SCOOP 2015: Hungary goes one-two as probirs wins Event #9-M ($109 NLHE)

May 14, 2015

In this event’s finale, two Hungarians went head-to-head, each gunning for their first SCOOP watch. One was a seasoned veteran of the PokerStars high buy-in MTT scene– probirs had thrice final tabled the prestigious Super Tuesday and had a Sunday 500 title under his belt. The other, rapi_x1, had arrived to the final table with the shortest stack and fought tooth and nail to stay alive and make it to heads-up play. Ultimately, rapi_x1 couldn’t overcome his chip deficit and the battle of Hungary went to probirs, who took home the SCOOP title and over $93,000.

Event #9-M drew 5,949 players, resulting in a $594,900.00 prize pool. 765 places were paid with first place set to earn $93,063.69. 25 levels were played on Day 1 with 178 players advancing to Day 2. Romania’s AAgoodfold held the overnight chip lead with 703,717.

After another seven hours of play on Day 2, the field was down to ten players. With the blinds up to 22,500/45,000, THEMOS17 opened for 93,150 from UTG and akb1 flat-called on the button. THEMOS17 checked the 9♠8♠6♦ flop, akb1 bet 175,324 and THEMOS17 called. The turn brought the A♣ and THEMOS17 turned around and led out for 315,000. Akb1 raised all-in for 992,000 and THEMOS17 called with A♥6♠. Akb1 revealed A♠2♠ and needed a spade to survive, but the 6♣ river made THEMOS17 a full house instead. Akb1 went out in tenth place, sending the remaining nine to the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: rapi_x1 (849,686 in chips)
Seat 2: AZUncle (3,465,582 in chips)
Seat 3: probirs (4,291,003 in chips)
Seat 4: filushh (1,259,471 in chips)
Seat 5: applemuun (9,155,346 in chips)
Seat 6: THEMOS17 (3,183,236 in chips)
Seat 7: monica987 (1,518,659 in chips)
Seat 8: Bjuran (1,992,672 in chips)
Seat 9: staanemer (4,029,345 in chips)

Rapi_x1 caught a break in the early going, doubling to 1.77 million when his A♥A♦ held up against THEMOS17’s 10♠10♥. Filushh, however, was not as fortunate. The action folded to him in the cutoff and filushh open-shoved for 548,771. THEMOS17 reshoved from the small blind with A♣Q♥ and was racing with filushh’s 3♣3♠. Although filushh stayed safe on the K♠J♣8♣ flop, THEMOS17 spiked his gutshot straight draw when the 10♣ turned. The river was the 6♠ and filushh exited in ninth place.

All-in with A♣K♠ vs. probirs’s K♦K♣, monica987 caught a lucky river ace and doubled up to 3.62 million, but probirs soon got his revenge. With the blinds up to 35,000/70,000, probirs opened for 140,000, THEMOS17 called from the small blind and monica987 put the squeeze on, raising to 350,000. Probirs four-bet to 755,000, folding out THEMOS17 and monica987 called. Monica987 check-called probirs’s 630,000 bet on the 7♣6♣5♣ flop and both players checked the K♣ turn. When the 6♠ rivered, monica987 pulled the trigger and shoved for 1.94 million and probirs called. Neither player had the flush– monica987 turned over J♠J♥–and probirs sent her home in eighth place with K♠K♦ for a rivered full house.

On the very next deal, short stack Bjuran three-bet shoved preflop with 10♠10♥ and flopped a set vs. THEMOS17’s K♥Q♥. Bjuran doubled up to 2.74 million, but didn’t hang on to those chips for long. The blinds rose to 40,000/80,000 and probirs opened for 160,000 from the cutoff and Bjuran shoved from the big blind with A♠K♣. Probirs called with J♣J♠ and saw his pair hold up on the 8♠6♦4♥Q♣9♥ board, while Bjuran hit the rail in seventh place.

Probirs moved up to 13.9 million after that hand and expanded his chip lead even further when he took out another short stack. Staanemer made his last stand, three-bet shoving for 1.99 million with pocket threes and probirs looked him up with 6♥6♣. The pocket sixes held up on the K♣9♥4♣Q♠K♠ board and staanemer ended his run with a sixth-place finish.

Down to only 1.8 million with the blinds up to 60,000/120,000, AZUncle needed to make something happen quickly. Still out in front with 14.5 million, probirs opened for 240,000 from UTG and AZUncle called from the big blind with A♠4♠. Luckily for AZUncle, he hit a boffo J♠6♠3♠ flop, giving him the nut flush. AZUncle check-called probirs 227,550 continuation bet and checked again when the 8♥ turned. Probirs bet 12,002,200 and AZUncle happily called all-in. Probirs turned over J♣10♥ and rivered trip jacks with the J♥, but it was no matter as AZUncle raked in the pot and doubled to 3.74 million.

Two hands later, AZUncle went to war with THEMOS17 on a Q♠Q♦4♦ flop. THEMOS17 check-raised to 1,163,000 and AZUncle came back over the top for his remaining 3.13 million, chasing off THEMOS17. The 3.5 million chip pot took AZUncle up to 5.46 million in chips. THEMOS17 was left with 2.7 million and three-bet shoved preflop a short time later with A♦9♥. Probirs called with K♠Q♣ and hit a queen on the flop to send THEMOS17 home in fifth place.

As four-handed play commenced, probirs held the chip lead with 14.6 million, AZUncle was second with 9.3 million, rapi_x1 had 4.5 million and applemuun was the short stack with 1.3 million.

Three hands later, applemuun got a stay of execution when he doubled through probirs, his A♣K♣ turning a king against probirs’s pocket jacks. Although probirs retained the chip lead, he lost it a few hands later to AZUncle when both players made trips on a 9♠9♦2♦ flop. When the 3♠ turned, AZUncle bet 455,653 and probirs called, but AZUncle slowed down when the 5♠ came on the river. Probirs bet 1,187,237 and AZUncle looked him up, his Q♠9♣ winning the kicker war against probirs’s J♦9♥. AZUncle raked in the 4.42 million pot and took the chip lead with 12.2 million while probirs slipped to 11.5 million.

Still handing on with 1.46 million, applemuun open-shoved from UTG and rapi_x1 reshoved for 3.28 million on the button. Applemuun’s A♥4♦ was dominated by A♣10♥ and didn’t catch up on the K♣J♦10♦3♣9♠ board, ending his run in fourth place.

When play turned three-handed, probirs had regained a slim chip lead over AZUncle. However, AZUncle ended up at the bottom of the pack after a disastrous hand vs. probirs. AZUncle check-called the flop, turn, and river on a J♣8♣4♣10♦10♥ board, but probirs turned over 7♣9♥ to win the 9.8 million pot with a jack-high straight. Probirs moved up to 19.6 million, leaving AZUncle on the short stack with 3.35 million.

AZUncle’s fall cracked the door open for rapi_x1. With the blinds up to 100,000/200,000 AZUncle picked up A♦K♥ and opened for 440,000. Rapi_x1 three-bet to 1,000,000 with J♣J♦ and AZUncle moved in for 3.32 million. Rapi_x1 called and his pocket jacks held up on the Q♠7♣6♣10♣2♥ board, eliminating AZUncle in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: rapi_x1 (8,751,291 in chips)
Seat 3: probirs (20,993,709 in chips)

In this all-Hungarian heads-up battle, rapi_x1 picked up a few small pots and chipped up to 11.9 million, but couldn’t overcome probirs’s lead. Holding pocket threes, probirs min-raised to 400,000 on the button, rapi_x1 three-bet to 1,000,000 and probirs reraised to 17 million. Rapi_x1 called with A♠9♦, in a race for his tournament life. Probirs’s 3♣3♦ hit a set on the flop and turned threes full of queens, the board finishing out Q♠J♣3♥Q♣J♠ to lock up the win.

Congratulations to Németh “probirs” András on his first SCOOP title! He banked $93,063.69, while runner-up rapi_x1 earned $69,305.85.

SCOOP 09-M: $109 NLHE
Entrants: 5,949
Prizepool: $594,900.00
Places paid 765

1. Németh “probirs” András (Hungary) $93,063.69
2. rapi_x1 (Hungary) $69,305.85
3. AZUncle (Mexico) $49,079.25
4. applemuun (Czech Republic) $33,611.85
5. THEMOS17 (Greece) $25,283.25
6. staanemer (Germany) $19,334.25
7. Bjuran (Sweden) $13,385.25
8. monica987 (Denmark) $7,436.25
9. filushh (Israel) $4,759.20


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