SCOOP 2014: mrAndreeew with a stupefying, knock-down-drag-out win in Event #32-H $2,100 NL [Progressive Super-KO]

May 16, 2014

The atmosphere was akin to a boxing match and the poker table had become a virtual ring as the last two card-slinging pugilists slugged it out for a championship belt. In actuality, they battled each other for a SCOOP champion’s watch. The winner of Event #32-H Progressive Super-KO event would step out of the ring as the newest SCOOP champion. But the loser? The defeated player would be anguished knowing they got so close, yet crumbled when everything was on the line.

After two days of action, we witnessed an intense, five-hour tussle to trim the final table of SCOOP Event #32-H from nine to two players and an inevitable showdown between Sweden’s mrAndreeew vs. Malta’s Alea1actaest. After an arduous, hour-long heads-up melee, the denouement of Event #32-H occurred when mrAndreeew landed a stunning knockout blow against Alea1actaest, and mrAndreeew stepped into the spotlight as the victor.

SCOOP Event #32-H $2,100 NL Progressive Super-KO attracted 822 runners. They created a prize pool worth $1,644,000.00. Half of the pool ($822,000.00) went to the regular prize pool and the other half went toward the bounty pool. Only the top 99 places paid out, with $150,837.00 set aside to the eventual champion.

This special Progressive Super-Knockout format set aside a percentage of each knockout won to the player’s individual bounty (that originally started at $1,000). So the more opponents a player knocked out, their own bounty would increase.

Team Poker Stars Pros trying to win a SCOOP title included Nacho Barbero, Angel Guillen, Jason Mercier, Matthias De Meulder, Johnny Lodden, George Danzer, ElkY, Ike Haxton, Christian De Leon, Alex Kravchenko, Max Lykov, and Eugene Katchalov. PokerStars Team Online grinding their way to a potential SCOOP crown included nanonoko, nkeyno, FrenchDawg, Pessagno, and mement_mori.

The only notable Team Pro to cash was Nacho Barbero, who finished in 52nd place. Nacho went deep in Event #32-H, but he busted out shortly before Day 1 ended.

At the end of Day 1, only 29 players advanced to Day 2 with Tha Giggy leading the remaining pack with 392K. PearlJammer was third with 233K. Tha Giggy won a WCOOP in 2013 but was seeking his first SCOOP title.

SCOOP Event #32-H End of Day 1 – Top 10 Chips:
1. Tha Giggy (Canada) 392,338
2. Alea1actaest (Malta) 347,403
3. PearlJammer (Mexico) 233,625
4. olegus_71 (Russia) 230,817
5. vandir4rek (Russia) 226,094
6. iacog4 (United Kingdom) 214,443
7. mrAndreeew (Sweden) 200,245
8. Maroonlime (Finland) 199,471
9. moneyinbag (Mexico) 173,670
10. Icgodinho (Portugal) 169,136

With ten to go, action was hand-for-hand and Alea1actaest was shorty with 69K, but doubled up twice with a four-flush (yes, both times!) to chip up to 8th overall. Instead, iacog4 bubbled off the final table in tenth place after losing an all-in with 5♠5♦ vs. JeanGrae’s Q♦Q♣. With nine remaining, the final table was set.


SCOOP Event #32-H Final Table – Chip Counts:
Seat 1: mrAndreeew (523,530)
Seat 2: PearlJammer (492,035)
Seat 3: lcgodinho (779,264)
Seat 4: RuberbandMan (264,250)
Seat 5: JeanGrae (363,736)
Seat 6: milionmaster (599,932)
Seat 7: Alea1actaest (329,806)
Seat 8: moneyinbag (556,459)
Seat 9: Tha Giggy (200,988)

The final table commenced during Level 28 with blinds at 3.5K/7K and a 875 ante. Portugal’s lcgodinho led with 779K, while Tha Giggy was the short stack with 200K.

milionmaster eliminated in 9th place

The final nine progressed for nearly a full level before we saw our first elimination. Short-stacked milionmaster got into a preflop raising war after an initial min-raise to 14K, Alea1actaest three-bet to 42,885, milionmaster four-bet shoved for 227,873, and Alea1actaest called. Behold, the dreaded A-Q vs. A-K scenario! milionmaster was in trouble with A♥Q♠ versus Alea1actaest’s A♠K♠. The board finished up J♣5♥2♦7♣3♠. Neither player improved their hand, but Alea1actaest dragged the pot with Ace-high and a King-kicker. Portugal’s milionmaster became the first player to bust at the final table and earned $10,686.00 for a ninth-place finish.

Alea1actaest banked a bounty of $6,617.19 for knocking out milionmaster, meanwhile Alea1actaest’s own KO bounty jumped to $14,492.18 (which increased an additional $6,617.19 in this progressive format).

With eight to go, JeanGrae held the lead with 875K and RuberbandMan was in the basement with 227K.

PearlJammer eliminated in 8th place

JeanGrae min-raised to 16K, Alea1actaest called, PearlJammer bombed it all-in for 247,757 with J♠J♦, and Alea1actaest called with A♥Q♥. The board ran out 8♣7♥4♦J♥K♥. PearlJammer turned a set of Jacks, but Alea1actaest caught running hearts to river a flush and win the pot. For an eighth-place finish, PearlJammer earned $18,084.00.

Alea1actaest picked up a $14,519.53 bounty for knocking out PearlJammer, meanwhile, Alea1actaest’s bounty increased from $14,519.53 to $29,011.71.

Tha Giggy eliminated in 7th place

Tha Giggy’s stack incurred a near fatal blow when his K♦K♣ were snapped off by mrAndreeew’s Q♦Q♣ after mrAndreeew flopped a set. Tha Giggy was crippled.

Two short-stacks went at it. RuberbandMan min-raised to 16K, Tha Giggy called. The flop was K♣Q♦5♥. Tha Giggy checked, RuberbandMan bet 15,875, and Tha Giggy called. The 2♥ fell on the turn. Tha Giggy check-called a 31K bet from RuberbandMan. The 10♣ spiked on the river. Tha Giggy checked, RuberbandMan shoved for 139,000, and Tha Giggy called all-in for 52,938. At showdown, RuberbandMan tabled K♦J♦ and won the pot with a pair of Kings and better kicker versus Tha Giggy’s K♥6♥. Both players flopped a King, and Tha Giggy turned a flush draw, but failed to get there. Tha Giggy went busto in seventh place, which paid out $26,304.00.

RuberbandMan collected $10,781.25 for knocking out Tha Giggy. Meanwhile, RuberbandMan’s own bounty jumped to $18,843.75

With six to go, lcgodinho held the lead with 932K, and RuberbandMan was last with 328K.

JeanGrae eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked JeanGrae was all-in for 11,828 in a multi-way pot against lcgodinho and mrAndreeew. The flop was A♥8♥2♠. lcgodinho fired out 105,000 and mrAndreeew called. They checked it down to the river and the board ran out A♥8♥2♠5♠5♥. lcgodinho tabled K♣J♠ and only had a pair of five, while mrAndreeew showed A♦10♠ for two pair. mrAndreeew won the main pot and side pot with Aces up. JeanGrae mucked their hand. JeanGrae was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $34,524.00.

mrAndreeew won a bounty worth $6,867.19 for knocking out JeanGrae, meanwhile his own bounty bumped up to $14,960.93.

RuberbandMan eliminated in 5th place

RuberbandMan min-raised to 320K and mrAndreeew called. The flop was Q♠6♦3♥. mrAndreeew checked, RuberbandMan bet 43,374, mrAndreeew check-raised to 101,111, and RuberbandMan called. The turn was the 9♥. mrAndreeew fired out 136K, RuberbandMan shoved for 402,263, and mrAndreeew called.

mrAndreeew: 3♦3♠
RuberbandMan: A♠A♦

The river was the 7♣. mrAndreeew cracked Aces with trip treys and RuberbandMan went busto in fifth place, which paid out $42,744.00.

mrAndreeew won another bounty, and this one was worth $9,421.88 for busting RuberbandMan, but his own bounty increased to $24,382.80

With four to go, mrAndreeew held the lead with 2.2M and more than 50% of the chips in play. Alea1actaest was last with 358K.

moneyinbag eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked moneyinbag open-shoved for 64,995 with K♠5♦, and big-stacked mrAndreeew tried to pick him off with Q♣6♦. The board ran out J♣5♥2♦6♥2♠. moneyinbag flopped a pair of fives and rivered two pair, but mrAndreeew turned a pair of sixes and rivered a higher two pair. mrAndreeew won the pot and moneyinbag busted out in fourth place, which paid out $61,239.00.

That’s another bounty for mrAndreeew, worth $9,953.13. Meanwhile, his own bounty continued to ballooon, and was now $34,335.92

With three to go, mrAndreeew led with 2M, lcgodinho sat in second with 1.4M, and Alea1actaest last with 683K.

lcgodinho eliminated in 3rd place

mrAndreeew won a race with A♣J♣ against lcgodinho’s 8♠8♦, and dragged a 2M pot. lcgodinho was crippled and bowed out a couple of hands later.

Alea1actaest min-raised to 50K, lcgodinho bombed it all-in for 227,235, and Alea1actaest called. lcgodinho led with A♠J♦ against Alea1actaest’s J♠4♠. The board finished up J♣6♣4♦K♣Q♣. Alea1actaest flopped two pair and won the pot. lcgodinho hit the virtual rail in third place, which paid out $81,378.00.

Alea1actaest collected a bounty worth $7,671.87 for picking off lcgodinho. Meanwhile, Alea1actaest’s personal bounty bumped up to $36,683.58

HEADS-UP: mrAndreeew (Sweden) vs. Alea1actaest (Malta)
Seat 1: mrAndreeew (2,088,543)
Seat 7: Alea1actaest (2,021,457)

With two to go, it was almost deadlocked. Alea1actaest’s bounty was $36,683.58, while mrAndreeew’s was $34,335.92.


After a couple of hands, action was paused to discuss a deal. Alea1actaest held a slight lead 2.1M to 1.9M. mrAndreeew suggested an even chop and Alea1actaest agreed. They had to leave $15,000 on the table to the eventual champion. The terms of the deal were that each player locked up $121,759.50. With a quick deal in place, action resumed.

mrAndreeew eliminated in 2nd place; Alea1actaest wins SCOOP Event #32-H!

Even with a deal in place, the final two did not take it easy on each other. On the contrary, they went at each others’ throats during an hour-long battle. The lead changed hands a couple of times, but neither player could string together enough pots to gain a sizable advantage. Once heads-up approached the hour mark, the two were roughly even and it appeared as though they were about to dig in for another couple of levels. But mrAndreeew decided to make a bodacious move. The Swede embarked on a heater and won eight hands out of the next 11 hands. He pulled away with the lead and built up almost a 3-1 edge.

On the final hand… mrAndreeew min-raised to 700K, Alea1actaest three-bet to 245K, mrAndreeew four-bet shoved for 2,964,468, and Alea1actaest called all-in for 891,782. Coinflip! Time to race. Alea1actaest made a valiant final stand with A♠Q♠ versus mrAndreeew’s 7♥7♣. However, the 7♦ was the doorcard and mrAndreeew solidified the lead with a set of sevens. The 7♠ spiked on the turn and mrAndreeew had turned quads. Alas, Alea1actaest was drawing dead. The board finished out 7♦J♦8♠7♠6♦. mrAndreeew won the pot, won the tournament, and won an additional $18,341.79 for picking off Alea1actaest. He also got to bank his own bounty of $52,677.71

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Alea1actaest took home $121,759.50, plus $36,683.58 in bounties.

Congrats to Sweden’s mrAndreeew for winning SCOOP Event #32-H. First place paid out $136,759.50, plus a cool SCOOP champion’s watch. Overall, mrAndreeew also won $52,677.71 in bounties, which was the most collected in the entire Progressive Super-KO event.

View the final hand (quad sevens!) in the replayer:

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SCOOP-32-H: $2,100 NL Hold’em [Progressive Super-Knockout]
Entrants: 822
Prize pool: $1,644,000 (Regular prize pool: $822,000; Bounty prize pool: $822,000)
Places paid: 99

1. mrAndreeew (Sweden) $136,759.50 ** + $52,677.71 KO bounties
2. Alea1actaest (Malta) $121,759.50 ** + $36,683.58 KO bounties
3. lcgodinho (Portugal) $81,378.00 + $15,343.74 KO bounties
4. moneyinbag (Mexico) $61,239.00 + $19,906.25 KO bounties
5. RuberbandMan (Mexico) $42,744.00 + $18,843.25 KO bounties
6. JeanGrae (Canada) $34,524.00 + $13,734.37 KO bounties
7. Tha Giggy (Canada) $26,304.00 + $21,562.50 KO bounties
8. PearlJammer (Canada) $18,084.00 + $29,039.06 KO bounties
9. milionmaster (Portugal) $10,686.00 + $13,234.37 KO bounties

** Denotes a deal between the final two players

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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