SCOOP 2016: rulez84 draws to a winner in Event #53-M ($215 NL Single Draw 2-7)

May 23, 2016

Rulez84 was up against it from the start. The German re-entered this event four times, meaning he had to finish 14th or better to even turn a profit. Maybe he gave himself so many chances because he’d been down this road before, having finished third in the 2015 TCOOP $27 NL Single Draw 2-7 event. Whatever his reasoning, rulez84 made the most of his fourth chance and arrived at the final table second in chips. Canada’s marwan24 ended up doing a lot of the heavy lifting, eliminating the sixth, fifth, and fourth-place finishers, but rulez84 pulled away during three-handed play and never had to look back. It took a 75-minute heads-up match for rulez84 to shake GuculDK, but he remained patient and prevailed, earning his first SCOOP title and over $14k.

The $215 buy-in edition of the SCOOP’s lone NL 2-7 Single Draw event drew 334 entries (202 unique players, 132 re-entries), resulting in a $66,800.00 prize pool. 42 players earned a share of it with $14,028.00 set aside for first place. Day 1 concluded during Level 26 when the seven-handed final table was set.

2016_SCOOP_Ev53M_FT.jpgFinal table chip counts

Seat 1: retrA7777 (199,366 in chips)
Seat 2: marwan24 (241,487 in chips)
Seat 3: GuculDK (498,052 in chips)
Seat 4: mixjuice (306,216 in chips)
Seat 5: Adamyid (264,706 in chips)
Seat 6: rulez84 (770,359 in chips)
Seat 7: Ceegee87 (1,059,814 in chips)

RetrA7777 was the shortest stack to start the final table and wasn’t able to gain any momentum. When rulez84 made a 30,000 button raise, retrA7777 called from the big blind and both players drew one card. Rulez84 and retrA7777 checked it down after the draw and rulez84’s queen-low was good against retrA7777’s pair of eights. RetrA7777 was left with 58,000 in chips and never recovered, exiting a few hands later in seventh place.

Moments later, marwan24 three-bet shoved pre-draw for his remaining 119,587 and initial raiser rulez84 called. Both players drew one card. Rulez84 turned over J-9-6-4-2, but marwan24 improved to 8-6-5-4-2, gaining a crucial double-up to 275,174. Less than five minutes later, marwan24 did it again. After three-bet shoving vs. Ceegee87, marwan24 drew one card and Ceegee87 drew one as well. While Ceegee87 ended up with a pair of deuces, marwan24 revealed 9-7-6-4-2 and doubled again, this time to a very healthy 730,348. Ceegee87 was down to 810,000 but still retained a slim chip lead.

Meanwhile, Ceegee87 tried to rally his opponents to get a side game going:

Ceegee87: either of you guys want to play 10/20?
Adamyid: sure
rulez84: sure

Whether the invitation jinxed Adamyid, we’ll never know, but only a few hands later marwan24 opened for 28,000 and Adamyid moved in for 197,946. Marwan24 called. Adamyid stood pat and after a bit of thought, marwan24 drew one card. Adamyid turned over 9-8-5-4-3, but marwan24 improved to 8-7-5-4-2 and sent Adamyid to the rail in 6th place… or rather, the cash game, where he and Ceegee87 played a few hands of $10/$20.


No hard feelings
Ceegee87 soon returned his attention to the tournament, while Adamyid sought out a bit of sunshine after a long weekend on the grind.

Adamyid: gonna get some son, be back later
Adamyid: *sun
Ceegee87: kk
Ceegee87: lata
Adamyid: don’t want kids
Ceegee87: 🙂
Adamyid: i’m such a spot, you should have me on speed dial

According to the stats he posted on Twitter, this marked Adamyid’s 15th COOP final table. This weekend, he finally scored his first SCOOP title in Event #46-M ($82+R PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-Max)


Adam “adamyid” Owen, sixth place

Four hands after Adamyid’s departure, mixjuice three-bet shoved pre-draw for 105,016 and marwan24 called. Mixjuice stood pat, while marwan24 drew one card. Mixjuice’s J-9-5-3-2 couldn’t stand up to marwan24’s 9-8-6-5-3 and he departed in fifth place.

As four-handed play drew on, Ceegee87 lost a substantial pot to GuculDK, who three-bet to 64,000 pre-draw. GuculDK stood pat and Ceegee87 drew one. GuculDK made it 76,000 to go and Ceegee87 called, but couldn’t beat GuculDK’s pat 8-6-5-4-3.

Ceegee87 slipped to 458,000 in chips and steadily lost ground over the next level. Left with 47,280 in chips, he called all-in pre-draw vs. GuculDK and marwan24. All three drew one care and the two active players checked it down. Marwan24 turned over J-9-5-3-2 and won the pot, sending Ceegee87 home in fourth place.


Christopher “Ceegee87” George, fourth place

Immediately following the 2pm ET break, the final three were virtually tied in chips.

Seat 2: marwan24 (1,137,390 in chips)
Seat 3: GuculDK (1,089,148 in chips)
Seat 6: rulez84 (1,113,462 in chips)

It was then that rulez84 three-bet to 140,000 pre-draw and GuculDK came along for the additional 100k. Both players drew one card. GuculDK led out for 240,000 and rulesz84 called. GuculDK had an A-9 to show and rulez84 moved up to 1.54 million in chips with 9-6-5-4-3.

Later in the 10,000/20,000 level, rulez84 three-bet marwan24’s opening min-raise and marwan24 responded by moving all-in for 922,390. Rulez84 called and stood pat while marwan24 drew one card. Rulez84 turned over a pat number two, 7-6-4-3-2, while marwan24 picked up a pair of sixes, ending his run in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: GuculDK (944,148 in chips)
Seat 6: rulez84 (2,395,852 in chips)

Rulez84 fell back to 2.25 million before he three-bet pre-draw to 144,000 and GuculDK called. Both players drew one card and rulez84 came out firing, making it 216,000 to go. GuculDK called, and rulez84 rolled over 8-7-6-3-2 for the win, taking his stack back up to 2.62 million.

For the next hour, rulez84 and GuculDK traded pots. Rulez84 never fell below 2 million in chips and eventually surged past the 3 million mark once the blinds rose to 20,000/40,000. Rulez84 went on a tear, winning six pots in a row to climb to 3.28 million. On the seventh hand, he opened for 80,000 on the button and GuculDK called all-in from the big blind. GuculDK drew three cards and rulez84 stood pat. Rulez84’s T-8-7-4-3 was good against A-Q-9-8-5 and he locked up the win.

Congratulations to Germany’s rulez84 on his first SCOOP title! He banked $14,028.00 for the win, while runner-up GuculDK earned $10,020.00.


SCOOP-53-M ($215 NL Single Draw 2-7) results

Entrants: 334 (202 entries, 132 re-entries)
Prize pool: $66,800.00
Places paid: 42

1. rulez84 (Germany) $14,028.00
2. GuculDK (Ukraine) $10,020.00
3. marwan24 (Canada) $7,014.00
4. Christopher “Ceegee87” George (Canada) $4,342.00
5. mixjuice (Japan) $3,006.00
6. Adam “Adamyid” Owen (United Kingdom) $2,338.00
7. retrA7777 (Russia) $1,670.00

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