SCOOP 2016: Adam “Adamyid” Owen earns first COOP title in Event #46-M ($82+R PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-Max)

May 22, 2016

Sometimes a tournament is just too volatile to predict, like the huge 5-card PLO 6-max tournament on the final weekend of the 2016 SCOOP schedule. The tournament structure had the them playing down to the end of Level 29 before pausing for a Day 2 return with the remaining players. We expected to see two tables of players still alive, but it turned out there were exactly two players taking the overnight break. After a quick heads-up match, UK pro Adam “Adamyid” Owen collected his first COOP win after several near misses.

The $82 buy-in version of Event #46 drew 347 players and they had unlimited rebuys available any time they dipped beneath a starting stack during the late registration period. They mashed the rebuy button 397 times and 257 of them took the optional add-on to close registration. That added up to a $76,326 prize pool with 48 players earning a piece.

The additional fifth card boosted the normally fast PLO action into the stratosphere with additional draws and the tournament was in the money in no time flat. George Danzer was the only member of Team PokerStars getting some money but he dropped out after the bubble for a min-cash.

The quick parade headed towards the final table came to an end when Event #40-M final table member sleepy_seven puts his chips on A♥K♠9♣ flop with his A♠K♣Q♠6♣5♥ ahead of Filipo83’s A♣J♥9♠3♣2♥ until the 9♦ turn filled up Filipo83’s house. The tournament was scheduled to pause for the day after Level 30 and that was still a long way off as they joined up at the final table.

Adam “Adamyid” Owen and aDrENalin710 were the two biggest names at the final table with Owen having several close calls to win his first COOP, including a final table two days prior in SCOOP Event #39-H while aDrENalin710 owns two SCOOPs and two WCOOPs with the latest coming in September’s WCOOP Event #59.

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2016 SCOOP-46M Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: XRoXXoX – 218,365
Seat 2: Adam “Adamyid” Owen – 1,254,965
Seat 3: aDrENalin710 – 852,923
Seat 4: hotvesper – 810,384
Seat 5: Filipo83 – 1,537,933
Seat 6: delyoda – 972,930

Blinds: 7,000/14,000

XRoXXoX tripped and wheeled out, eliminated in 6th

The fast path to the final table occurred even with very deep stacks and the last six players settled in for a long, 50-minute battle before “short” stack XRoXXoX found a good spot to get his chips involved.

He was heads-up with Owen to the 4♦4♠2♠ flop and pushed all-in after an Owen bet. XRoXXoX flopped trip fours with A♣K♣Q♦7♠4♣ versus Owen’s big wrap draw A♥8♦7♥5♠3♣ that got there on the wheel-catching 3♠ turn. XRoXXoX still had high hand chop outs but missed the full boat when the 8♥ river hit to scoop the pot for Owen. XRoXXoX hung around the bottom of the counts and was unable ladder up past 6th place money.

Owen gets two more; delyoda out in 5th and hotvesper in 4th

The blinds were not applying any pressure to the stacks but big draw were big draws despite what the math says. Nine hands after XRoXXoX was sent to the rail, a huge three-way pot developed that would have a huge impact on the game.

Owen, hotvesper, delyoda, and aDrENalin710 went to the J♥6♥4♣ flop before the action basically went check, check, small bet, pot-sized, all-ins across the board (except for the fold by aDrENalin710) with Owen in line for the double KO.

Owen: A♥J♠10♠8♦5♥
hotvesper: A♠K♥3♦2♠2♥
delyoda: A♦K♣9♥8♥2♦

Owen was ahead with top pair, nut flush draw to leave the other two in trouble. hotvesper had a pair of ducks, bad flush draw, nut low, and gutshot wheel draw while delyoda had the same nut low draw with the third worst flush draw of the three. The 9♠ turn and 10♦ only improved delyoda a little and not enough for either of Owen’s opponents to earn any piece of the pot. It was a huge hand to put Owen in the lead at the suddenly three-handed table while hotvesper picked up 4th place and delyoda went out in 5th.

Seat 2: Adam “Adamyid” Owen – 2,733,703
Seat 3: aDrENalin710 – 971,244
Seat 5: Filipo83 – 1,942,553

Blinds: 10,000/20,000

Deal falls through

With the quick drops at the final table, the three remaining players decided to pause the clock to divvy up the remaining prize pool. Owen asked for both the ICM and chip chop numbers, stating he would probably want somewhere in between.

Here are the ICM numbers:

Adam “Adamyid” Owen – $12,562.68
Filipo83 – $11,783.47
aDrENalin710 – $10,336.54
Left for the winner – $1,000

And the chip chop numbers:

Adam “Adamyid” Owen – $12,953.13
Filipo83 – $11,624.18
aDrENalin710 – $10,105.38
Left for the winner – $1,000

While Owen was busy asking for $12,800 in the deal, aDrENalin710 said neither number was good enough for him to shoot down the negotiations right there. They got back underway and aDrENalin710 last one more hand.

aDrENalin710 says no deal, eliminated in 3rd

aDrENalin710 turned down the deal and then hit a hand that probably had him thinking it was the correct decision, he would normally have a great chance to double up.

He was heads-up with to the 10♦6♦5♦ flop when Owen check/raised, aDrENalin710 called to the 2♣ turn then moved all-in after Owen bet out. aDrENalin710 got a quick call and saw he was up against a flopped flush A♣K♣Q♦8♠4♦ that had him drawing super thin with his flopped set, turned straight 10♠10♣5♣4♥3♦ and a worse low.

aDrENalin710 couldn’t catch a boat on the K♠ river to send him out in 3rd place and scoop Owen further into the lead.

Seat 2: Adam “Adamyid” Owen – 3,734,947
Seat 5: Filipo83 – 1,912,553

Blinds: 10,000/20,000

Take a 14-hour break

The tournament was down to heads-up play as they neared the mandated Day 1 break, a lot further along than predicted. Owen and Filipo83 took another look at the numbers but decided to take the 14-hour break, returning for a heads-up match to settle the title.

Players return, Filopo83 quickly doubles up

Owen and Filipo83 returned to the tables after a good night away from the virtual table and were back underway. After a temporary delay at the beginning of the restart when Owen lost his connection, Filipo83 had himself all-in and in trouble.

It took four pre-flop bets for them to get all the chips settled in the middle and Filipo83 needed to hit something with his A♦K♠6♠5♥4♥ against A♣A♠Q♥4♠2♥. He did just that on the trip-loving K♥K♦2♦ flop and the board finished 9♣9♠ to send him the lead-changing double up.

Seat 1: Adam “Adamyid” Owen – 2,191,122
Seat 2: Filipo83 – 3,456,378

Blinds: 12,000/24,000

Owen turns it around to win his first COOP in Event #46-M

The two players muddled around in some smaller pots before both flopped two of those special five-card PLO draws. Owen was all-in and at risk after the K♣Q♣6♣ flop with a flush draw/underpair A♥8♣5♠5♥2♣ against Filipo83’s Broadway wrap draw A♦J♥10♦4♥3♠.

The 10♣ turn immediately hit both their draws and Owen locked up the big double with the flush to take back the lead. They continued to battle it out before they found one last draw to mix it up big.

Four bets put Filipo83 all-in after the A♦8♦6♥ flop and he was looking for a diamond with Q♦9♣5♦4♦4♠ against Owen’s flopped set/better low K♥8♥8♣3♥2♣. The diamond draw went away when the board paired A♣ on the turn leaving Filipo83 praying for a saving low chop. The Q♣ river was no help and Filipo83 had to settle for a runner-up finish.

After a handful of close calls, Adam “Adamyid” Owen can now call himself a COOP champion. He picked up $15,647 for the SCOOP title along with the custom Movado watch and has the COOP monkey off his back.

Adam Owen SCOOP 2016 46M.jpg

SCOOP-46-M ($82+R PL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max) results
Entrants: 347 (397 rebuys, 257 add-ons)
Total prize pool: $76,326.25
Places paid: 48

1. Adam “Adamyid” Owen (United Kingdom) $15,647.06
2. Filipo83 (Netherlands) $11,448.93
3. aDrENalin710 (Russia) $8,586.70
4. hotvesper (Russia) $5,915.28
5. delyoda (Malta) $4,388.75
6. XRoXXoX (Austria) $2,862.23

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