SCOOP 2015: Tiu Patinh@s battles hard for SCOOP title in Event #15-M ($109 NL Hold’em Progressive Super-Knockout)

May 16, 2015

Bounty tournaments reward players for shrinking the field and progressive super-knockouts really juice the action. Players don’t just pick up money for taking out a player, they also raise the price on their head to make themselves a bigger target.

Event #15-M had a $109 price tag to play with $50 going into the regular tournament prize pool and $50 going into a bounty prize pool. When a player was eliminated, half their bounty price went to the player and the other half towards that player’s bounty amount. It adds up in a hurry and players can be freerolling the tournament with a couple KOs.

The tournament had a $300,000 guarantee and it they easily surpassed that to make create a $757,700 prize pool. Nearly 1,000 players were paid out with 990 get a piece and the winner set to earn $57,627. A very nice return on the $109 investment.

The first day ended at the completion of Level 25 and just 211 remained from the starting 7,577 players. sgoup was the leader as they went on the extended overnight break and returned for a long Day 2. They restarted with an average stack sitting around 56 big blinds and the field slowly crept deeper into the money towards the final table.

2015 SCOOP 15-M Day 2 Counts.jpg

The big brains behind the scenes like to give us tournament reporters a little heads up on approximate times to expect the final table to start. Sometimes the structure just doesn’t cooperate and this was on of them, the average stack never dropped below 50 big blinds giving them plenty of ammunition.

The field did not reach the final table bubble until six hours after the prediction but they finally got there after 27 rounds of hand-for-hand action. FloweerBoy was the only remaining player with seven digits worth of online poker results but he missed the final table when his A♦10♥ was unable to fade K♥Q♣.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Minefornuts (3,842,758 in chips)
Seat 2: Popolinos (2,997,717 in chips)
Seat 3: someguy9 (5,701,805 in chips)
Seat 4: Tiu Patinh@s (4,847,489 in chips)
Seat 5: CASHSCHEWZ (4,071,351 in chips)
Seat 6: EspenasApart (7,569,434 in chips)
Seat 7: BruceLeemp (3,010,847 in chips)
Seat 8: marcelobruxo (5,329,130 in chips)
Seat 9: Yorkypoke (514,469 in chips)

Blinds: 40k/80k with a 10k ante

Yorkypoke loses race, eliminated in 9th

Yorkypoke managed to slide to the final table as the only short stack remaining and found a pair to take into battle. He moved all-in after an early min-raise from BruceLeemp and Popolinos called behind. BruceLeemp called as well to make it three-ways to the A♣J♣4♣ flop.

The two live players checked and Popolinos then check/called a 400,000 bet after the 8♠ turn. The 9♦ saw Popolinos check/fold to a shove from BruceLeemp who showed Q♣7♣ for the flush. Yorkypoke tabled 6♠6♦ which was only good enough to send him out in 9th place for $2,936 plus $2,020 in bounty money.

someguy9 can’t beat some guy, eliminated in 8th

someguy9 began the final table near the top of the counts but lost several big pots and was soon closing in on the ten big blind level. Action folded to him on the button and he took the opportunity to move all-in for just under 1.5 million.

Tiu Patinh@s woke up with a big hand in the small blind and shipped in over the top to get a fold from CASHCSHEWZ in the big blind. A♠8♥ looked like a good hand in the circumstances but someguy9 ran into K♣K♦.

someguy9 added an open-ended straight draw to his over card on the J♦10♥9♣ flop. The J♠ turn changed nothing and someguy9 was gone in 8th place after the 4♦ river. He earned $4,546 for the finish plus $3,771 in bounties.

CASHSCHEWZ cashes in, eliminated in 7th

CASHSCHEWZ was the next player to take a shot at doubling up with a good looking pair. He raised from the cutoff and BruceLeemp three-bet from the small blind. marcelobruxo let his big blind go and CASHSCHEWZ moved all-in with the fourth bet for 1.6 million holding J♠J♣.

BruceLeemp called with A♥Q♥ to set up a race for big chips and he took the lead on the Q♦9♦9♣ flop. The 4♠ turn left CASHSCHEWZ with just two outs to stay alive and both missed the 3♠ river to go out in 7th place for $8,334.

Popolinos can’t pop a King, eliminated in 6th

It took just one more orbit before two more players were dealt top hands to get the chips in the middle. Popolinos min-raised under the gun with K♣K♥ and marcelobruxo three-bet to 718,911 with A♣Q♦ in the big blind.

Popolinos quickly called and was well ahead for the double until the flop dropped A♥4♥4♠ to hit marcelobruxo’s over card. Popolinos needed a miracle but it never appeared on the 7♠ turn or 6♠ to send him out in 6th place for $12,123 plus $2,161 in bounty prizes.

Minefornuts beaten by the nuts, eliminated in 5th

Just a few hands later, it was Minefornuts taking a stab. He moved all-in for 2.6 million after marcelobruxo min-raised from under the gun. Action folded all the way back around and marcelobruxo called with 7♥7♠.

Minefornuts showed A♦9♦ and he had to be content with a race to stay alive. He wasn’t the player hitting the flop as marcelobruxo popped middle set when it came Q♠7♣6♥ to leave Minefornuts drawing thin. He hit the first part of a miracle on the 10♠ but missed the gut-shot on the quad-giving 7♦ river to go out in 5th place.

EspenasApart departs, eliminated in 4th

The stacks were still deep with no shorties in the mix, so it must have been an incorrect read that sent the next player out. EspenasApart min-raised with A♥8♦ then shoved after marcelobruxo raised to 874,311.

EspenasApart began the hand with 36 big blinds and they were in the middle when marcelobruxo easily called with A♦K♠. EspenasApart added a gut-shot on the Q♦10♣9♥ flop but could only manage Ace-high, worse-kicker when it completed 3♦7♥.

Seat 4: Tiu Patinh@s (9,193,316 in chips)
Seat 7: BruceLeemp (8,752,662 in chips)
Seat 8: marcelobruxo (19,939,022 in chips)
Blinds: 80k/160k with 20k ante

marcelobruxo involved in massive hand, eliminated in 3rd

Nothing went right for marcelobruxo once play went three-handed but things went sideways after a long slow down in play. The Brazilian grinder was knocked down by half his stack before doubling back into the game.

Then something strange happened, they all mixed it up at once. marcelobruxo open shoved from the button and Tiu Patinh@s must seemed to make an isolation move with a shove from the small blind. BruceLeemp was covered by Tiu Patinh@s and called the bet to set up the biggest pot of the tournament.

Tiu Patinh@s: A♥J♣
BruceLeemp: A♠10♣
marcelobruxo: K♠4♣

Tiu Patinh@s was in a position to end the tournament right here with a double knockout at the three-handed table. The two top stacks hit the A♣Q♥7♥ flop and marcelobruxo was drawing near dead then completely dead after the 8♠ turn. BruceLeemp had three outs to the win plus six to the chop and found a saving 8♦ to split up marcelobruxo.

It was a bizarre hand at this level but the end result was former leader marcelobruxo going out in 3rd place for $30,308 plus $7,957 in bounties.

Seat 4: Tiu Patinh@s (28,682,670 in chips)
Seat 7: BruceLeemp (9,202,330 in chips)
Blinds: 125k/250k with 31.25k ante

Tiu Patinh@s survives tough battle to win Event #15-M

It was a long heads up match between Tiu Patinh@s and BruceLeemp that saw several lead changes with BruceLeemp getting lucky a few times to stay alive. He doubled several times when finishing on the right side of coin flips and almost wrestled away control of the match.

The two players took five turns putting in more chips before BruceLeemp was all-in and at risk with K♦J♦ against Q♦Q♥. He was dominated but it changed quickly on the J♥J♠4♠ flop and he stayed way out front thanks to the A♦ turn.

Tiu Patinh@s had just two outs for the title and spiked one on the Q♣ river to send BruceLeemp out on a boat with the Queens rowing. It was an unlucky way to exit the tournament and BruceLeemp had to settle for his runner-up finish and the $42,620 that went along with it.

Tiu Patinh@s had to dodge more than his share of tough beats but hung on to win the SCOOP title, the $57,627 top prize, and $8,169 in bounties along the way.

SCOOP 15-M: $109 NL Hold’em (Progressive Super-Knockout)
Entrants: 7,577
Prize pool: $378,850
Places paid: 990

1. Tiu Patinh@s (Brazil) $57,627.80 + $8,169.92 in bounties
2. BruceLeemp (Malta) $42,620.62 + $6,404.90 in bounties
3. marcelobruxo (Brazil) $30,308.00 + $7,957.20 in bounties
4. EspenasApart (Norway) $20,836.75 +$4,285.05 in bounties
5. Minefornuts (United Kingdom) $15,911.70 + $2,388.05 in bounties
6. Popolinos (Finland) $12,123.20 + $2,161.29 in bounties
7. CASHSCHEWZ (Canada) $8,334.70 + $3,007.64 in bounties
8. someguys9 (Costa Rica) $4,546.20 + $3,771.58 in bounties
9. Yorkypoke (United Kingdom) $2,936.08 + $2,020.87 in bounties


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