SCOOP 2016: Anton2434 conquers all to win Event #19-M ($109+R NLH Big Antes)

May 14, 2016

Big money and big antes, that’s what was on the schedule to kick off the second weekend on the 2016 SCOOP schedule. Event #19 was a rebuy tournament which blasted past its big guaranteed prize pool when a huge virtual crowd joined the fun. After two days of online action, Anton2434 outlasted the rest of the field to earn his first COOP title after several close calls.

The medium buy-in version had a $109 buy-in with unlimited rebuys during the late registration period. There were 1,147 players getting in the game and they mashed the rebuy button 833 times, then another 978 add-ons when registration closed. That created a prize pool worth $300,237 with the last 144 getting a piece.

The first day ended after Level 25 with 39 players still alive for the title. Former SCOOP final table member Anton2423 locked up a huge chip lead with his 1.8 million more than double DEX888’s count in second place. The biggest name in the restart counts belonged to Anthony “wwwBTHEREcom” Gregg with his SCOOP title, Sunday Million victory, WSOP One Drop bracelet, and $10 million live career tournament earnings.

2016 SCOOP-19M Chips.jpgbr>

Top ten stacks returning for Day 2

It would be Gregg’s exit that set up the final table six hours after the restart. The top poker pro was in great position to build a championship stack when he was all-in with K♣K♠ against DEX888’s A♠K♦. The bad news for Gregg came right on the A♣Q♥7♥ flop. He was sent out in 10th place and the rest of the players joined up at the final table.

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2016 SCOOP-19M Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: Anton2423 (2,034,222 in chips)
Seat 2: mitaskundi (2,057,066 in chips)
Seat 3: WithUsura (432,297 in chips)
Seat 4: airlewis (1,391,957 in chips)
Seat 5: andresds (2,561,460 in chips)
Seat 6: DEX888 (3,719,322 in chips)
Seat 7: hurrrrican3 (1,958,514 in chips)
Seat 8: kurt23x (2,010,034 in chips)
Seat 9: JoeBlack_MS (1,070,128 in chips)

Blinds: 20K/40K with 8K Ante

WithUsura without a set, eliminated in 9th

The pressure-free environment created by the deep stacks kept things pretty civil at the start until a couple pairs decided to mix it up. WithUsura had dropped under 500,000 and moved all-in from early position with DEX888 calling from middle position.

WithUsura: 6♥6♠
DEX888: 10♥10♦

WithUsura needed to catch a set or some miracle cards but missed everything as the board ran Q♠J♠8♥Q♦7♣ to create our first knockout at the final table.

JoeBlack_MS shoves his blind, eliminated in 8th

JoeBlack_MS was the next to dip under 500,000 when he saw action fold all the way around to him in the small blind. He found 4♣4♠ and decided it was a good time to get those chips in the middle.

Anton2423 looked him up with K♥2♥ and hit his undercard on the A♥7♥2♠ flop. The unkind 2♦ came on the turn to trip deuce up Anton2423 and JoeBlack_MS was gone when the river 6♦ hit the virtual felt to send him out in 8th place.

mitaskundi plays the board, eliminated in 7th

mitaskundi open-shoved for 342,333 and had a chance for the triple up. airlewis responded to the shove with a raise of his own to 614,666 before andresds four-bet all-in for over 3 million. airlewis must have smelled a rat and abandoned a lot of chips to let andresds go for the KO.

mitaskundi: Q♥8♣
andresds: 9♦9♠

andresds never had a sweat as it ran out A♣4♣4♠2♦2♠ to leave mitaskundi playing the board. andresds held the superior two pair to send mitaskundi out in 7th place.

kurt23x ridden out on a quad, eliminated in 6th

If there was any notion of settling things down at the six-handed table, that went away when a couple of big pairs showed their heads. kurt23x opened for a min-raise and andresds had to like that action. He was sitting in the big blind with K♠K♦ and moved all-in to make kurt23x decided what to do with 10♣10♠.

kurt23x called at risk then watched as andresds smashed the K♥6♣2♣ flop then it was over following the A♦ turn. Still, andresds hit the overkill K♣ river and the king quads sent kurt23x out of the big tournament in 6th place.

hurrrrican3 (royally) flushed out, eliminated in 5th

One unnecessary big river deserved another.

hurrrrican3 found a hand that was ahead pre-flop, flipping post-flop, dead on the turn, and demolished on the river. It all began with a min-raise from hurrrrican3 under the gun and andresds three-bet for 612,000 to see get heads-up to the J♠10♠7♣.

andresds bet out for 610,000 and hurrrrican3 pushed all-in for nearly 2.7 million with his top pair/top kicking A♥J♥. That was ahead but andresds called holding a ton of outs with A♠8♠, and it ended quickly for hurrrrican3 when andresds completed his flush on the K♠ turn.

The river was pointless as far as the results were concerned but andresds went ahead and binked the royal flush Q♠ river for good measure.

airlewis shot in the virtual gut, eliminated in 4th

airlewis knows how to win tournaments and would have been considered a favorite if only he could make it to the heads-up portion of the tournament. The UK grinder won nine straight heads up matches to finish 4th out of 369 players in the $1,050 Heads Up even a few days ago. A pretty decent indicator of skill.

airlewis picked up aces with four players remaining and had to like his odds. He raised it up under the gun and Anton2423 defended in the big blind to see the Q♦7♥5♥ flop.

Anton2423 check/called 250,900 from airlewis and checked again after the 6♠ turn before airlewis put his entire stack in the middle with A♥A♠, Anton2423 made the easy call with his turned gutshot straight 9♥8♠. airlewis was 80% after the flop but drawing dead on the turn to go out in 4th place for $21,316.

DEX888 can’t catch up, eliminated in 3rd

DEX888 was the odd man out when compared to his other two tablemates, he was holding less than half of second place andresds and Anton2423 eclipsed them both.

A three-handed ace after a min-raise was good enough for DEX888 to get his chips in the middle. Anton2423 let the other two battle it out and andresds called with 8♦8♣ to leave DEX888 in trouble with A♣7♥.

DEX888 never came close to sniffing a bad beat comeback as the board ran K♣9♣3♥9♠Q♥ to send the German out in 3rd and set up the heads-up match.

Seat 1: Anton2423 (7407115 in chips)
Seat 5: andresds (9827885 in chips)

Blinds: 80K/160K with 32K Ante

Let’s make a deal

Five minutes into heads-up play, the two players decided to take a look at the numbers. They came to an agreeable deal to chop up the remaining prize pool leaving $2,000 left behind for the eventual champion.

andresds: $44,921.33
Anton2423: $43,690.95

Left for the winner: $2,000

Anton2434 wins SCOOP #19-M title with a flip

With a nice chunk of change already locked up, the remaining two were able to take their time and work for the title without the pressure of a pay jump between first and second. There were no huge pots as they went back and forth for 90 minutes (minus the ten minutes to crunch the chop numbers) before it all ended with a standard NLH coin flip.

Anton2423 had already worked his way into the lead when andresds open-shoved his button with 6♠6♦. Anton2423 called with A♥K♦ to put the 2014 NLH 6-Max champion at risk but ahead for a double.

The drama did not last long with Anton2423 hitting the K♣10♥7♥ flop and he stayed ahead as the board finished J♣5♣ to push the pot towards Anton2423. The hand made him the latest SCOOP champion, earning $45,690 along the way while andresds will take his trophyless $44,921.

SCOOP-19-M ($109+R NL Hold’em Big Antes) results
Entrants: 1,147 (833 Rebuys, 978 Add-ons)
Total prize pool: $300,237
Places paid: 144

1. Anton2434 (Russia) $45,690.95*
2. andresds (Argentine) $44,921.33*
3. DEX888 (Germany) $28,522.51
4. airlewis (United Kingdom) $21,316.82
5. hurrrrican3 (Slovenia) $15,011.85
6. kurt23x (Costa Rica) $12,009.48
7. mitaskundi (Finland) $9,007.11
8. JoeBlack_MS (Poland) $6,004.74
9. WithUsura (United Kingdom) $3,452.72
*Reflects a heads-up deal that left $2,000 in play for the winner

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