (United Kingdom) — 18,259,729
Seat 4: KAZURRRR (Japan) — 41,299,276
Seat 5: Taffyfella (United Kingdom) — 20,922,098
Seat 6: TottiLitti (Finland) — 22,063,529
Seat 7: lachim70 (Poland) — 44,594,995
Seat 8: SergeySil83 (Belarus) — 45,127,245

About 15 minutes into the final table, the blinds were 600K/1.2M when Taffyfella opened for 2.52 million from middle position and got two callers in lachim70 (button) and SergeySil83 (small blind).

The flop came 4♣A♠7♦, and when checked to Taffyfella bet 3,686,800, getting only SergeySil83 to call. The turn then brought the 9♠ and another check from SergeySil83, after which Taffyfella bet 6,220,088. SergeySil83 responded by pushing all-in and Taffyfella called with the just over 22.3 million left behind.

SergeySil83 showed A♥9♥ for top two pair while Taffyfella had A♦K♣. The river was the 8♦, Taffyfella was knocked out in eighth, and suddenly SergeySil83 was up over 115 million, an amount representing nearly three times what nearest challenger ProMonkey had with about 41 million.

Just a few minutes later the blinds were up again to 800K/1.6M when TottiLitti open-raised all-in from the button for 10,026,729 with Q♥7♥ and SergeySil83 called from the small blind with K♠J♠. The board ran out A♠10♥A♣8♦K♣, giving SergeySil83 two pair and sending TottiLitti to the rail in seventh.

Less than five minutes after that, caprisonne58 open-raised all in after posting the small blind, and skipper-sw8 called all-in with the 8,834,729 left after posting the BB. It was A♦9♥ for skipper-sw8 who unfortunately had run into caprisonne58’s A♠10♦. The board came eight-high — 4♣8♥6♣5♥3♦ — and skipper-sw8 was done in sixth.

The remaining five players soon stopped things for some deal talk, with SergeySil83 still the big leader with over 152 million and everyone else bunched between 24 and 33 million.

“ICM”-based numbers were proposed — leaving $4,000 for which to play — and everyone was amenable except SergeySil83 who wanted more. The non-leaders quickly all expressed a willingness to give SergeySil83 an extra $500 each, and once everyone agreed the cards were soon back in the air.

It didn’t take long to work out who was going to get those extra four thousand bucks.

On the seventh hand back, the blinds were 1M/2M when ProMonkey open-shoved from the small blind and caprisonne58 called all-in for 6,895,354 after posting the BB. It was A♠8♦ for ProMonkey and 3♣3♦ for caprisonne58. The 4♠7♥2♥ flop was okay for the latter, but the A♥ turn put ProMonkey ahead. The river was the Q♦, and caprisonne58 exited in fifth.

Just an orbit later, lachim70 min-raised to 4 million from UTG, KAZURRRR reraise-pushed for 16,672,640 from the big blind, and lachim70 called. KAZURRRR turned over 6♠6♦ and was hoping the pair would hold against lachim70’s A♥Q♥, but the board came 5♦5♥Q♦10♠8♣ to give lachim70 the better two pair and end KAZURRRR’s run in fourth.

Two minutes after that, leader SergeySil83 made it 4 million to go from the button, ProMonkey reraised all-in for 53,361,452 from the small blind, and SergeySil83 called in a flash. ProMonkey had A♠2♣ but SergeySil83 had A♥10♣. The board did bring a deuce, but it brought a ten as well, coming J♠9♦10♦2♥J♣ to oust ProMonkey in third.

Despite starting heads-up with 41,850,904 versus SergeySil83’s 216,669,096 — a more than 5-to-1 chip deficit — lachim70 managed to hang on for a while, battling through 15 hands while losing a little over half that stack.

Then on the 16th hand between the pair SergeySil83 open-raised all-in from the button and lachim70 called all-in to commit almost 19.4 million total. lachim70 had 5♦3♦ and wasn’t in terrible shape versus SergeySil83’s K♦2♠, but the flop came K♥9♥2♦ to give SergeySil83 two pair.

The 4♦ turn provided an open-ended straight flush draw for the all-in player, but the river was the 10♣ and it was all over — SergeySil83 had won.

Congratulations to SergeySil83 for topping nearly 13,000 opponents to win Event #52-L and capture a big prize of more than $39K. Kudos also to the other four players who made it to the final table deal to ensure themselves five-figure paydays as well for just a $27 buy-in.

SCOOP-52-L ($27 NL Hold’em, 8-Max) results
Entrants: 12,969
Prize pool: $317,333.30
Places paid: 1,800

1. SergeySil83 (Belarus) $39,266.21*
2. lachim70 (Poland) $19,778.31*
3. ProMonkey (Netherlands) $18,974.24*
4. KAZURRRR (Japan) $21,361.28*
5. caprisonne58 (Switzerland) $19,266.45*
6. skipper-sw8 (United Kingdom) $3,807.99
7. TottiLitti (Finland) $2,379.99
8. Taffyfella (United Kingdom) $1,665.99
*denotes five-way deal.

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