SCOOP 2016: Diego ‘Die Ventura’ Ventura, 2015 PCA Main Event Runner-Up, wins Super-Knockout Event #41-M ($109 NL Prog Super-KO)

May 21, 2016

It looked like a Brazilian was going to win the PSKO. xXOLIVATOXx was on pace to go wire-to-wire in Event #41-M, but ran out of gas three-handed. It came down to Canada’s cmu92 vs. Peru’s Diego ‘Die Ventura’ Ventura, otherwise known as the guy who is #1 all-time on Peru’s money list and most known for his runner-up finish at the 2015 PCA Main Event. Back then, Ventura won his PCA seat through an online satellite in which he parlayed a few bucks into $907K. In SCOOP Event #41-M, Ventura parlayed $109 into his first SCOOP bracelet win, plus nearly $53K in prize money and bounties.

Although cmu92 held the heads-up edge, Ventura bogged down for a nearly hour-long bout. Ventura trailed for the majority of it, until he waited for the perfect time to launch a successful coup. Ventura seized the lead in a 52M pot and never looked back. Ventura sealed the deal and marched swiftly into the winner’s circle, as Canada’s cmu92 bid adieu in second place. Brazil would have to settle on bronze today, because the gold medal was awarded to Peru.

The medium version of SCOOP Event #41-M $109 NL Progressive Super-Knockout attracted 5,824 runners. They created a total prize pool worth $582,400. Half of it, $291,200, went toward the regular pool and the other half went toward the knockout-bounty pool. Only the top 765 places paid out with $45,554.81 set aside to the champion.

Only 152 players survived advanced to Day 2 of this two-day Super-KO bonanza. Tyler ‘frosty012’ Frost (291st) and Jason Mercier (302nd) both cashed, yet both busted late on Day 1 and failed to make the cut. The UK’s manuverd0n ended Day 1 as the chip leader and bagged up 1.6M.


Early on Day 2 a small mob of Brazilians were making an obvious run at the final table and another SCOOP bracelet. With 56 to go, a gaggle of Brazilians were bearing down on the final table and Brazilians were 1-2-3 in chips with xXOLIVATOXx topping 2.4M, plus Pablos701 and robin01poker sitting on stacks worth 2.2M each. Random side samba note: at the time, Brazil’s NesKau09 was 10th with 1.5M and Brian Rast, American exile playing under the Brazilian flag, was 20/56 with 1.1M.

With 41 to go, xXOLIVATOXx slipped to second with 3M, but four Brazilians occupied the top 7 (and Rast lurked in 19th). Brian Rast actually fizzled out in 35th place. He cashed for $626 and earned an additional $1,060 in bounties for a total score of $1,686. With 27 remaining on the final three tables, Brazil had 4 still in the hunt an 3 players in the top 5 with xXOLIVATOXx back in first with 5M and robin01poker closing in on 4M. But that’s their high-water mark; a tsunami of disaster ensued. Huge tidal waves occurred with 23 to go…xXOLIVATOXx still held a firm lead but the other three the Brazilians were washed out to the back of the pack. And then the Braziliam massacre occurred. Pablos701 became the first to get liquidated in 23rd place, then robin01poker followed in 20th, before NesKau09 capped it off in 19th place. The whole time, the lone Brazilian remaining xXOLIVATOXx continued to outpace everyone and was even closing in on 9M.

With action hand-for-hand with 10 to go… short-stacked serggorelyi7 attempted to double up with A♦4♣ but ran into PokerProffs9’s A♣J♣. Neither player improved on a board of K♥3♥2♠8♦K♣, and PokerProffs9 won the pot with a better Ace-Jack kicker. PokerProffs9 also banked a PSKO bounty worth $1,603.11. Russia’s serggorelyi7 bubbled off the final table in tenth place. The final nine was set and a Brazilian was in the chip lead.


SCOOP-41-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: xXOLIVATOXx (20,520,376)
Seat 2: cmu92 (6,660,620)
Seat 3: Die Ventura (6,232,644)
Seat 4: PokerProffs9 (3,542,290)
Seat 5: OrFrAiRe (3,184,998)
Seat 6: bica999 (1,895,731)
Seat 7: manuverd0n (8,585,410)
Seat 8: IsoHoo123 (3,218,819)
Seat 9: 1337wannabe (4,399,112)

The final table commenced during the last minutes of Level 49 with blinds at 60K/120K and a 15K ante. xXOLIVATOXx was the biggie with 20.5M and bica999 was the short stack with 1.9M. xXOLIVATOXx was trying to win another one for the rabid Brazilians on the rail.

Diego “Die Ventura’ Ventura from Peru was the runner up at the 2015 PCA Main Event and won $907K. Ventura final tabled the Sunday Million a couple of times. He’s won over $2 million online and $1 million in live events.

This is the second SCOOP final for bica999, who final tabled Event #22-L.

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I WANNA BE ADORNED: IsoHoo123 eliminated in 9th place

Nearly a half hour played out before we saw the first bustout. IsoHoo123 wanted to rumble and shoved with A♣4♣ for 1,906,424, however, the big-stack xXOLIVATOXx woke up with pocket nines in the big blind. The board ran out Q♠9♣2♣3♠J♦. xXOLIVATOXx flopped a set of nines, which held up because IsoHoo123 never improved. Finland’s IsoHoo123 became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $2,329.60.

Big-stacked xXOLIVATOXx added another bounty to the collection and banked xXOLIVATOXx for busting IsoHoo123. Meanwhile, xXOLIVATOXx bounty increased to $4,912.14…which was the richest in the tournament.

SHE BANGS THE DRUMS: bica999 eliminated in 8th place

Super-shorty made a stand and bica999 open-shoved for 1,166,729. Two players accepted the challenge: 1337wannabe and xXOLIVATOXx. The flop was 10♥8♣6♠. 1337wannabe bet 960,000 and xXOLIVATOXx called. The 7♦ fell on the turn. 1337wannabe checked-called a xXOLIVATOXx bet of 2,080,000. Both players checked the river when the 2♥ fell. At showdown, 1337wannabe tabled J♠J♣ to win the pot with pocket Jacks. Both opponents mucked their losing hands. Romania’s bica999 was knocked out in eighth place, which paid out $3,640.00.

1337wannabe earned a bounty worth $957.45, meanwhile 1337wannabe’s own bounty was raised to $2,636.33.

With seven to go, xXOLIVATOXx led with 23M and PokerProffs9 was the shorty with 2.5M.

MADE OF STONE: PokerProffs9 eliminated in 7th place

A couple of the shorties decided to throw down. cmu92 open-shoved for 2,261,008 and PokerProffs9 called all-in for 2,167,521, who was barely covered by cmu92. Coin flip. cmu92 raced with 2♣2♠ against PokerProffs9’s A♥J♠. The board ran out K♦8♣5♣6♥3♥ and decues held up for cmu92. Sweden’s PokerProffs9 was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $6,552.00.

cmu92 banked a bounty worth $839.05, meanwhile, cmu92’s own bounty ballooned to $3,669.60

With six to go, xXOLIVATOXx was still way ahead with 24M and manuverd0n was the new shortstack with 2.4M.

SUGAR SPUN SISTER: manuverd0n eliminated in 6th place

manuverd0n got crushed in a 13.4M pot after losing with 6♦6♠ against Die Ventura’s J♦J♥ on a crazy board of 10♣9♣8♦9♥7♠. manuverd0 was left with 349,564 in chips and was all-in on the next hand, losing with A♥8♦ against Die Ventura’s K♣Q♦. Die Ventura finished off the Brit after flopping a pair of Kings on a board of K♥J♥8♠2♣6♣. manuverd0n’s pair of eights were no good and busted in sixth place, which paid out $9,464.00.

Die Ventura banked a bounty worth $2002.48 but his own bounty jumped to $4,102.24

With five to go, xXOLIVATOXx slipped to 21M, but was still in first. Die Ventura surged to second with 16.6M, followed by 1337wannabe (9M), cmu92 (6.1M), and OrFrAiRe (5.2M). For the first time in hours, xXOLIVATOXx had legit competition for the chip lead.

WATERFALL: 1337wannabe eliminated in 5th place

Shorty 1337wannabe clashed with xXOLIVATOXx a couple of times and even doubled up but this time, the big stack would prevail. 1337wannabe bombed it all-in for 3,446,838 with A♠2♦, but xXOLIVATOXx snap-called with A♥J♦. The board ran out 9♥5♠4♣K♦4♥. 1337wannabe whiffed on a Wheel draw. Neither player improved. xXOLIVATOXx won the pot with a better kicker Ace-Jack. For a fifth-place finish, 1337wannabe earned $12,376.00.

xXOLIVATOXx won yet another bounty and banked $1,318.17, whereas the price on xXOLIVATOXx’s head just went up to $6,230.30.

With four left in the hunt for the bracelet, xXOLIVATOXx led with 30M, Die Ventura was second with 17.3M, OrFrAiRe was third with 4.9M, and xXOLIVATOXx was last with 3M.

BYE BYE BADMAN: OrFrAiRe eliminated in 4th place

This bustout waited until the flop before everything went crazy. xXOLIVATOXx opened to 480,000 and OrFrAiRe called from the big blind. The flop was K♦7♠5♦… OrFrAiRe checked, xXOLIVATOXx fired out 480,000, OrFrAiRe check-raised all-in for 4,061,000 and isxXOLIVATOXx called.

OrFrAiRe: Q♠7♦

The turn was the 9♦ and xXOLIVATOXx turned two pair. The river was the J♠, which did not help OrFrAiRe stave off an elimination. OrFrAiRe went busto in fourth place, which paid out $16,452.80.

Guess who won another bounty? xXOLIVATOXx added $918.44 to his already growing list of knockout trophies. Also, xXOLIVATOXx’s own bounty jumped to $7,148.74.

With three to go, xXOLIVATOXx sat atop a stack worth 34.5M and Die Ventura was second with 16.1M. cmu92 was the shorty by default with 7.6M.

SHOOT YOU DOWN: xXOLIVATOXx eliminated in 3rd place

xXOLIVATOXx seemed destined to win this event. Alas, xXOLIVATOXx ran out of gas when it got three-handed. xXOLIVATOXx lost a 10M pot in a coinflip with A♥Q♣ against Die Ventura’s J♥J♣. Atthat point, xXOLIVATOXx coughed up the lead and would never hold it again. The other two stacks chipped away at the rest of what was left of xXOLIVATOXx, but cmu92 slowly gained power. xXOLIVATOXx and cmu92 threw down in a 31M pot and cmu92 prevailed with Q♥Q♣ against xXOLIVATOXx’s 7♥7♦. xXOLIVATOXx was cripped, and busted not much longer.

On the final hand… xXOLIVATOXx got it all-in for 2,289,900 with A♠6♦ and cmu92 called from the big blind with 3♣2♥. Alas, a trey on the turn sealed the deal for xXOLIVATOXx when the board ran out Q♠9♠8♥3♥9♦. cmu92 won the pot with two pair and xXOLIVATOXx busted out in third place, which paid out $24,024.00.

cmu92 banked a juicy bounty worth $3,574.37 for picking off xXOLIVATOXx. cmuu92’s own bounty was bumped up to $7,243.97.

HEADS-UP: cmu92 (Canada) vs. Die Ventura (Peru)
Seat 2: cmu92 (36,955,398)
Seat 3: Die Ventura (21,284,602)

With two to go, cmu92 had seized the lead. Could Diego Ventura pull off the win? Or would Canada bring home the bacon…and the bracelet?

Die Ventura trailed for the majority of heads up until he waited for the proper spot to strike. Die Ventura trailed 32M to 26M when he won a 52M pot with a flush over flush scenario to seize the lead in tremendous fashion. There was 17.5M in the pot. The board read A♣K♣J♥Q♣5♦. Die Ventura led out for 7,020,000 cmu92 bombed it all-in for 23,363,596 and Die Ventura called all-in for 10,306,404. cmu92 lost with 9♣4♣ against Die Ventura’s J♣6♣. Die Ventura led 52.2M to 6M. It would be all over in 25 hands.


Peru’s greatest player? SCOOP champ Diego ‘Die Ventura’ Ventura
THIS IS THE ONE: cmu92 eliminated in 2nd place; Die Ventura wins the SCOOP bracelet!

Going into the final hand, cmu92 held almost exactly 8M versus 50.2M. They didn’t bother waiting and just rumbled preflop. Die Ventura limped for 300,000, cmu92 shoved for 7,932,884 with A♥2♣ and Die Ventura called with A♣9♦. The board ran out K♥8♣4♠K♦K♣. Neither player improved but Die Ventura won the pot with a better kicker. Die Ventura also earned a bounty worth $3,621.99 for picking off cmu92.

For a runner-up finish, cmu92 pulled off a payday worth $33,924.80.

Congrats to Peru’s Diego ‘Die Ventura’ Ventura for winning Event #44-M. First place paid out $45,554.81 plus an additional $7,724.22 in bounties. Ventura also won a cool Movado champion’s watch to commemorate his victory.


SCOOP-41-M ($109 NL Hold’em, Progressive Super-Knockout) results
Entrants: 5,824
Total prize pool: $582,400 (Regular pool: $291,200; Bounty pool: $291,200)
Places paid: 765

1. Diego ‘Die Ventura’ Ventura (Peru) $45,554.81 + $7,724.22 bounties
2. cmu92 (Canada) $33,924.80 + $7,243.97 bounties
3. xXOLIVATOXx (Brazil) $24,024.00 + $7,148,74 bounties
4. OrFrAiRe (Poland) $16,452.80+ $1,836,88 bounties
5. 1337wannabe (Russia) $12,376.00 + $2,636.33 bounties
6. manuverd0n (U.K.) $9,464.00 + $4,004.95 bounties
7. PokerProffs9 (Sweden) $6,552.00 + $1,678.10 bounties
8. bica999 (Romania) $3,640.00 + $1,914.90 bounties
9. IsoHoo123 (Finland) $2,329.60 + $1,308.47 bounties

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Pauly McGuire is the author of “Lost Vegas” and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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