SCOOP 2016: Brazil binks another bracelet; preTu.ras earns 2nd COOP in Super-KO Event #50-L ($27 NL Super-Knockout)

May 22, 2016

This is getting redonkulous. Another bracelet for Brazil? Did they really just ship their 19th bracelet? Dezenove! And there’s still couple of more days of SCOOP left. Our colleague Stephen Bartley dubbed it “The Brazilian Storm,” which tore through the opening day of SCOOP and has not relented since.

Ricardo ‘preTu.ras’ Silver won a TCOOP last year and now added a SCOOP title to his growing list of online wins. preTu.ras began the final table in Event #50-L PSKO as one of the two short stacks along with Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose. Although Ichinose was sideswiped in sixth place, preTu.ras dodged any misfortunes at the final table. Like an apex predator stalking its prey, preTu.ras waited until it got four-handed before he launched his offensive campaign in which he seized the chip lead, then proceeded to liquidate the three remaining players and banking all of their bounties in the process. When the carnage was over, preTu.ras’s spoils totaled $16,553 in bounties and first-place prize money.


Dezenove! Another SCOOP bracelet for Brazil
The low version of SCOOP Event #50-L $27 NL 6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout attracted a total of 7,439 runners. They created a total prize pool worth $182,627.45 with $91,127.75 allocated for the bounty prize pool and $91,499.70 allocated for the regular prize pool. The top 960 places paid out with $13,732.61 set aside for the champ.

“It’s better to burn out, than to fade away!” said the Kurgan from the first Higherlander movie. The beauty of Super-Knockout events is that sheer-aggression is rewarded, especially early on. Nothing is worst than getting off to a sizzling start in a tournament and amassing a mountain of chips before getting blindsided by a bad beat and then dusting off the rest of your stack just before the money bubble. At least in a Super-KO event, you can bank a few bounties along the way and get paid for busting players regardless if you advance to the money or not.

This was one of the rare single day events, plus it was 6-max which meant the action was ratcheted up a notch. With three tables to go, Japanese Team Pro Kosei ‘K. Ichinose’ Ichinose rocketed to second overall with 6.5M, but trailed overall leader S3XXYMUCK, who amassed a 9.3M stack. With 12 remaining, Ichinose was 5th overall with 6M, whereas S3XXYMUCK chipped up to 15M.

By the time 10 players were left, Ichinose slipped to next to last. With 9 to go, he was ninth and on life support. Then it happened. Call it fate, but Ichinose outflopped s1xxten’s A♦J♦ with A♣4♥ and flopped two pair to issue a wicked bat beat. Ichinose won the pot worth nearly 7.5M and moved to the middle of the pack.

With action hand-for-hand with seven to go, short-stacked Dr.Jointtt shoved with 2♦2♠ and got called by Flyinbanana’s 8♣8♠. Flyinbanana flopped a set of eights, which held up to win. Poland’s Dr.Jointtt bubbled off the final table and got smoked in seventh place.


SCOOP-50-L – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: K. Ichinose (5,007,172)
Seat 2: S3XXYMUCK (18,707,522)
Seat 3: bodgik77 (9,045,564)
Seat 4: Flyinbanana (16,612,667)
Seat 5: !Mp!yavv (18,930,676)
Seat 6: preTu.ras (6,086,399)

The final table commenced during Level 47 with blinds at 120K/240K and a 30K ante. It was a tight race up to with Thailand’s !Mp!yavv closing in on 19M and S3XXYMUCK second with 18.7M. Japan’s Kosei Ichinose sat in last with 5M.

Team Pro Kosei Ichinose made two SCOOP final tables last year, but had yet to bust through the winner’s circle. Meanwhile, Brazil’s Ricardo ‘preTu.ras’ Silver won a TCOOP in 2015 and was trying to become the 19th champ from Brazil this year.

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BRING DA RUCKUS: Team Pro Kosei Ichinose eliminated in 6th place

Kosei Ichinose picked a spot and hoped for the best. The final table played out a full level before we saw the first bustout. Short-stacked Kosei Ichinose found K♥J♣ and shoved for 3,713,295. S3XXYMUCK accepted the challenge with A♠Q♦. S3XXYMUCK was ahead the entire way but paired a Queen on the river anyway when the board ran out 10♠6♣5♣7♦Q♠. Kosei Ichinose never improved and he became the first player to exit the final table. For a sixth-place finish, Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose from Japan earned a payday worth $1,372.49.

S3XXYMUCK collected a bounty worth $280.55 for picking off Ichinose, meanwhile, S3XXYMUCK’s own bounty jumped to $1,383.46.


Team Pro Kosei Ichinose – 6th place
METHOD MAN: bodgik77 eliminated in 5th place

Only a dozen hands after Kosei Ichinose bid farewell, we saw more fireworks. POW! Pocket pair vs. pocket pair. S3XXYMUCK instigated a fight by raising to 736,000, bodgik77 shoved for 5,860,560, and S3XXYMUCK called. The old battle of sevens versus nines. S3XXYMUCK’s 9♦9♥ held serve against bodgik77’s 7♣7♦ when the board finished up J♥5♦4♥Q♦8♥. Russia’s bodgik77 was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $2,287.49.

S3XXYMUCK banked a bounty worth $508.37 and S3XXYMUCK’s own bounty increased to $1,891.82, which was the richest remaining in the tournament.

With four left in the hunt for the bracelet, S3XXYMUCK led with 33.6M, followed by !Mp!yavv’s 16.2M, Flyinbanana’s 15.1M, and preTu.ras brought up the rear with 9.3M.

MYSTERY OF CHESSBOXIN’: S3XXYMUCK eliminated in 4th place

S3XXYMUCK four-bet shoved for 13,623,684 with 10♥8♥ and preTu.ras snap-called with K♣K♠. Ouch. Wrong time to get ambushed by cowboys! The board ran out A♠7♠2♠4♠10♣. preTu.ras actually won the pot with a four-flush. S3XXYMUCK rivered a meaningless pair of tens. For a fourth-place finish, S3XXYMUCK earned $4,117.48

For picking up the bounty, preTu.ras banked $945.91 and his own bounty was bumped up to $1,748.77.

With three to go, preTu.ras was the new big dog with 31.7M, followed by !Mp!yavv’s 26.6M, and Flyinbanana’s 16M.

PROTECT YA NECK: !Mp!yavv eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed did not last very long before we saw more fireworks. preTu.ras instigated another brawl after raising to 1.1M. !Mp!yavv bombed it all-in for 9,017,550 with A♠6♦, and preTu.ras could not have called quick enough with A♣K♦. The board ran out K♠4♠3♠J♣10♥. preTu.ras flopped a King and won the pot. Thailand’s !Mp!yavv was knocked out in third place, which paid out $6,862.47.

Chalk up another bounty for preTu.ras, who banked $700.48 and saw his own bounty jump to $2,449.25.

HEADS-UP: Flyinbanana (U.K.) vs. preTu.ras (Brazil)
Seat 4: Flyinbanana (13,959,899)
Seat 6: preTu.ras (60,430,101)

Brazil heads-up for another bracelet. Flyinbanana trailed over 4-1.

CAN IT BE ALL SO SIMPLE: Flyinbanana eliminated in 2nd place; preTu.ras wins another SCOOP for Brazil

Seventeen hands. That’s how long it took before preTu.ras finished off Flyinbanana. Flyinbanana could never jump start a proper revolution and redistribute the wealth. Going into the last hand, Flyinbanana trailed approximately 54M to 20M. Flyinbanana opened to 1,374,456 and preTu.ras called. The flop was Q♦9♣4♣. preTu.ras checked-called a 1,131,442 bet from Flyinbanana. The turn was the K♥. preTu.ras check-called a 2,581,442 bet from Flyinbanana. The river was the 4♠. preTu.ras checked, Flyinbanana shoved for 15,316,544 and preTu.ras insta-called.

Flyinbanana: K♦7♦
preTu.ras: J♥10♣

Flyinbanana turned a pair of Kings and rivered two pair, but preTu.ras turned a straight to win the pot and the tournament. Flyinbanana was dunzo in second and preTu.ras banked Flyinbanana’s bounty worth $372.03.

The U.K.’s Flyinbanana busted in second place, which paid out $9,607.46.

Congrats to Brazil’s Ricardo ‘preTu.ras’ Silver for winning yet another SCOOP title for his home country. That makes… 19 bracelets for Brazil. Vamooooooos!

First place paid out $13,732.61 plus an additional $2,821.27 in bounties. preTu.ras also won a cool champion’s watch courtesy of Movado. This win marks a second COOP for preTu.ras, who shipped a TCOOP in 2015.


SCOOP-50-L ($27 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout]) results
Entrants: 7,439
Total prize pool: $182,627.45 (Regular pool: $91,499.70, Bounty pool: $91,127.75)
Places paid: 960

1. preTu.ras (Brazil) $13,732.61 + $2,821.27 bounties
2. Flyinbanana (U.K.) $9,607.46 + $744.05 bounties
3. !Mp!yavv (Thailand) $6,862.47 + $6,862.47 bounties
4. S3XXYMUCK (Hungary) $4,117.48 + $1,891.82 bounties
5. bodgik77 (Russia) $2,287.49 + $1,016.73 bounties
6. Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose (Japan) $1,372.49 + $561.09 bounties

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Pauly McGuire is the author of “Lost Vegas” and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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