SCOOP 2015: Late rally propels tchonchiti to Turbo title in Event #4-M [$109 NL Turbo]

May 11, 2015

Nothing is sweeter than a turbo-charged Sunday sprint to kick off the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker. Portugal’s tchonchiti joined the elite club of COOP champions with a piquant victory on the opening day of 2015 SCOOP. With three sharks leftover circling in the waters in Event #4-M $109 NL Turbo, tchonchiti was last in chips. Alas, the daunting deficit did not deter the short-stacked ninja, who calmly battled back to seize the lead before relentlessly picking off the final two players.

SCOOP Event #4-M $109 NL Turbo attracted 4,937 runners. They created a prize pool worth $493,700.00. The top 630 places paid out with $77,454.14 originally set aside to the eventual winner.

With 67 players to go, ChuckNorrisQ (Estonia) became the first player to surpass 1M in chips. With 24 remaining, Malta’s MaStR0_N1cK seized the lead while passing the 2M mark. With 18 to go on the final two tables, VzB_Poker regained the lead with 3.2M. With 12 to go, VzB_Poker incurred a bad beat (A-J lost to sanjizzy’s A-9) and slipped to third overall, whereas sanjizzy snagged the lead. ChuckNorrisQ bubbled off the final table in tenth place. ChuckNorrisQ flopped a Broadway draw with J♠10♠, but SpielRaum dragged the pot with K♠Q♣. That hand propelled SpielRaum into the lead with 6M.


SCOOP-04-M – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: VzB_Poker (1,965,949)
Seat 2: bobby488 (1,229,797)
Seat 3: tchonchiti (1,523,518)
Seat 4: SpielRaum (6,011,528)
Seat 5: sanjizzy (3,369,720)
Seat 6: d1rdyharry (2,737,438)
Seat 7: akis29.8.11 (3,086,216)
Seat 8: DENV3UR (2,957,004)
Seat 9: butterZiii (1,803,830)

The final table commenced during Level 46 with blinds at 100K/200K and a 25K ante. SpielRaum (Austria) was the overall leader with 6M, while bobby488 clung onto a shortstack with 1.2M.

butterZiii eliminated in 9th place

On the third hand of the final table, we saw our first bustout when butterZiii open-shoved with A♥7♥ for 1,728,830, and d1rdyharry woke up with Q♠Q♥ in the big blind. The board finished up 7♣3♦2♥9♠2♣. butterZiii flopped a pair of sevens, but did not improve by the river. d1rdyharry’s pocket Queens held up to win the pot. Czech Republic’s butterZiii became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $3,949.60.

bobby488 eliminated in 8th place

If you blinked, you might have missed the second bustout. DENV3UR opened to 680,000, bobby488 bombed it all-in for 848,547 with A♦Q♣, and DENV3UR called with A♥7♥. The board finished up J♠9♥7♣8♦9♠. DENV3UR flopped a pair of sevens and won the pot with two pair — nines and sevens. Although bobby488 turned a straight draw, it never materialized. Australia’s bobby488 was knocked out in 8th place, which paid out $6,171.25.

With 8 to go, d1rdyharry took over the top slot with 6M, while VzB_Poker was treading water with a shade under 2M.

VzB_Poker eliminated in 7th place

Super-short-stacked VzB_Poker was all-in in the big blind with J♥2♣. DENV3UR attempted to pick off the shorty with A♣4♦. The board ran out 9♣4♥3♦K♦5♦. DENV3UR flopped a pair of fours, which held up. VzB_Poker failed to improve and busted out in seventh place, which paid out $11,108.25.

sanjizzy eliminated in 6th place

Another player was ambushed by pocket Queens. sanjizzy open-shoved for 2,457,220 with K♦J♣ and DENV3UR snapped called from the button with Q♣Q♠. The board finished up 10♣9♥2♠A♦10♦. sanjizzy flopped a gutshot, but whiffed. DENV3UR’s pocket Queens held up for the win. For sixth place, sanjizzy earned $16,045.25.

With five remaining, DENV3UR was the new leader with 7.2M, while akis29.8.11 was the shorty with 2.5M.


With five to go, action was paused to discuss a deal. DENV3UR was in first with 6.4M, followed by SpielRaum (5.4M), tchonchiti (4.6M), d1rdyharry (4.4M), and akis29.8.11 (3.6M). They had to leave $5,000 on the table to the eventual winner and the ICM numbers were floated: DENV3UR ($48,370.52), SpielRaum ($45,860.37), tchonchiti ($43,354.03), d1rdyharry ($42,534.56), and akis29.8.11 ($39,457.26).

SpielRaum held a very stern and specific stance: “I’m taking ICM and no less.” When others tried to negotiate, SpielRaum replied, “ICM or play. U guys are terrible anyway.”

At that point, everyone else got on board with the ICM deal. With a money chop agreed upon, play resumed.

akis29.8.11 eliminated in 5th place

With a deal in place, someone busted on the first hand back when akis29.8.11 open-shoved for 3,567,466 with 3♣3♥, and SpielRaum called with A♠4♣. The board ran out 10♦10♣2♠A♦K♦. The Ace on the turn sealed the hand for SpielRaum. For a fifth-place finish, akis29.8.11 collected $39,457.26.

With four to go, SpielRaum surged to over 9.5M.

SpielRaum eliminated in 4th place

SpielRaum lost a race with A♠K♣ against DENV3UR’s 10♥10♠ in a massive pot worth 13M. DENV3UR doubled up, while SpielRaum was crippled. The Austrian’s demise would be completed in a couple of hands.

d1rdyharry moved all-in for 6,391,268 with A♠Q♥ and SpielRaum called all-in for 2,336,292 from the big blind with A♦9♦. The board ran out Q♠4♣3♣Q♦7♠. d1rdyharry flopped a pair of Queens, and turned trips. SpielRaum failed to improve and busted out in fourth place, which paid out $45,860.37.

With three to go, tchonchiti was bringing up the rear with 6.3M, while d1rdyharry led the way with 10M.

d1rdyharry eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed lasted only five hands before someone ended up a floater in the dead pool. In that short time, d1rdyharry coughed up the lead and was quickly terminated. tchonchiti opened shoved for 12,776,288 with K♣5♦ and d1rdyharry called all-in for 3,526,916 with A♦6♦. Although d1rdyharry was ahead, a fortuitous King on the flop gave tchonchiti the lead. The board finished up K♦10♥3♠7♠2♣. d1rdyharry failed to improve beyond Ace-high and headed to the virtual rail. Germany’s d1rdyharry took home $42,534.56 for a third-place finish.

HEADS-UP: tchonchiti (Portugal) vs. DENV3UR (Belgium)
Seat 3: tchonchiti (16,990,704)
Seat 8: DENV3UR (7,694,296)

Heads-up lasted a mere seven hands. tchonchiti held almost a 2-1 advantage, but DENV3UR was never able to get anything going.

DENV3UR eliminated in 2nd place; tchonchiti wins SCOOP 4-M!

The final two did not waste any time before they threw down and rumbled. tchonchiti bombed it all-in for 20,053,204 with A♦5♣, and DENV3UR called with 7♦7♥. The board finished up…. A♠A♣5♥7♠8♣. tchonchiti flopped a full house to take a commanding lead. DENV3UR turned a smaller boat and needed the case 7 on the river to stave off elimination with quads. Alas, the 8♣ spiked on the river, and tchonchiti faded quads. tchonchiti won the hand with a bigger boat and delivered the fatal knockout blow. DENV3UR busted in second place and tchonchiti binked the tournament.

For a runner-up performance, DENV3UR picked up $48,370.52.

Congrats to Portugal’s tchonchiti who earned a first-place prize worth $48,354.03, in addition to a Movado champion’s watch for winning SCOOP Event #4-M.

SCOOP-04-M: $109 NL Hold’em (Turbo)
Entrants: 4,937
Prize Pool: $493,700.00
Places Paid: 630

1. tchonchiti (Portugal) $48,354.03 **
2. DENV3UR (Belgium) $48,370.52 **
3. d1rdyharry (Germany) $42,534.56 **
4. SpielRaum (Austria) $45,860.37 **
5. akis29.8.11 (Cyprus) $39,457.26 **
6. sanjizzy (Chile) $16,045.25
7. VzB_Poker (Brazil) $11,108.25
8. bobby488 (Australia) $6,171.25
9. butterZiii (Czech Republic) $3,949.60

** Denotes a deal among the final five players

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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