SCOOP 2016: Antanas “Nr1InEurope” Bakaitis pairs TCOOP win with SCOOP title in the same game (Event #48-L, $27 Stud)

May 22, 2016

Earlier this year, Antanas “Nr1InEurope” Bakaitis had a decision to make. Walk his Siberian husky, or use his FPPs to enter Event #26 of the TCOOP, a $27 buy-in event in his favorite game, seven-card stud. To the pup’s dismay, Bakaitis chose to buy in, and as Stephen Bartley reported, the dog still needed walking several hours later when Bakaitis shipped his first TCOOP title.

Cut to early evening in Ireland tonight, where Bakaitis found himself in quite a familiar place, but with a very different chip stack. Once again, Bakaitis was at the final table of a $27 Stud COOP event, but unlike in the TCOOP where he arrived as the chip leader, this time he was the shortest stack, with little more than one big bet to his name. Batkaitis set to work and doubled up on the third hand. He chipped up steadily as others fell by the wayside and scored back-to-back double-ups during four handed play to pull into contention. By the time the final three elected to pause the action and make a deal, Bakaitis was the chip leader and he rode that wave all the way to the final hand, when he defeated B!G_SL!ck-AK to notch his first SCOOP win and his second career COOP title.

Nr1InEurope_SCOOP.jpg SCOOP and TCOOP stud champ Antanas “Nr1InEurope” Bakaitis

Event #48-L drew 1,177 entries (959 players and 218 re-entires) to close registration with a $28,895.35 prize pool. 152 spots were paid with $5,201.90 up top.

The betting limits were 60,000/120,000 with nine players remaining when kimble83 got the rest of his chips in on fourth street against skalexjung.

skalexjung (K♦K♥) A♣3♦4♠5♣ (6♦)
kimble83 (6♠A♠) 9♠2♦6♣J♠ (7♥)

Kimble83 only improved to a pair of sixes and skalexjung took down the pot, sending us on to Day 2 for the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: woodenrouble (509,673 in chips)
Seat 2: gunnersfun (1,215,286 in chips)
Seat 3: Leads4free (336,684 in chips)
Seat 4: nicnad888 (2,465,239 in chips)
Seat 5: skalexjung (3,446,512 in chips)
Seat 6: B!G_SL!ck-AK (1,953,262 in chips)
Seat 7: Nr1InEurope (154,292 in chips)
Seat 8: AtomTom87 (1,689,052 in chips)

On Hand #3, Nr1InEurope put the rest of his chips in on third street and made two pair, kings and threes over gunnersfun’s sixes and fives to double up to 332,584. However, it was skalexjung who picked up the most steam when his split tens improved to tens and nines by the river vs. nicnad888. The 1.4 million pot took skalexjung’s stack up to 4.63 million and expanded the gap between him and second-in-chips B!G_SL!ck-AK with 1.85 million.

Leads4free never got anything going at the final table and put the rest of his chips in on third street vs. B!G_SL!ck-AK.

Leads4free (7♦) 5♥5♦2♠3♣Q♥ (K♦)
B!G_SL!ck-AK (J♦J♥) 10♣3♦K♣J♠ (8♦)

B!G_SL!ck-AK’s buried jacks made trips on sixth street, ending Leads4free’s run in eighth place.

About five minutes later, woodenrouble, gunnersfun, and skalexjung all went to fourth street for 70,000 apiece. Woodenrouble kept the high board on fourth street and led out, with both opponents called. Woodenrouble bet again on fifth, but only gunnersfun called. The last of woodenrouble’s chips went in on sixth and gunnersfun looked him up.

woodenrouble (K♠9♠) A♦Q♦7♦8♦ (Q♥)
gunnersfun (A♠8♠) 8♣3♠10♣Q♣ (3♣)
skalexjung (X-X) 10♥9♣J♠

Woodenrouble rivered a pair of queens, but they were no good against gunnersfun’s eights and threes, and he went out in seventh place.

Nicnad888 was on the wrong end of a cooler against skalexjung, costing him half his stack. Nicnad888’s buried sevens made a set on fourth street, but skalexjung was sitting on rolled-up eights. Nicnad888 fell to 900,000 after that hand and his stack steadily eroded before he committed his last 179,000 on third street vs. Nr1InEurope.

nicnad888 (A♥K♠) 6♥5♦5♣8♦ (9♦)
Nr1InEurope (K♣A♣) K♥5♥A♦8♦ (9♦)

Nicnad888 only made a pair of fives and Nr1InEurope took down the pot with aces and kings, sending nicnad888 to the rail in sixth place.

One orbit later, gunnersfun made it 100,000 to go on third street and B!G_SL!ck-AK called. Gunnersfun lead out on fourth street, B!G_SL!ck-AK riased and gunnersfun called. Gunnersfun check-called 200,000 on fifth street, then proceeded to check-raise to 400,000 on sixth street. Gunnersfun fired again on the river, B!G_SL!ck-AK raised and gunnersfun called all-in.

gunnersfun (10♠10♣) 10♦2♣7♠5♣ (K♥)
B!G_SL!ck-AK (5♥2♥) 6♥3♥9♠8♦ (4♥)

B!G_SL!ck-AK turned over a rivered six-high straight flush, setting gunnersfun’s rolled-up tens aflame.

As play turned four-handed, Nr1InEurope doubled up twice– first when his fives and deuces held up against skalexjung’s open pair of aces, then a few hands later when he made a set of queens on fifth street and rivered quads against B!G_SL!ck-AK’s aces and kings. Four hands later, Nr1InEurope, B!G_SL!ck-AK and AtomTom87 went three-handed to fourth street. Nr1InEurope and AtomTom87 both check-called 120,000 from B!G_SL!ck-AK, but on fifth street, Nr1InEurope showed three hearts and led out for 240,000. Both AtomTom87 and B!G_SL!ck-AK called. Nr1InEurope fired again on sixth, AtomTom87 called all-in and B!G_SL!ck-AK called as well, only to fold to Nr1InEurope’s river bet.

Nr1InEurope (3♥5♥) 9♥A♥8♥9♠ (8♠)
AtomTom87 (A♣K♣) 10♣[J]K♦7♠ (6♣)

Nr1InEurope indeed had the goods with an ace-high flush and AtomTom87 hit the rail in fourth place.

When three-handed play commenced skalexjung still held the chip lead with 6.57 million, Nr1InEurope was second with 3.57 million and B!G_SL!ck-AK was the short stack with 1.62 million.

With the betting limits up to 160,000/320,000, skalexjung lost back-to-back pots and relinquished the chip lead to Nr1InEurope. At this point, the final three agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here’s how they stacked up:

Nr1InEurope 5,225,080
B!G_SL!ck-AK 3,828,750
skalexjung 2,715,170

After some small adjustments to the ICM numbers, they agreed to a chop that guaranteed Nr1InEurope $3,900.00, B!G_SL!ck-AK $3,750.00 and skalexjung $3,697.82. With $500 still on the table along with the SCOOP watch and bragging rights, cards went back in the air.

Shortly after action resumed, skalexjung lost a big one to B!G_SL!ck-AK. B!G_SL!ck-AK raised third street and led out on fourth and fifth with skalexjung calling him down. Then when skalexjung made an open pair of fours on sixth street, he took the lead and B!G_SL!ck-AK called. Skalexjung bet the river, B!G_SL!ck-AK raised, skalexjung three-bet and B!G_SL!ck-AK called.

skalexjung (K♣8♣) 8♦7♠4♣4♥ (J♣)
B!G_SL!ck-AK (3♠A♥) Q♥6♥5♣7♣ (4♦)

B!G_SL!ck-AK backed into a seven-high straight by the river, crushing skalexjung’s eights and fours.

Skalexjung fell to 1.47 million and got the rest of his chips in the middle on fourth street a few hands later vs. B!G_SL!ck-AK.

skalexjung (6♣10♦) 10♣5♠A♣4♠ (J♥)
B!G_SL!ck-AK (Q♣Q♠) 3♠Q♦4♦9♥ (K♠)

B!G_SL!ck-AK turned a set of queens and skalexjung’s run came to a close in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 6: B!G_SL!ck-AK (4,207,090 in chips)
Seat 7: Nr1InEurope (7,562,910 in chips

Nr1InEurope and B!G_SL!ck-AK traded the chip lead several times over the course of their thirty-minute heads-up match and the stacks were nearly even when a third street raising war broke out. Nr1In Europe made it 240,000 to go, B!G_SL!ck-AK three-bet and Nr1InEurope called. B!G_SL!ck-AK fired on fourth street, Nr1InEurope called, and B!G_SL!ck-AK led again on fifth. Nr1InEurope raised and B!G_SL!ck-AK called. Nr1InEurope bet sixth street and B!G_SL!ck-AK called and both players checked the river.

B!G_SL!ck-AK (3♥4♦) 5♥K♦7♥Q♦ (J♥)
Nr1InEurope (9♥8♣) 7♠4♥9♦6♦ (J♠)

B!G_SL!ck-AK missed his draws and Nr1InEurope took down the 4.42 million pot with a pair of nintes.

Five hands later, B!G_SL!ck-AK was down to 2.2 million and brought it in for 96,000. Nr1InEurope raised to 320,000 and B!G_SL!ck-AK called. B!G_SL!ck-AK picked up an ace on fourth street and led out, Nr1InEurope raised and B!G_SL!ck-AK called. On fifth, Nr1InEurope was the one to catch an ace and he led out for 640,000. B!G_SL!ck-AK called and they went to sixth street where Nr1InEurope kept the lead and bet 640,000. B!G_SL!ck-AK called all-in.

B!G_SL!ck-AK (6♥K♠) 9♥A♦2♣7♦ (6♣)
Nr1InEurope (10♠J♣) J♥8♠A♣10♦ (3♦)

B!G_SL!ck-AK finished up with only a pair of sixes and with jacks and tens, Nr1InEurope sewed up his first SCOOP title and his second ‘COOP title in Stud!

Congratulations to Antanas “Nr1InEurope” Bakaitis who came back from one big bet to win a SCOOP watch! He banked $4,400.00 for the win, while runner-up B!G_SL!ck-AK took home $3,750.00.


SCOOP-48-L ($27 Stud) results
Prize pool: $28,895.35
Places paid:152

1. Antanas “Nr1InEurope” Bakaitis (Ireland) $4,400.00*
2. B!G_SL!ck-AK (Germany) $3,750.00*
3. skalexjung (Germany) $3,697.82*
4. AtomTom87 (Poland) $2,141.14
5. gunnersfun (Ukraine) $1,444.76
6. nicnad888 (Canada) $866.86
7. woodenrouble (Russia) $577.90
8. Leads4free (Thailand) $361.19

*denotes a three-way deal

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