SCOOP 2016: BriDge2PaiN dominates late to win #32-H; Mercier, Danzer make final table ($5,200 PL Omaha 6-Max, 5-Stack)

May 17, 2016

You know you’ve got a good thing on your hands when a big buy-in tournament triples up an already huge guaranteed prize pool. The high version of Event #32 had a $5,200 buy-in and 180 players piled into the event to push the $300,000 Guarantee up to a nice, even $900,000 prize pool once registration closed.

The game was 6-Max Pot Limit Omaha to bring out the gamblers, grinders, and high stakes action junkies. Players were given five stacks worth 5K in chips each that they could load anytime they wanted, fire them all at once at the start or one at a time. Everyone at the last three tables earned a piece of the prize pool but everyone was aiming for the $216,000 reserved for the eventual winner.

BriDge2PaiN was leading the way when the first day came to an end after Level 18 but he had some big names trying to chase him down including Stephen “stevie444” Chidwick, Cole “cts687” South, “raidalot”, Dan “djk123” Kelly, Connor “blanconegro” Drinan, plus Team PokerStars member Jason Mercier and George Danzer. There were 35 players around with a chance for the title but only 24 would get paid.

2016 SCOOP-32H Chips.jpg

Top ten returning stacks for Day 2
There was no pressure from the blinds at the restart to give the big guys plenty of room to fire their full arsenal. It took 90 minutes of action to lose ten players and put the tournament on the money bubble, then another 30 minutes to get there. The field was making some money after BriDge2PaiN put Cole “cts687” South all-in after the 7♣6♠2♦ flop. BriDge2PaiN was ahead with two pair 7♥6♦5♣4♥ against South’s A♦A♠10♠9♥ and it held to send the high stakes grinder out in 25th place.

They continued to take their time, no big hurry to run up huge pots without holding huge hands. The tournament was finally down to the last six players when conejin_20 was all-in with 10♠10♥8♥6♠ for a flopped set on the J♦10♦3♥ board. BriDge2PaiN was behind but had the bigger stack with A♠A♥K♦3♦, missed the turn but hit the 2♦ river to flush conejin_20 out in 7th place.

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2016 SCOOP-32H Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: bernard-bb (414,000 in chips)
Seat 2: George Danzer (385,938 in chips)
Seat 3: Jason Mercier (694,388 in chips)
Seat 4: BriDge2PaiN (1,971,114 in chips)
Seat 5: Aufangzeb (452,061 in chips)
Seat 6: raidalot (582,499 in chips)

Blinds: 8,000/16,000

Mercier hit early, eliminated in 6th

Jason Mercier is chasing the 2016 SCOOP Player of the Series award and this was his second final table of the day to improve his odds. He came to the final table with the second biggest stack but he lost a big pot to raidalot to join the common folk at the bottom of the counts.

Then Mercier found a premium pair that ran into an unfortunate flop. He limped his small blind then raised it back up after BriDge2PaiN hit the pot button in the big blind. Mercier got a call then moved all-in after the J♦7♦4♦ flop.

Mercier needed help with his pair of aces A♥A♠Q♠6♦ against BriDge2PaiN’s flopped flush Q♦10♥9♦8♠ and found a set on the A♣ turn. He needed the board to pair but the 5♥ river was a blank to send the three-time WSOP champ out in 6th.


Jason Mercier
Danzer followed Mercier, eliminated in 5th

George Danzer watched fellow Team PokerStars member Jason Mercier exit in 6th place and followed him out the door two hands later. Danzer was under 150,000 when he bet the pot from under the gun and called all-in when BriDge2PaiN returned the favor.

Danzer: Q♦9♦9♥7♥
BriDge2PaiN: K♣K♥10♦2♦

Danzer needed some luck to stay in the game and hit the Q♣6♥4♠ flop to improve his odds. The 2♥ turn gave him additional flush outs but the J♣ did him no favors to send Danzer out in 5th place and give BriDge2PaiN a commanding lead.


George Danzer
bernard-bb misses the flush, eliminated in 4th

bernard-bb was looking pretty good but the action continued to run at a fast pace once they hit the final table. That didn’t bode well for the high-stakes cash game player and he doubled up Aufangzeb eight hands after Danzer was KOd. bernard-bb was all-in with A♦Q♥7♥5♦ against Aufangzeb’s A♥A♣K♣Q♣ and missed a flush draw after the K♥10♣4♥ flop.

That hand left bernard-bb with only 32,780 and he doubled on the next hand before running out of time right afterwards. His 8♥6♦5♠4♠ had a flush draw after the flop against BriDge2PaiN’s A♦Q♦10♠10♣ but missed the turn and river to exit in 4th place.

Seat 4: BriDge2PaiN (3,543,398 in chips)
Seat 5: Aufangzeb (488,520 in chips)
Seat 6: raidalot (468,082 in chips)

Blinds: 12K/24K

raidalot can’t comeback, eliminated in 3rd

BriDge2PaiN was running away with the chips, holding a better than 3-to-1 chip advantage over the other two players combined, and raidalot tried to get back in contention two hands after bernard-bb was eliminated.

He moved all-in with the overpair A♣A♠Q♥9♦ after the 10♦4♣3♦ flop and BriDge2PaiN called with a big wrap draw 8♥6♣5♣3♥. The 7♥ turn completed the straight for BriDge2PaiN and raidalot was drawing dead to 3rd place.

Seat 4: BriDge2PaiN (4,095,480 in chips)
Seat 5: Aufangzeb (404,520 in chips)

Blinds: 12K/24K

BriDge2PaiN finishes off his domination to win Event #32-H

It would have taken a monumental run for Aufangzeb to erase BriDge2PaiN’s huge heads-up lead but he never pulled that one big hand to give him hope. They were dealt only 13 more hands and BriDge2PaiN’s run-good stayed right where it was all day.

BriDge2PaiN three-bet enough to put Aufangzeb all-in pre-flop and the last hand was underway. Aufangzeb was looking at a long shot with K♠Q♥J♣7♠ against A♥A♦J♦3♠ but that turned into a dead issue immediately on the quad-loving A♠A♣9♥ flop.

A relatively painless quick end to the heads-up match but Aufangzeb has nearly $150,000 in which to soak his wounds. BriDge2PaiN was the chip leader at the end of Day 1 and rode it all the way to his first major online title and the huge sum of $216,000 for his hot streak.

SCOOP-32-H ($5,200 PL Omaha 6-Max, 5-Stack) results
Entrants: 180
Total prize pool: $900,000
Places paid: 24

1. BriDge2PaiN (Malta) $216,000
2. Aufangzeb (Australia) $148,950
3. raidalot (United Kingdom) $112,500
4. bernard-bb (Finland) $76,500
5. George Danzer (Austria) $58,500
6. Jason Mercier (Canada) $40,500

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