SCOOP 2014: NiTsuA19 slashes and burns through Event #33-L final ($27 PLO Turbo, Zoom)

May 14, 2014

When NLHE isn’t enough action, there is PLO. When PLO is not enough, there is Turbo PLO. And for those special folks who crave even more of a high-octane sweat, Stars created Turbo Zoom PLO. No waiting, no tanking– just betting, raising, folding and shoving, doubling up and busting out. For weary SCOOP grinders, a four-hour start-to-finish tournament is a welcome sight and it enticed 5,022 players to enter Event #33-L. The prize pool reached $123,290.10 and 630 places were paid with $19,344.62 up top. Among the Red Spades in the field were David Williams, Lex Veldhuis, Roy “GodlikeRoy” Bhasin, Dale “Daleroxxu” Philip, Fredy “sirfreddy83” Torres, Bryan Huang, George Danzer, and Angel Guillen The only one to make the money was Polish Team Pro Marcin Horecki, who finished in 205th place.

Zoom play reduced the field from 5,022 to the final 27 in under three hours. The final three tables proceeded like a standard MTT and with the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, the field was down to ten players. Befitting the turbo structure, stacks were quite shallow, the average only a bit more than 6 BB. Holding only 1.69 million, marekble three-bet shoved from the cutoff with A♥K♥Q♦6♠ and initial raiser nikismiles called with A♣K♠K♦9♦. Nikismiles’s kings improved to kings and jacks on the J♠7♣5♥J♥9♠ board and marekble hit the rail on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: NiTsuA19 (3,200,437 in chips)
Seat 2: omghedidnot! (1,771,905 in chips)
Seat 3: AMasta89 (1,634,211 in chips)
Seat 4: ugotblufd (4,697,230 in chips)
Seat 5: 1Lacky7 (2,789,413 in chips)
Seat 6: vurtjooze (3,248,823 in chips)
Seat 7: Alanimus (1,290,453 in chips)
Seat 8: looshle (2,095,576 in chips)
Seat 9: nikismiles (4,381,952 in chips)

Two down in three hands

Alanimus limped onto the final table with only three big blinds and found K♦K♣8♠8♦ on the second hand. He open-shoved from UTG+1 and ugotblufd reshoved for 4.3 million from the small blind. Unfortunately for Alanimus, ugotblufd revealed A♣A♥Q♦6♥ and turned a set of aces to end Alanimus’s run in ninth place ($986.32).

Then, on the very next deal, AMasta89 opened for 1.4 million from the cutoff, leaving himself only 34,211 behind. Vurtjooze three-bet to 2.4 million from the big blind and AMasta89 called.

vurtjooze Q♣9♥9♦2♦
AMasta89 8♠8♣4♥4♠

Vurtjooze made queens up on the Q♦7♣7♦2♥J♠ board and AMasta89 exited in eighth place, good for $1,541.12.

nikismiles KOs two, takes the chip lead

Moments later the hourly break rolled around and on the first hand back nikismiles seized the chip lead with a double elimination. With the blinds up to 250,000/500,000, short stack omghedidnot! made it 1.75 million to go from UTG. Looshle three-bet shoved for 2.2 million on the button and nikismiles reshoved from the small blind. Omghedidnot! called the small balance.

omghedidnot! 9♣6♣6♦5♦
looshle A♥A♦7♦4♦
nikismiles K♠J♦10♦9♠

Nikismiles turned a queen-high straight and improved to a king-high straight on the river, the board running out Q♥8♣2♥10♠K♣. Omghedidnot! started the hand with the fewest chips and was eliminated in seventh place ($2,774.02), looshie took sixth ($4,006.92), and nikismiles rocketed into the chip lead with 8.35 million.

ugotblufd, vurtjooze fall to 1Lacky7

Down to 2.94 million, 1Lacky7 got a boost when he doubled through ugotblufd. All-in preflop, 1Lacky7’s A♦A♠3♣2♠ held up against ugotblufd’s A♥Q♣6♦5♥ and he increased his stack to 5.88 million. Ugotblufd fell to 3.15 million but rebounded when he picked up A♥K♥J♣2♠ and four-bet shoved preflop. Nikismiles called with A♣6♣4♥3♥. Both players paired aces on the board but ugotblufd’s king kicker played and he doubled to 6.55 million.

His stack nearly halved, nikismiles opened for 1.75 million two hands later and ugotblufd three-bet to 5.5 million. Nikismiles called all-in, his A♥Q♥J♥5♣ up against K♣K♥6♣2♣. However, nikismiles flopped an ace and turned a Broadway straight on the A♣10♥8♥K♠2♣ board, good for a double-up to 10.15 million.

Left with only 1.6 million, ugotblufd open-shoved two hands later and 1Lacky7 looked him up.

ugotblufd A♠Q♥J♥5♦
1Lacky7 A♦K♥9♦6♠

1Lacky7 flopped aces and nines, the board running out A♣9♣5♠8♦8♠ to eliminate ugotblufd in fifth place ($5,239.82).

Two hands later, vurtjooze three-bet shoved for 3.78 million from the big blind with K♣K♠Q♣2♣ and 1Lacky7 called with A♦Q♠3♦2♠. An ace on the flop snapped off vurtjooze’s kings and 1Lacky7 locked up the pot on the turn when he made the nut flush. For fourth place, vurtjooze took home $6,965.89

NiTsuA19 doubles in the nick of time

The final three agreed to discuss a deal but before the action could pause, NiTsuA19 vastly improved his negotiating position by doubling through 1Lacky7.

The action paused at the end of the hand with the following chip counts:

NiTsuA19 – 10.701,748
1Lacky7 – 8,356,363
nikismiles – 6,051,889

The trio quickly agreed to an ICM chop and with $1,000 still up for grabs, cards went back in the air.

1Lacky7 takes third

Nikismiles doubled through 1Lacky7 on the first hand back. All the money went in on a J♦8♦6♥ flop, nikismiles holding A♣5♣5♦4♦ for straight and flush draws, 1Lacky7 with 8♥7♠7♣6♣ for two pair. Nikismiles spiked the 5♥ on the turn to make a set and 1Lacky7 couldn’t pull off a miracle on the K♥ river.

1Lacky7 fell to 2.3 million and although he doubled through NiTsuA19 three hands later, it was his last winning hand. All-in pre flop vs. nikismiles, 1Lacky7’s kings were snapped off by an ace on the flop. Nikismiles improved to a wheel on the river and 1Lacky7 was eliminated.

Although 1Lacky7 finished third, thanks to the deal he took home the second-largest share of the prize pool at $14,370.52.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: NiTsuA19 (10,197,274 in chips)
Seat 9: nikismiles (14,912,726 in chips)

Nikismiles started off strong, grinding NiTsuA19 down to 7 million in chips. However, NiTsuA19 picked up A♣A♠J♠10♠ and got the rest of his chips in on a 9♣6♥4♠ flop. Nikismiles called and turned over two pair with J♦9♥6♠4♥, but NiTsuA19 hit running spades to make the nut flush.

NiTsuA19 doubled to 14 million and closed out the win two hands later.

Congratulations to the U.K.’s NiTsuA19, winner of a SCOOP watch and $16,113.21. For his runner-up finish, nikismiles banked $13,395.61.

SCOOP 33-L: $27 PLO [Turbo, Zoom]
Entrants: 5,022
Prizepool: $123,290.10
Places paid 630

1. NiTsuA19 (United Kingdom) $16,113.21*
2. nikismiles (Germany) $13,395.61*
3. 1Lacky7 (Russia) $14,370.52*
4. vurtjooze (United Kingdom) $6,965.89
5. ugotblufd (United Kingdom) $5,239.82
6. looshie (Canada) $4,006.92
7. omghedidnot! (Canada) $2,774.02
8. AMasta89 (Germany) $1,541.12
9. Alanimus (Norway) $986.32

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $1,000 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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