SCOOP 2016: pAtcAsh83 puts away Event #15-L ($7.50 NLHE Ante Up)

May 13, 2016

Shaun Deeb made his 19th SCOOP final table appearance in Event #15-L, but pAtcAsh83 denied Deeb his sixth SCOOP title and then took the tournament down.

It was a lengthy tournament and final table since blinds stayed flat throughout the entire thing. The antes were always rising though. A total of 9,365 players signed up for the Ante Up event and it took two days to bring that number down to just one.

pAtcAsh83 won $9,401.79 for the victory, but 1,260 players got a slice of the $63,869 prize pool. Most of that money was handed out during the three-hour-long final table.

The final table


Seat 1: andrei849 — 13,872,589
Seat 2: fred_vasco — 3,836,249
Seat 3: Damir87 — 6,211,848
Seat 4: 2UmOg3 — 3,754,537
Seat 5: pAtcAsh83 — 20,754,835
Seat 6: rokla569 — 22,525,040
Seat 7: self shine — 4,548,633
Seat 8: shaundeeb — 6,044,667
Seat 9: Madruguinha — 12,101,602

Deeb scored the first double up of the final table with pocket queens, but the pocket pair didn’t help out the next two players.

After a few calls, rokla569 raised to 525,025 and fred_vasco re-raised to 1.4 million from the big blind. rokla569 called and the flop came 3♣J♣6♥. fred_vasco bet 1.1 million and rokla569 moved all-in.

fred_vasco called and showed Q♠Q♥, but rokla569 had the larger overpair with A♠A♣. The turn brought a 10♥ and a 7♦ on the river ended fred_vasco’s tournament.

The Brazilian player won $494.96 for the 9th place finish while rokla569’s lead grew to 27.6 million.

Queens lost again the very next hand.

pAtcAsh83 raised to 677,312 from early position and Madruguinha re-raised to 1.6 million from the cutoff. Damir87 moved all-in for 3.6 million and only Madruguinha called.

Damir87 turned over Q♠Q♥ and Madruguinha showed K♠K♣. Damir87 was hoping for a third queen but the 4♥K♥K♦ flop gave Madruguinha four kings instead.

Damir87 was drawing dead and got eliminated in 8th place. Damir87 won $702.57 for the finish while Madruguinha chipped up to 16.1 million.

Ace high, aces low

selfshine scored a double up with ace-high, but then hit the rail with pocket aces.

The first hand was a family pot until rokla569 raised to 525,412 from the button. selfshine moved all-in for 3.7 million from the small blind and the family pot turned into a bickering duo fighting for survival.

selfshine turned over A♥9♥ while rokla569 tabled 9♠10♠. The board ran J♦6♥3♠Q♥5♣ and selfshine doubled to 8.5 million with ace-high.

A few minutes later the bickering couple duked it out on the board again. selfshine raised to 511,860 from under the gun and rokla569 called from the big blind. The flop was a monotone 10♣4♣K♣ and rokla569 check-raised to 2.6 million. selfshine moved all-in for 6.6 million and rokla569 called.

selfshine showed A♠A♥, but rokla569 turned over 7♣8♣ for a flopped flush. A K♠ came on the turn to give selfshine some more full house outs, but the J♦ that came on the river wasn’t one of them.

rokla569’s lead grew to 33.0 million while selfshine won $1,277.36 for the 7th place finish.

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Return of the queens

The final table had a few eliminations before it had its first flip.

rokla569 opened to 555,444 from under the gun and Deeb re-raised to 1.6 million. Madruguinha moved all-in for 9.8 million, rokla569 folded and Deeb called.

Madruguinha turned over 10♠10♣ and Deeb showed A♥Q♠ for a flip.

The 5♦Q♥9♥8♠K♦ board brought Deeb a queen and Madruguinha was eliminated in 6th. The 6th place finish came with a $1,916.07 payday while Deeb chipped up to 23.3 million.

The harder they fall

Deeb chipped up some more and briefly took the lead. Then he busted.

First Deeb lost a chunk of his stack after he doubled 2UmOg3 up. Deeb called that all-in with A♦Q♣, but 2UmOg3 had a dominating A♥K♦.

The hand left Deeb with about 20 million and he was left with none a few hands later.

pAtcAsh83 raised to 712,344 from under the gun and Deeb re-raised to 2.0 million from the button. pAtcAsh83 made it 5.8 million and Deeb four-bet all-in for 18 million.

pAtcAsh83 called with Q♦Q♠ while Deeb tabled A♦5♠. The 9♣2♣3♥9♦7♠ board missed both players and pAtcAsh83’s queens took the pot. Deeb won $2,554.77 for finishing 5th while pAtcAsh83 took the lead with 42.2 million.


Shaun Deeb
More for pAtcAsh83

andrei849 had been slowly dipping for some time. Then the Romanian player moved all-in for 5.8 million from under the gun.

pAtcAsh83 called from the small blind and showed 7♥7♠ to andrei849’s 3♠3♥.
The 4♠9♦5♥Q♦6♣ board brought no help for andrei849 and the final table shrunk again. andrei849 got a $3,193.46 payday for finishing 4th while pAtcAsh83 got another bump to 50.0 million.

Double, split, bust

rokla569’s last three hands all involved all-ins, but none resulted in a double for the Serbian player.

In the first, rokla569 jammed for 13.3 million and 2UmOg3 called all-in with 10.2 million. rokla569 showed K♥Q♣ and 2UmOg3 took down the pot with A♦J♦ after the board ran 10♦7♥2♠7♠10♥.

rokla569 moved all-in for 2.8 million the next hand and pAtcAsh83 called. rokla569 showed A♣ J♣ and had pAtcAsh83’s A♦2♣ dominated.

The A♠3♠J♠ flop was even better for rokla569 and then a J♥ came on the turn to fill him up. Only the final ace in the deck could deny rokla569 the double up.

River: A♥

Players split the pot and then pAtcAsh83 finished rokla569 off the following hand.

2UmOg3 raised to 800,000 and pAtcAsh83 three-bet to 2.3 million. rokla569 moved all-in for a bit more and pAtcAsh83 called.

Once again, rokla569 was in the lead with A♦10♥ to pAtcAsh83’s K♣3♣, but the Q♥6♣6♠3♥9♠ board paired pAtcAsh83’s three.

rokla569 got a $4,790.19 for the 3rd-place finish and the tournament went heads-up.

Heads up


2UmOg3 — 20,521,373
pAtcAsh83 — 73,128,627

The two players fought for more than an hour. 2UmOg3 nearly got even with pAtcAsh83, but our champion quickly fought back and dealt a few blows to 2UmOg3.

Most of those hands didn’t make it to a showdown, even the big ones.

One of those hands cost 2UmOg3 about half his stack. It started small enough though. Both players limped in and checked when the flop came 9♦6♦6♣.

A K♣ came on the turn and 2UmOg3 bet 488,000 when checked to. pAtcAsh83 raised to 2.2 million and 2UmOg3 re-raised to 4.1 million. pAtcAsh83 four-bet to 7.6 million and 2UmOg3 called.

A 7♦ completed the board and pAtcAsh83 moved all-in. 2UmOg3 folded and was left with 9.1 million.

2UmOg3 moved all-in for 7.5 million two hands later and pAtcAsh83 called.

2UmOg3: K♦9♣
pAtcAsh83: A♥9♠

The final board of the tournament read J♥3♥5♦3♣4♣ and ace-high took it down.

2UmOg3 won $6,865.94 for finishing 2nd while pAtcAsh83 took the title and $9,401.79.

SCOOP-15-L ($7.50 NLHE Ante Up) results
Entrants: 9,365
Prize pool: $63,869.30
Places paid: 1,260

1. pAtcAsh83 (United Kingdom) $9,401.79
2. 2UmOg3 (Brazil) $6,865.94
3. rokla569 (Serbia) $4,790.19
4. andrei849 (Romania) $3,193.46
5. Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb (Mexico) $2,554.77
6. Madruguinha (Brazil) $1,916.07
7. Selfshine (Netherlands) $1,277.38
8. Damir87 (Austria) $702.56
9. fred_vasco (Brazil) $494.98

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