SCOOP 2016: Matt ‘plattsburgh’ Vengrin adds SCOOP title to his two WCOOP titles in Event #28-M ($215 FL Triple Draw 2-7)

May 16, 2016


Matt Vengrin – SCOOP champion
A favourite of high stakes cash game players there were 439 players who fancied a crack at a 2-7 Triple Draw tournament and what a field it was. Sixty players would see some return on their investment and Dzmitry ‘Colisea’ Urbanovich (65th) and Fabrice ‘fabsoul’ Soulier (67th) were two of the big names just missing out on a cash.

Day one of this event would end when the final table of six was reached and: Justin ‘ZeeJustin’ Bonomo (57th, $351.20), Shaun Deeb (42nd, $482.90), George Danzer (39th, $482.90), Jason Mercier (35th, $526.80) and Nicolas ‘niccc’ Chouity (12th, $1,185.30) were just some of the big names to secure another SCOOP cash but not a final table berth.

EPT12_MON_Velli-60_Jason Mercier.jpg

Another SCOOP cash for Mercier
The final table lined up as below with blinds at 6,000/12,000:

Seat 1: Maya ‘marroca5’ Roca — 1,208,245 (50.34 big bets)
Seat 2: Matt ‘plattsburgh’ Vengrin – 734,820 (30.61 big bets)
Seat 3: HlPPOCAMP — 851,075 (35.46 big bets)
Seat 4: Casey ‘bigdogpckt5s’ Jarzabek – 495,320 (20.63 big bets)
Seat 5: Vladimir ‘vovtroy’ Troyanovskiy – 610,770 (25.44 big bets)
Seat 6: slow_gherkin – 489,770 (20.40 big bets)

scoop 28-M final table shot.png

The final table gets under way
Like London buses…

It took 30 minutes of play for the final table to come to life but when it did it left both slow_gherkin and Vladimir ‘vovtroy’ Troyanovskiy short on chips and they were eliminated on back to back hands.

With blinds at 8,000/16,000 ‘slow_gherkin’ began his exit hand with just 121,770. He raised from under-the-gun and called after ‘HlPPOCAMP’ three-bet to 48,000.

On the first draw ‘slow_gherkin’ drew two to ‘HlPPOCAMP’s’ one and he check-called a bet from the aggressor. On the second draw both players took one card ‘slow_gherkin’ led, HlPPOCAMP’ set him in and the Brit called off his remaining chips.

After both players stood pat on the third draw it was time for showdown:

‘slow_gherkin’: 8♣7♣5♦4♠2♠
HlPPOCAMP: 7♥6♣4♦3♠2♥

HlPPOCAMP’s seven-six was good and we were down to five.

More leaderboard points for Troyanovskiy

Vladimir ‘vovtroy’ Troyanovskiy is having a fine SCOOP and he picked up more precious leader board points in this event. In his final hand he had just two big bets to play with and was all-in after the first draw against ‘HlPPOCAMP’.

Both players took two cards, one card and one card on the first, second and third draw respectively.

At showdown Troyanovskiy opened J♥7♥5♠4♠2♥ but lost out to ‘HlPPOCAMP’s’ ‘number eight’ – 8♠6♦5♦4♦2♦ – to be precise. The 55 points picked up by Troyanovskiy should move him up to fourth on the overall leader board though.

EPT12_MON_Velli-62_Vladimir Troyanovskiy.jpg

Another good result for Troyanovskiy
Two and two makes four

During four handed play – which lasted 65 minutes – it was very much a case of a field of two halves. Matt ‘plattsburgh’ Vengrin and HlPPOCAMP were the two players who were bossing it, controlling 3,200,000 of the 4,300,000 chips in play between them. That left Maya ‘marroca5’ Roca and Casey ‘bigdogpckt5s’ Jarzabek to feed on the scraps that were left.

With the structure as it was though when the blinds reached 10,000/20,000, Roca still had more than 10 big bets and Jarzabek over 20. They were short, but not that short.

But gradually Maya ‘marroca5’ Roca was whittled down to just a handful of big bets and it’s the Colombian who would finish third. In his final hand the blinds were 14,000/28,000, Jarzabek opened from the small blind and Roca defended from the big blind. Both players drew two, Jarzabek bet, Roca raised and Jarzabek called.

On the second draw Jarzabek took one and Roca stood pat, yet it was Jarzabek who led, putting Roca all-in for his final 49,245 a bet that was called. Both players then stood pat on the third draw and it was time for showdown:

Jarzabek: 8♠7♦6♣4♥2♣ (8,7,6,4,2 lo)
Roca: 9♠6♥4♦3♠2♥ (9,6,4,3,2 lo)


Maya Roca
And then there were three…

The stacks looked like this as three-handed play got under way:

Seat 2: Matt ‘plattsburgh’ Vengrin — 2,794,820
Seat 3: HlPPOCAMP — 1,080,615
Seat 4: Casey ‘bigdogpckt5s’ Jarzabek — 514,565

Vengrin had built a big lead and although, as an observer, we could only see the winning hand at showdown if the pot wasn’t all-in, we could glean information from the chatbox as both Vengrin and Jarzabek were happy to chat.

In one particular hand between the two that reached showdown Vengrin showed a 9,7,5,4,2 lo, Jarzabek said: “nh broke a better 97” suggesting that Vengrin – who’d stood pat on the second draw – had persuaded Jarzabek that his own 9,7 lo was no good.

Shortly after three-hand play began Jarzabek won a 560,000 chip pot against HlPPOCAMP and their stacks were reversed. As they headed to the second break of the day Jarzabek had just under 1,000,000, HlPPOCAMP a little more than 500,000 and Vengrin the rest, almost 3,000,000.

It was heads-up just seven hands after they returned from the break. HlPPOCAMP lost half of his remaining chips to Vengrin, when the latter made a 8,6,5,4,2 low and the rest soon went to Jarzabek.

It was a three-bet pot with HlPPOCAMP calling on every draw. By the final draw Jarzabek was standing pat whilst HlPPOCAMP took one for a last chance at improving. He did, but it wasn’t enough as Jarzabek’s 7♣6♥4♣3♠2♣ was good for the pot, beating his opponent’s 8♥5♦4♦3♦2♦.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 2: Matt ‘plattsburgh’ Vengrin – 3,210,205
Seat 4: Casey ‘bigdogpckt5s’ Jarzabek – 1,179,795

Vengrin, who has two WCOOP titles to his name, was going for his first SCOOP title and started with a near three to one chip lead over Jarzabek. The latter was also chasing that first elusive SCOOP title, although he too has previous in large online tournaments having won two FTOPS events and having chopped the Sunday Million twice as well.

As play got under way you sensed the two players weren’t exactly sweating the $4,290 pay jump

Jarzabek: “gl Matt”
Vengrin: “gg gl”

The heads-up battle was played at a ferocious pace with the drawing, betting, checking and raising done incredibly quickly and the two players squeezed in 76 hands over 20 minutes. No need for a shot clock with these two that’s for sure, what’s all the more remarkable about this is that Vengrin was six-tabling at the time.

An early rally saw Jarzabek climb to 1.547m at one point and reduce the defecit to around 2:1. But, that was as good as it got for him. The final hand was a microcosm of the final table in itself. When a player had a good hand, Vengrin had a better one, but not only that he extracted the maximum in the process.

With blinds at 20,000/40,000 and Jarzabek down to 427,795, Vengrin opened on the button and Jarzabek defended. The first draw was where the pot escalated, Jarzabek drew two and led out. Vengrin, who’d drawn three, raised it up, Jarzabek three-bet and Vengrin called.
On the second draw Jarzabek stood pat but Vengrin still needed to improve and took one card in an attempt to do so. Jarzabek bet, Vengrin raised and Jarzabek elected to just smooth call, leaving less than a big bet behind.

On the final draw both players stood pat and Jarzabek check-called all-in for 67,795. Time for showdown, was this it?

Vengrin: 7♣6♥5♥4♣2♣ – a 7,6,5,4,2 lo
Jarzabek: 9♣8♠4♥3♦2♥ – a 9,8,4,3,2 lo

Vengrin had done it! The American adds a SCOOP title to his two WCOOP wins. Congratulations to him and all the players at the final table.

2016 SCOOP-28-M: $215 FL Triple Draw 2-7, $25K Guaranteed)
Entrants: 439 (304 entries, 135 re-entries)
Prize Pool: $87,800
Places Paid: 60

1st. Matt ‘plattsburgh’ Vengrin (Mexico), $16,989.30
2nd. Casey ‘bigdogpckt5s’ Jarzabek (Canada), $12,599.30
3rd. HlPPOCAMP (Mexico), $9,438,50
4th. Maya ‘marroca5’ Roca (Colombia), $6,497.20
5th. Vladimir ‘vovtroy’ Troyanovskiy (Russia), $4,653.40
6th. slow_gherkin (United Kingdom), $2,985.20


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