SCOOP 2016: Crizh earns the 20th title for Brazil in Event #56-L ($11 NL Hold’em [Progressive Super-Knockout])

May 24, 2016

Felixchamp was such a dominant force to start this final table, it looked to us like he might just gobble up the smaller stacks one by one and walk off with a new SCOOP watch in record time. But if we’ve learned anything from this year’s SCOOP it’s not to underestimate the power of Brazilians. Crizh arrived at the final table with the shortest stack but perhaps the most chutzpah, scoring an early double-up through Wlzed. Crizh survived to see five-handed play where he won perhaps the most crucial hand of the tournament, knocking out manokippa2 and Wlzed in the same hand. With Felixchamp’s power considerably weakened, the final three agreed to an ICM chop and Crizh picked up even more momentum by eliminating vagnerA2 in third place. Crizh and Felixchamp faced off heads-up and although Crizh momentarily lost the lead, he came back out swinging and knocked out the fiesty German, earning his first SCOOP title and the twentieth for Brazil this year.

For a late-add event, this Progressive Super-Knockout finale was wildly popular, drawing 18,155 players. $5 of each player’s $11 buy-in went into the main prize pool and another $5 went toward the bounty pool. 2,475 players earned a share of the $181,550 prize pool, with $9,804.63 set aside for first place.

The blinds were up to 160,000/320,000 and ten players remained when vagner2 opened for 681,600 from the cutoff and Hozzam moved all-in for 2.68 million from the big blind with 4♣4♦. VagnerA2 called, and much to Hozzam’s dismay, he turned over K♥K♠. Vagner2’s cowboys held up and Hozzam departed on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: BAJER12 (12,475,121 in chips)
Seat 2: Crizh (6,872,236 in chips)
Seat 3: Wlzed (18,505,804 in chips)
Seat 4: manokippa2 (26,349,702 in chips)
Seat 5: poker2007man (14,434,526 in chips)
Seat 6: kuznez681989 (15,058,778 in chips)
Seat 7: yachooza (10,290,688 in chips)
Seat 8: Felixchamp (57,910,340 in chips)
Seat 9: vagnerA2 (19,652,805 in chips)

Felixchamp arrived at the final table with 32% of the chips in play and immediately set about increasing that number. WIth the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, he opened for 800,000 from UTG and the action folded around to kuznez681989 in the small blind, who shoved for 11.1 million. Felixchamp called, his Q♥Q♠ racing with A♦K♣. A queen on the flop made it an easy sweat for Felixchamp, whose set of queens sent kuznez681989 packing in ninth place. Felixchamp moved up to 77.3 million in chips, pocketed $116.92 for kuznez681989’s bounty, and increased his own bounty to $908.89

Three short stacks doubled up during eight-handed play. Wlzed picked up pocket aces and three-bet shoved pre-flop vs. Felixchamp, who called with pocket fives and doubled him up to 23.7 million. Two hands later, yachooza’s pocket sixes held against Felixchamp’s pocket threes, and he moved up to 16.4 million in chips. By the time the blinds were up to 250,000/500,000, Crzh was down to 11 big blinds and open-shoved with A♥J♣. Wlzed called with A♦8♣, but Crizh made Broadway when the flop fell K♥Q♠10♠ and doubled to 12 million.

That pot left BAJER12 was the short stack and with A♦K♥, he moved all-in for 8.67 million and manokippa2 reshoved from the cutoff with J♠J♣. Manokippa2 hit a set of jacks on the K♦Q♥J♦4♥3♦ board and BAJER12 hit the rail in eighth place. Manokippa2 picked up $497.36 for the KO and added the same amount to his own bounty, now the largest at the table at $1,076.64.

The blinds were up to 400,000/800,000 when poker2007man picked up K♣Q♥ and opened for 1.6 million. Felixchamp three-bet to 4 million and poker2007 man called. The rest of poker2007man’s chips went in on the Q♦6♦5♠ flop and Felixchamp turned over A♠6♣, trailing his opponent’s top pair. The turn was the K♠, making poker2007man kings and queens, but Felixchamp caught a miracle on the river with the 6♥ to make trips and poker2007man was suddenly on the rail in seventh place.

Crizh also tested his luck with K♦Q♦, moving in for 11.3 million from the cutoff. Manokippa2 reshoved and turned over pocket eights, but Crizh caught a king on the flop to double up to 24.4 million.

Three hands later, yachooza made his stand by open-shoving for 7.18 million with A♦7♠. Unfortunately, he ran into Felixchamp’s K♣K♦. Felixchamp flopped a set of kings and moved up to 82 million, while yachooza went out in sixth place.

Perhaps feeling a bit fat and sassy (or just ready to gambool), Felixchamp looked down at 7♦9♦ in the big blind and decided to call Wlzed’s 10.5 million button shove. Wlzed turned over K♠10♥, and his king-high held up on the Q♣4♥3♥4♦A♥ board, good for a double-up to 22.1 million. However, Wlzed wasn’t long for this final table. Crizh opened for 2 million, Wlzed flat-called and manokippa2 three-bet shoved for 5.41 million from the small blind. Both Crizh and Wlzed called.

Crizh K♠10♥
Wlzed 7♣7♦
manokippa2 A♠10♠

Crizh made top pair on the K♣5♥2♣ flop. The turn brought the 6♣, the river was the 6♠ and Crizh took down the 47 million-chip pot, knocking out manokippa2 in fifth place and Wlzed in fourth.

Immediately after play turned three-handed, the players agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here’s how they stacked up at the time:

Felixchamp 77,438,158
Crizh 58,178,027
vagnerA2 45,933,815

The trio quickly agreed to an ICM chop that guaranteed them shares ranging from $7,300 to nearly $8,000. With $500 still in play and the SCOOP title at stake, cards went back in the air.

Crizh jumped into the chip lead after winning a huge pot off Felixchamp, who three-bet to 5 million pre-flop. He then fired at the flop, turn, and river on the Q♥4♥2♠J♥8♥ board. Crizh called him down on the flop and turn, then moved all-in for 42.3 million on the river. Felixchamp gave up his hand and Crizh took down the 51.4 million pot without a showdown. Shortly thereafter, vagnerA2 lost half his stack to Crizh when his open-ended straight draw missed against Crizh’s aces and sevens. VagnerA2 fell to 19.3 million and two hands later, open-shoved on the button with 9♥10♠ Crizh called with A♣3♠ and made aces up on the A♥10♦2♠3♣J♥ board, ending vagnerA2’s run in third place. Cirzh picked up another $267.72 in cash from vagnerA2’s bounty and added the same amount to the prize on his own head, now totaling $1,241.98.

Heads-Up chip counts

Seat 2: Crizh (114,499,963 in chips, $1,241.98 bounty)
Seat 8: Felixchamp (67,050,037 in chips, $1,264.91 bounty)

Felixchamp took back the chip lead when he three-barreled a 9♦4♣2♦J♥9♥ board and Crizh folded on the river. Felixchamp moved up to 107.2 million, but his return to the top was short-lived. In a pot Felixchamp three-bet to 8 million preflop, the flop came down K♥K♠K♣. Felixchamp bet 6.4 million and Crizh called. The turn brought the Q♦ and Felixchamp fired another 9.6 million. Again, Crizh called. The river was the 6♣ and Felixchamp slowed down and checked. Crizh checked back and revealed A♥5♦— an ace kicked to go with the trip kings on board. Felixchamp had nothing but 5♥7♥ and lost the 48.4 million pot.

Two hands later, Crizh vaulted over the 100 million mark when he raised the turn on a K♦10♠6♣10♣ board and Felixchamp folded. The pot took his stack up to 109.9 million, although Felixchamp still held a healthy 71.7 million. However, three hands later, Felixchamp opened with a min-raise to 3.2 million and Crizh three-bet to 10 million. Felixchamp called and they saw a J♥8♦8♠ flop. Crizh continued for 6.5 million and Felixchamp called. The turn brought the K♠ and Crizh checked to Felixchamp, who made it 12.8 million to go. Crizh called and they saw the river, which fell the 6♣. Crizh checked, Felixchamp moved all-in for 37 million and Crizh called.

Crizh turned over 2♥8♥ for trip eights on the flop. Felixchamp’s K♥5♥ was no good and Crizh emerged as our newest SCOOP champion.

Congratulations to Brazil’s Crizh on his first SCOOP title! He banked a grand total of $9,995.48 including bounties, while runner-up Felixchamp earned $9,244.79.


SCOOP-56-L ($11 NL Hold’em [Progressive Super-Knockout]) results
Prize pool: $181,550
Places paid:2,475

1. Crizh (Brazil) $8,121.05*+ $1,874.43 in bounties = $9,995.48
2. Felixchamp (Germany) $7,979.88* + $1,264.91 in bounties = $9,244.79
3. vagnerA2 (Romania) $7,319.94* + $535.43 in bounties = $7,855.37
4. Wlzed (United Kingdom) $4,084.87 + $417.16 = $4,502.03
5. manokippa2 (Brazil) $3,177.12 + $1,076.64 = $4,253.76
6. yachooza (Germany) $2,269.37 + $64.75 in bounties = $2,334.12
7. poker2007man (Russia) $1,361.62 + $647.30 in bounties = $2,008.92
8. BAJER12 (Poland) $816.97 + $994.12 in bounties = $1,811.09
9. kuznez681989 (Russia) $544.65 + $233.84 in bounties = $778.49

* denotes a three-way deal

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