SCOOP 2016: otitov wins second SCOOP at tough #37-H final table ($2,100 Razz)

May 19, 2016

It takes a special kind of person to like playing Razz, a game where the goal is to make the worst hand to win the pot. Unofficial research shows more chairs have been kicked over thanks to Razz hands than any other game. But a lot of players love it and Event #37 was the only Razz game on the 2016 SCOOP schedule. The high version of the tournament drew a small, talented group of players. It created a final table packed full of successful players and it was otitov conquering them all to win his second SCOOP of the series.

The $2,100 buy-in tournament had 85 unique players and they used their additional re-entry options 42 times before registration closed. They created a prize pool worth $254,000 to easily surpass the $100,000 Guarantee placed on the tournament. Only the last two tables would get a piece of the money and the tournament paused for the day when they formed the final table.

Marco “NoraFlum” Johnson was the final table bubble boy but he did pick up some cash along with James “Andy MCLEOD” Obst, and Mike “SirWatts” Watson. Even with the small field, it still took them more than ten hours to play down to the final table with half of them coming from Russia.

This group of eight might be one of the most accomplished you’ll ever see from front to back. Millions of dollars in earnings and tournament success all around. In fact, VavaBobo888 was the only player without a major title at the final table that we could find although he does have several big final table finishes.

It’s even more impressive when you just info-dump each player seat-by-seat:

Seat 1: Nick “TheTakeover” Shulman – Two WSOP bracelets, two WPT titles, and won his first COOP in the $2,100 2-7 Triple Draw earlier this week.

Seat 2: krakukra – Won the 2015 WCOOP $10K 8-Game Championship, final tabled the $2,100 2-7 Triple Draw and Stud/8 events this series.

Seat 3: Dan “djk123” Kelly – Two WSOP bracelets, four WCOOP titles, and two SCOOPs but his biggest online cash came with a 4th place in the 2009 WCOOP Main Event for $643,000.

Seat 4: Maicoshaa – Won the tough 2015 WCOOP $2,100 H.O.R.S.E. event over Team PokerStars’ George Danzer.

Seat 5: Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas – Won the 2015 WCOOP Thursday Thrill for $212,000.

Seat 6: Andrey “Kroko-dill” Zaichenko – Won the 2010 WCOOP PLO 6-Max event, the 2011 SCOOP $5,200 Omaha Hi/Lo event, and a Sunday Million in 2011.

Seat 7: otitov – Won his first COOP this series in the $1,050 Super Tuesday for $235,000.

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2016 SCOOP-37H Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: Nick “TheTakeover” Schulman – 61,424
Seat 2: krakukra – 107,938
Seat 3: Dan “djk123” Kelly – 145,510
Seat 4: Maicoshaa – 222,367
Seat 5: Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas – 240,133
Seat 6: Andrey “Kroko-dill” Zaichenko – 161,228
Seat 7: otitov – 174,282
Seat 8: VavaBobo888 – 157,118

Limits: 5,000/10,000 with 1,000 Ante

Schulman short early, eliminated in 8th

Two-time WSOP bracelet winner Nick “TheTakeover” Schulman was the shortest stack when they formed the final table and he couldn’t find an early double for an exit in less than 30 minutes.

He was down to only 13,000 and had all his chips in the middle before 4th street after a complete with two more bets. Schulman had a bigger, better draw by 5th street with (A♠10♠)4♥5♣3♠ against (A♥7♦)2♦3♥2♥ but krakukra made a 7-5 on 6th street. Schulman paired on 6th street and made a second best 9-5 on 7th to go out first at the final table.

krakukra: (A♥7♦)2♦3♥2♥5♦(A♣)
Schulman: (A♠10♠)4♥5♣3♠3♦(9♥)


Nick “TheTakeover” Schulman
Zaichenko can’t catch, eliminated in 7th

Nothing went right for Zaichenko from the very beginning of the final table. His steady decline ended before the first hour was complete and he was all-in versus otitov and krakukra.

He had to sit back and watch the two live players fire bets into the pot all the way down to 7th street. Zaichenko made T-7 on 5th while otitov was drawing very live and krakukra gave up his part of the pot for one bet on 7th street. otitov hit his draw for a 9-8 and Zaichenko couldn’t improve his T-7 to go out in 7th place.

Zaichenko: (3♥A♦)10♦7♠2♥Q♥(10♣)
otitov: (9♦2♠)4♥4♠8♠3♠(J♠)
krakukra: (X-X)5♣6♦J♦K♣(X)

Andrey Zaichenko_2016 PCA_25K HR_Day 3_Giron_8JG0531.jpg

Andrey “Kroko-dill” Zaichenko
Kelly’s not a hero this time, eliminated in 6th

Dan “djk123” Kelly was the next big name at the bottom of the counts after losing a big hand to VavaBobo888. He took a stab at a double up soon afterwards and was all-in showing 2♥10♣9♠ against krakukra’s 9♣K♣A♣ and Maicoshaa’s 7♣10♠7♠.

The other two players built a side pot with krakukra once again folding on 7th street to a single bet. The hands were tabled to show Maicoshaa made a T-8 on 6th street against Kelly’s T-9 and they both improved on 7th.

Kelly: (4♥K♠)2♥10♣9♠8♥(7♥)
Maicoshaa: (2♠4♣)7♣10♠7♠8♦(A♦)
krakukra: (X-X)9♣K♣A♣Q♦(X)

The A♦ gave Maicoshaa a strong 8-7 to send Kelly out in 6th place with good, but second best 9-8.


Dan “djk123” Kelly
krakukra runs out of time, eliminated in 5th

krakukra might be one of those players we mentioned earlier, someone who commits furniture abuse after a frustrating Razz run. The Russian had several huge draws at the final table with none paying out in the important spots. He lost another one to otitov and was down to only 77,000.

He was all-in after the betting was capped on 5th street with A♠8♦10♣ showing against the 3♣J♣7♠ of Bujtas. krakukra made T-8 at that point while Bujtas had a draw with 7-6. krakukra paired on 6th and couldn’t improve his T-8 on 7th but Bujtas rivered a ten to pip krakurka with a T-7. A rough run for the Russian but the $16,510 prize for 5th place will help replace some chairs.

krakukra: (2♣7♥)A♠8♦10♣2♠(K♠)
Bujtas: (6♦4♥)3♣J♣7♠Q♣(10♦)

Bujtas leaves it to the Russians, eliminated in 4th

Bujtas sent krakukra out in 5th place but that’s where the good news ended for the Hungarian Razzer. He went on the second break with less than 80K in his stack and got them mixed up on the fifth hand back.

He was all-in on 5th street with Q♠2♣8♦ versus VavaBobo888’s 5♣4♠7♠. The hands were tabled and Bujtas was in a lot of trouble, he was drawing to an 8-5 while VavaBobo888 was already made on 5th with 7-5. The math showed VavaBobo888 was better than 95% to win the hand and he even improved to 6-5 on 6th street while the best Bujtas could hit was J-8 to go out in 4th place.

Bujtas: (5♠3♦)Q♠2♣8♦J♣(2♠)
VavaBobo888: (2♦3♣)5♣4♠7♠6♥(9♥)

Seat 4: Maicoshaa – 244,777
Seat 7: otitov – 570,694
Seat 8: VavaBobo888 – 454,529

Limits: 8,000/16,000 with 1,600 Ante

VavaBobo888 vamos, eliminated in 3rd

The knockout of Bujtas meant the Event #37-H winner was going to come from Russia. VavaBobo888 was the only player at the final table without a major title and he’ll have to wait for another shot.

He rammed and jammed all the way down to get himself all-in on 6th street with A♦A♥K♦J♣ against otitov’s 4♠K♠8♠10♣. Not the greatest Razz hand in the world and VavaBobo888 was drawing dead on 7th street, nothing he could catch that would beat otitov’s T-9. An odd hand to push to the limit but VavaBobo888 earned $33,020 for getting to 3rd place in the big tournament.

VavaBobo888: (10♠6♠)A♦A♥K♦J♣(A♣)
otitov: (5♠9♦)4♠K♠8♠10♣(J♦)

Seat 4: Maicoshaa – 592,377
Seat 7: otitov – 677,623

Limits: 10,000/20,000 with 2,000 Ante

otitov defeats tough final table to win Event #37-H

otitov had a small advantage with two remaining and the lead changed hands several times before otitov moved further ahead as they closed the first hour of the heads-up match. He won a 220,800 chip pot without a showdown and followed that by picking up 252,000 with (3♠7♠)J♠4♠A♠7♥(5♣).

The final hand saw both players take their turn tossing in bets all the way down to 7th street. The final bet put Maicoshaa all-in showing A♣3♥Q♦5♥ against otitov’s 8♥7♥8♦10♦.

The hands were tabled and Maicoshaa saw the bad luck, ahead on 6th street with T-5 over T-8 but otitov pulled the 4♠ on 7th to improve to 8-7.

Maicoshaa: (10♣4♣)A♣3♥Q♦5♥(K♣)
otitov: (5♠3♦)8♥7♥8♦10♦(4♠)

Maicoshaa took home second place money while Russian otitov earned his second SCOOP title of the series along with the $62,230 top prize and Movado watch.

SCOOP-37-H ($2,100 Razz) results
Entrants: 127 (85 entries, 42 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $254,000
Places paid: 16

1. otitov (Russia) $62,230.00
2. Maicoshaa (Russia) $43,180.00
3. VavaBobo888 (Russia) $33,020.00
4. Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas (Hungary) $22,860.00
5. krakukra (Russia) $16,510.00
6. Dan “djk123” Kelly (Australia) $12,700.00
7. Andrey “Kroko-dill” Zaichenko (Russia) $10,160.00
8. Nick “TheTakeover” Schulman (Turks and Caicos) $7,620.00

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