SCOOP 2016: prapavedi busts every player at the final table to win Event#-32-M ($530 PL Omaha 6-Max, 5-Stack)

May 17, 2016

Pot-Limit Omaha can be a swingy game, especially if played 6-Max. It’d be a nice idea to have a freeze out tournament where you can have a go, and if you fail, have another go, or four. Welcome to SCOOP-32-M, the PL Omaha (6-Max, 5-stack) tournament. Players have five stacks of 5,000 chips, which they can put into play at any point for the first 16 levels. At the end of 16 levels, all unredeemed stacks will be put into play.

The tournament was $530 to buy in and had a $150k guaranteed that was more than doubled to $344k after 688 players entered. The top 90 would reach the money with a minimum $894.40 was on offer. 1-ronnyr3 from Switzerland bubbled and by the time play ended on Day 1, 44 players remained. Play resumed on Day 2 in level 27 with pantri leading the way on 1,548,733. Seven Team Pros entered but all failed to make the money, and therefore didn’t feature on Day 2.

Final table:

Seat 1: Cobus83 (1,991,226 in chips)
Seat 2: 7Be/eC7 (2,023,079 in chips)
Seat 3: prapavedi (6,150,411 in chips)
Seat 4: TheHoboKing (2,323,845 in chips)
Seat 5: Kashmir_uzi (2,494,853 in chips)
Seat 6: Ivan “vandir4rek” Soshnikov (2,216,586 in chips)


Cobus83 was the first player to fall, eights hands into the final table. The Malta based player, who has a Sunday Million and 2015 SCOOP title in the locker, raised to 182,000 from the cutoff before prapavedi three-bet to 626,000 from the small blind. Cobus83 called and faced a 320,000 bet on a 6♠6♣5♣ flop, which was raised all-in for 1,772,926. Prapavedi called with J♦A♦10♥A♥ and was up against 2♦A♣10♣K♦. The board ran out 5♦Q♦ and prapavedi jumped up to 8.28 million, almost six million more than second place.

TheHoboKing was next in line for the Russian. The Canadian based player had doubled 7Be/eC7 (in a 3.6 million pot) the very next hand after Cobus83’s bust out, and was left very short as a result. prapavedi opened from the button and TheHoboKing called all-in for fewer than four big blinds. vandir4rek called from the big blind before a J♥A♥9♣ flop appeared but check-folded to a bet from prapavedi who went on to open K♦3♣A♣4♦. TheHoboKing had been out flopped with Q♠Q♥7s]5♠ and failed to catch up on the 5♦J♦ turn and river.

prapavedi’s stack passed 9 million after that scalp before dropping back a bit, but he had another target in the sights, a big one. Ivan “vandir4rek” Soshnikov may have been the short stack, but he’s the 2014 SCOOP Main Event champion, and a player you don’t want to have chips. Luckily for the other three players, prapavedi took their third scalp of the final table. After raising from under the gun, vandir4rek three-bet the majority of his stack from the small blind. prapavedi called to see a 6♠7♣8♦ flop where vandir4rek moved all-in with 4♣J♦K♣J♠. Prapavedi had flopped a set with A♦2♥9♦5♥ and check-called before the board ran out 4♦A♠.

PCA 2016 Event 25 Ivan Soshnikov Stacha-6705.jpg

Ivan “vandir4rek” Soshnikov – fourth
prapavedi wasn’t down there though. Next in line was 2015 SCOOP and WCOOP winner Kashmir_uzi. The former raised from the button and called after the latter three-bet form the small blind. A 6♠3♦4♣ fanned in front of them and Kashmir_uzi moved all-in. Call.

Kashmir_uzi: K♦J♥7♥A♦
prapavedi: 7♦A♠Q♦5♠

prapavedi had flopped another set and had Kashmir_uzi drawing dead by the turn as the board ran out J♣8♥.

Heads up counts:

prapavedi (13,626,635 in chips)
7Be/eC7 (3,573,365 in chips)

Just the 10 million deficit to make up then for 7Be/eC7. The final had gone prapavedi’s way so far and 7Be/eC7 had benefitted to the tune of $46k but the tide started to turn. Thirty or so hands passed with relatively little movement in either player’s stack, then 7Be/eC7 started to win all the medium-sized pots as the gap closed. The Belarusian’s biggest pot win came without having to show down. A four million pot was earned by raising the button and betting every street of an A♣6♣9♦10♦2♦ board. prapavedi hung around to the river where the white flag was raised.

7Be/eC7 took the lead for the first time after prapavedi bluffed into him when he’d turned a flush and before long the 10 million mark was passed. Then the players paused for their scheduled break, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for prapavedi. The Russian came back and quickly won a pot to retake the lead. 7Be/eC7 raised the button and then bet every street of a 10♠3♥3♦Q♦9♠ board holding J♦7♦A♣5♦. prapavedi called all the way to the river where a tank was needed before making a good call with 4♦K♠K♥2♦.

From there, prapavedi gained the momentum that would see a two-to-one gap open up before it was all leveled out again. Then came the biggest pot of the whole tournament so far. prapavedi raised from the button and 7Be/eC7 peeled from the big blind to see an 8♦K♥7♣ flop appear where he check-raised prapavedi’s c-bet. The Russian called to the Q♠ turn where 7Be/eC7 bet half his remaining stack, and called once set all-in. Both had sets but 7Be/eC7’s set of kings with K♣A♥A♠K♦ bettered prapavedi’s set of sevens with 10♠8♣7♥7♠. The Russian was down to just over three big blinds, and that was surely that, right? Wrong!

Remarkably, prapavedi doubled up four times to retake the lead and stretch it out to 14.5 million to 2.68 million. 7Be/eC7 made it look like the fight back was on yet again but this had been prapavedi’s day and 7Be/eC7 wasn’t going to spoil it. 7Be/eC7 raised from the button and then called all-in after prapavedi raised enough.

prapavedi: J♦Q♣Q♠K♠
7Be/eC7: 7♠6♠9♣A♣

The board ran A♠J♣K♦J♥8♥ to make prapavedi a full house.

It’s hard to say prapavedi doesn’t deserve the title and $61,920 seeing as the Russian eliminated every player at the final table. No one put up a fight like 7Be/eC7 though and the Belarusian deserves a lot of credit.

SCOOP-32-M ($530 PL Omaha 6-Max, 5-Stack) results
Entrants: 688
Total prize pool: $344,000
Places paid: 90

1. prapavedi (Russia) $61,920
2. 7Be/eC7 (Belarus) $46,440
3. Kashmir_uzi $34,400
4. Ivan “vandir4rek” Soshnikov (Russia) $24,080
5. TheHoboKing (Canada) $17,200
6. Cobus83 (Malta) $10,320

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