SCOOP 2015: Woody “plplaya” Deck scores second SCOOP title in Event #13-M ($215 Stud)

May 14, 2015

Three years ago, American poker exile Woody Deck was still feeling the effects of Black Friday and splitting his time between the U.S. and Tijuana, Mexico so he could continue to earn a living playing online. Deck earned a SCOOP title that spring in Event #35-H, a $2,100 buy-in NL Omaha 8 event, giving him a bankroll boost and a shot of confidence as he prepared to play his first full WSOP. Although Deck didn’t cash a WSOP event that year, he made a final table in 2014 in a pot-limit version of the game in which he earned that first SCOOP title. And tonight, Deck added a championship title in another discipline as he took down his second SCOOP title in Event #13-M ($215 Stud).


Two-time SCOOP champ Woody “plplaya” Deck
252 stud enthusiasts bought in to Event #13-M, creating a $50,400.00 prize pool. 32 players earned a share of it with $10,206.00 set aside for the winner.

Nearly nine hours after cards went in the air, the field was down to it’s final nine players. The betting limits were up to 6,000/12,000 and Owain “Sngwonder” Carey was the short stack with 37,276 in chips. Pinguinho had the bring-in and elena88829 completed to 6,000 with the 10♥ up. Sngwonder raised to 12,000 with the K♦ elena88829 made it three bets and Sngwonder capped. Sngwonder led out on fourth street, elena88829 raised and Sngwonder put in the rest of his chips.

elena88829 (10♦6♥) 10♥3♦4♣8♠ (6♠)
Sngwonder (A♥J♥) K♦2♣Q♣A♠ (6♣)

Although Sngwonder improved to a pair of aces on sixth street, elena88829 rivered two pair, tens and sixes to eliminate Sngwonder on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Vik-V7 (155,455 in chips)
Seat 2: elena88829 (154,270 in chips)
Seat 3: angrymoron (60,954 in chips)
Seat 4: plplaya (132,835 in chips)
Seat 5: gagadim (180,431 in chips)
Seat 6: pinguinho (358,827 in chips)
Seat 7: Leon_Javur (152,140 in chips)
Seat 8: 1dönertasche (65,088 in chips)

Pinguinho claimed the vast majority of 1dönertasche’s stack when he rivered a king-high flush in a 239,000 pot. Left with only 6,776, 1dönertasche got the rest of his chips in the middle on third street against three opponents. Unfortunately his buried pair of aces were outdrawn by Vik-V7, who made eights and threes on fifth street and eights full on sixth, ending 1dönertasche’s run in eighth place.

On the next hand, pinguinho completed to 8,000 with the A♥ and elena88829 raised to 16,000 with the 4♦ up. Gagadim called with the 3♠ and pinguinho called as well. On fourth street, the action checked to elena88829, who bet 16,000. Gagadim raised, pinguinho folded, and elena88829 raised all-in for 43,270. Gagadim called, his kings and threes leading elena88829’s pair of jacks. Elena88829 did not improve and gagadim made kings full on sixth street, ending elena88829’s run in seventh place.

elena88829 (J♦J♣) 4♦2♦6♣7♥ (8♠)
gagadim (K♠K♣) 3♠3♦5♠K♦ (Q♠)
pinguinho (X-X) A♥10♠

Two hands later, Leon_Javur got the rest of his stack in on fourth street after the betting was capped three ways on third street. Both gagadim and pinguinho called, but on fifth street, gagadim folded to pinguinho’s 16,000 bet.

pinguinho (5♠K♣) A♣3♥A♥4♦ (4♥)
Leon_Javur (3♦J♣) J♠10♦K♠A♠ (5♣)
gagadim (X-X) 9♣2♦8♠

Pinguinho made a pair of aces on fifth street and aces up on the river, sending Leon_Javur to the rail in sixth place.

Down to 67,561 with the betting limits up to 10,000/20,000 gagadim completed to 10,000 on third street and angrymoron called. Angrymoron check-called another 10,000 on fourth street, but led out on fifth or 20,000. Gagadim raised, angrymoron made it three bets and gagadim called all-in.

gagadim (K♥J♦) 7♠J♠10♥Q♣[ (5♣)
angrymoron (6♣4♦) 4♠Q♠Q♥5♠ (2♦)

Angrymoron made queens up on fifth street and gagadim’s pair of jacks did not improve, sending him home in fifth place.

Angrymoron took a tumble after losing two sizable pots back to back. In the first, pinguinho outdrew angrymoron’s pair of sevens when he made jacks and tens, and in the second, plplaya rivered trip queens, leaving angrymoron on 21,715 in chips. On the next deal, angrymoron bet the rest of his chips on third street and Vik-V7 called.

angrymoron (J♠A♣) K♥8♥4♥3♣ (10♣)
Vik-V7 (Q♦8♣) K♣4♦A♠2♣ (J♣)

Both players ended up with ace-king high, but Vik-V7 had the better kicker with a queen over angrymoron’s jack.

Vik-V7 had the chip lead with 534,000 going in to three-handed play, but began a precipitous decline after betting fourth, fifth, and sixth streets with nothing but king high against pinguinho’s pair of jacks. Soon thereafer, Vik-V7 called all the way to sixth street but folded the river in a three-way pot plplaya took down with a queen-high straight. With only 64,000 left, Vik-V7 completed with the J♠ and plplaya called with the 2♣. Vik-V7 bet fourth street, plplaya called, and Vik-V7 led out again on fifth. Plplaya raised to 48,000 and Vik-V7 called all in.

Vik-V7 (4♠2♠) J♠10♠A♦3♥ (3♦)
plplaya (A♥Q♠) 2♣10♦K♣J♥ (9♣)

Vik-V7’s flush draw never materialized, leaving him with only a pair of threes. Plplaya, however, made Broadway on sixth street and raked in the pot, eliminating Vik-V7 in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: plplaya (938,893 in chips)
Seat 6: pinguinho (321,107 in chips)

Plplaya began heads-up play with a 3 to 1 chip lead and widened it further when he took down a 437,000 pot. The betting was capped on third and fourth streets and both players put in three bets apiece on fifth. Pinguinho flat-called plplaya’s sixth and seventh street bets, but could not beat his jacks and sevens.

plplaya (7♣4♣) 7♠4♠J♦A♣ (J♠)
pinguinho (X-X) 9♣2♣A♠3♦ (X)

Pinguinho was left on 67,000 in chips but doubled when his pair of kings held up against plplaya’s pair of fours. However, four hands later, pinguinho was back down to 75,814 in chips, facing a 12,000 completion on third street. Pinguinho raised to 24,000 and plplaya called. The betting was capped on fourth street and on fifth, pinguinho bet his last 1,414. Plplaya called.

pinguinho (A♣8♣) 6♥J♣3♦10♦ (Q♣)
plplaya (10♠7♥) 8♠10♣9♣K♦ (5♥)

Pinguinho’s ace high did not improve and with a pair of tens, plplaya locked up the win.

Congratulations to Woody “plplaya” Deck on his second SCOOP title! He banked $10,206.00 for the win while runner-up pinguinho took home $7,812.00.

SCOOP 13-M: $215 Stud
Entrants: 5,949
Prizepool: $594,900.00
Places paid 765

1. Woody “plplaya” Deck (United Kingdom) $10,206.00
2. pinguinho (Australia) $7,812.00
3. Vik-V7 (Ukraine) $5,796.00
4. Kiryl “angrymoron” Radzivonau (Belarus) $4,284.00
5. gagadim (Slovakia) $2,772.00
6. Leon_Javur (Estonia) $2,268.00
7. elena88829 (Ukraine) $1,764.00
8. 1dönertasche (Germany) $1,386.00


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