SCOOP 2015: calvin7v scores his second SCOOP title in Event #28-M ($215 Stud Hi/Lo)

May 19, 2015

As this final table kicked off, there was a good chance someone would come away from it with a second COOP title. Less than a week ago, Kashmir_uzi won his first SCOOP watch in Event #14-H ($2,100 NL Single Draw 2-7). Calvin7v won his first SCOOP in 2014 in Event #14-M ($215 PLO Heads-Up) and gettingpwned took down a TCOOP this January in Event #33 ($82 Razz). While dolmren and gettingpwned were in a dead heat for the chip lead as the final table began, calvin7v quickly made his mark, ascending to over 1 million in chips by the time play turned four-handed. Dolmren was eliminated in fourth place and from there calvin7v ran the table, capturing his second SCOOP title and over $14k.

380 split-pot aficionados bought in to Event #28-M, driving the prize pool up to $76,000.00. 48 places were paid with first place set to earn $14,630.00.

The betting limits were up to 8,000/16,000 on the final table bubble and vovtroy was the short stack with 28,764. 03042921 had the bring-in with the 6♥, vovtroy completed to 8,000 with the A♠, and they continued raising until 03042921 capped the betting at 32,000 and vovtroy called all-in.

vovtroy (10♠3♠) A♠8♦A♦2♣ (A♣)
03042921 (7♥2♥) 6♥10♣4♥4♦ (5♥)

Fifth street gave vovtroy a pair of aces for high, but 03042921 picked up a flush draw. Vovtroy picked up a low draw as well on sixth street, but 03042921 rivered a flush and a 7-6 low and sent vovtroy to the rail in ninth place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: gettingpwned (447,754 in chips)
Seat 2: dolmren (468,433 in chips)
Seat 3: Kashmir_uzi (43,440 in chips)
Seat 4: calvin7v (318,803 in chips)
Seat 5: Mt.Spewmore (77,713 in chips)
Seat 6: HTB19651965 (75,504 in chips)
Seat 7: orllv (249,208 in chips)
Seat 8: 03042921 (219,145 in chips)

HTB19651965 anted down to only 23,804 before getting the rest of his chips in on third street vs. orllv.

HTB19651965 (A♥5♥) 7♠9♥3♥J♣ (7♥)
orllv (2♠5♠) A♠K♠8♥J♠ (K♦)

HTB19651965 missed his low draw and rivered an ace-high flush, but unfortunatley, orllv had made an ace-king high flush on sixth street. That was the end of HTB19651965 and he departed in eighth place.

Newly crowned SCOOP champion Kashmir_uzi got the rest of his chips in on third street vs. two opponents, gettingpwned and 03042921, who continued betting. Gettingpwned called 03042921’s fourth street bet, but folded on fifth.

Kashmir_uzi (K♣A♦) 4♣3♦K♦Q♠ (5♦)
03042921 (2♥A♠) A♥2♣2♠5♣ (5♠)
gettingpwned (X-X) 6♥9♣10♣

03042921 made deuces full of aces on fifth street while Kashmir_uzi did not improve from his pair of kings and exited in seventh place.

Less than ten minutes later, Mt.Spewmore had the bring-in with the 2♦, calvin7v completed to 12,000 and Mt.Spewmore raised to 24,000. Calvin7v called and they went heads-up to fourth street. Calvin7v checked, Mt.Spewmore bet 12,000, calvin7v raised to 24,000 and Mt.Spewmore called all-in.

calvin7v (10♥8♣) 3♦10♣K♣10♦ (K♥)
Mt.Spewmore (Q♣A♥) 2♦6♥K♦6♦ (J♦)

Calvin7v turned over a pair of tens, made trips on sixth street and improved to tens full of kings on the river while Mt.Spewmore ended up with only a pair of sixes and went out in sixth place.

Calvin7v picked up pots with abandon during five-handed play, chipping up to 960,000 from 732,000 while both orllv and dolmren fell below 200,000 apiece. Orllv sank to 79,612 before completing to 16,000 on third street with the 6♥. Calvin7v called. Orllv led out for 16,000 on fourth street, calvin7v raised, orllv three-bet, calvin7v capped, and orllv called off his last 12,412.

orllv (7♠A♦) 6♥10♥J♠9♠ (4♦)
calvin7v (8♣3♣) 2♠8♦6♦A♥ (A♠)

Calvin7v led on fourth street with a pair of eights and picked up a low draw on fifth street. He made an 8-6-3-2-A low on sixth and hit aces up on the river for good measure. Meanwhile, orllv didn’t improve beyond ace-high and ended his run in fifth place as calvin7v passed 1 million in chips.

Five minutes later, dolmren raised to 16,000 with the A♠ and gettingpwned raised to 32,000 with the 6♣. Dolmren called and they went to fourth street where dolmren led out and gettingpwned raised to 32,000. Dolmren three-bet all-in and gettingpwned called.

dolmren (4♣4♠) A♠8♠Q♦J♥ (K♥)
gettingpwned (8♣6♦) 6♣5♠J♣2♦ (7♥)

Gettingpwned had the lead with a pair of sixes vs. dolmren’s pair of fours. Neither player improved on fifth street, but gettingpwned picked up a low draw on sixth. Gettingpwned hit it on the river and scooped the pot, eliminating dolmren in fourth place.

When three-handed play commenced, calvin7v had a firm grip on the chip lead with 1.22 million, 03042921 held 405,000 and gettingpwned was the short stack with 270,000.

With the betting limits up to 20,000/40,000, a significant pot brewed between gettingpwned and calvin7v. Calvin7v had the bring-in with the 4♥, gettingpwned completed to 20,000 with the A♣, calvin7v raised to 40,000 and gettingpwned called. Gettingpwned check-called calvin7v’s fourth and fifth street bets and on sixth, calvin7v led out when he made an open pair of fours. Gettingpwned called and looked calvin7v up again when he bet the river.

calvin7v (5♥K♥) 4♥2♦6♦4♣ (2♣)
gettingpwned (X-X) A♣10♣8♦9♣10♣) 3♣10♠Q♦4♦ (9♠)
03042921 (A♣Q♥) 7♣A♦J♠J♦ (9♥)
calvin7v (X-X) 8♠Q♠

Gettingpwned turned over a pair of tens, but 03042921 had already made a pair of aces. 03042921 picked up a jack on fifth street and paired it on sixth to make aces up while gettingpwned hit blanks on fifth, sixth, and seventh to send him home in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: calvin7v (1,539,921 in chips)
Seat 8: 03042921 (360,079 in chips)

Heads-up play was only a two-hand affair. On Hand #1 calvin7v made an open pair of deuces on fourth street and a 7-5-4-2-A low on the river to scoop the 248,000 pot. Down to 236,000 in chips, 03042921 completed to 20,000 on third street with the Q♠ and calvin7v raised with the 6♦. On fourth street, 03042921 check-called another 20,000, then led out for 40,000 on fifth. Calvin7v raised, and the betting was capped. 03042921 bet his last 12,079 on sixth street and calvin7v called.

calvin7v (A♦3♣) 6♦8♦5♦8♠ (7♦)
03042921 (A♥2♠) Q♠8♥3♠Q♣ (K♥)

03042921 turned over the pair of queens he made on sixth street, but calvin7v had him crushed with an ace-high flush and a 7-6-5-3-A low to scoop the pot and lock up the win.

Congratulations to calvin7v on his second SCOOP title! He banked $14,630.00 for the win while runner-up 03042921 earned $10,830.00.

SCOOP 28-M: $215 Stud Hi/Lo
Entrants: 380
Prizepool: $76,000.00
Places paid 48

1. calvin7v (Finland) $14,630.00
2. 03042921 (United Kingdom) $10,830.00
3. gettingpwned (Germany) $8,170.00
4. dolmren (Germany) $5,890.00
5. orllv (Russia) $3,990.00
6. Tom “Mt.Spewmore” Langley (United Kingdom) $2,850.00
7. Kashmir_uzi (United Kingdom) $2,090.00
8. HTB19651965 (Belarus) $1,710.00


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