SCOOP 2014: Mastermandel masters Event #32-L ($27 NLHE Progressive Super-KO)

May 15, 2014

Event #32 of the 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker afforded players another shot at the unique “Progressive Super-Knockout” format, with the “low” version requiring a $27 buy-in. A big group of 17,784 took part in the two-day no-limit hold’em event, with Mastermandel of Germany ultimately prevailing to claim a $25,594.71 first prize plus another $4,021.08 in bounties for a nearly $30K payday.

To review, a “Progressive” super-knockout tournament operates a little differently from regular knockout or super-knockout tourneys in which players contribute part of their buy-ins to a bounty pool and then collect fixed amounts whenever they eliminate an opponent. Here (almost) half the prize pool goes for bounties (as in a regular super-KO), but the amount of the bounties changes throughout the tournament.

Each time a player gets eliminated, half the player’s bounty goes to the player scoring the knockout, while the other half gets added to that player’s own bounty. That means players who collect lots of bounties find their own bounty getting bigger and bigger with each knockout. It also means that for many of those making it deep in the event, the amount of cash won from bounties collected can rival or exceed the amount won from the regular prize pool.

The field of 17,784 in Event #32-L meant an overal prize pool of $436,597.20 — more than twice the $200K guarantee — with $218,743.20 going to the regular prize pool and $217,854 being reserved for bounties.

Day 1

It took almost five hours for that big field to be cut down to 2,250 players and the cash bubble to burst, at which point M_Acevedo, No.A112, and TomaszPB were leading the counts with stacks hovering around the 200,000-chip mark.

They weren’t even halfway through the day by then, however, and before play would end for the night all three of those leaders would be sent railward with M_Acevado finishing 575th for $63.43 (plus $155.31 in bounties), TomaszPB going out in 428th for $72.18 (plus $196.63 in bounties), and No.A112 making it all of the way to 65th for $240.61 (plus $458.38 in bounties).

Two members of Team Online would also cash during the latter half of the day on Wednesdsay, with Marcin “Goral” Horecki getting knocked out in 1,826th for $24.06 (plus $47.44 in bounties) and Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara finishing 519th for $65.62 (plus $114.19 in bounties).

When play finally halted for Day 1 there were just 37 players left with CrazyLissy having built the biggest chip stack. Here’s how the top 10 looked overnight:

1. CrazyLissy (Russia) — 8,922,308
2. valkyri3 (Singapore) — 7,099,460
3. mcluki83 (Germany) — 4,610,210
4. usa2romania (Romania) — 4,330,027
5. Howlly (Brazil) — 4,025,856
6. Fernando PDF (Brazil) — 3,868,080
7. Mastermandel (Germany) — 3,821,284
8. juzia_m (Poland) 3,759,050
9. 4lk4line (Portugal) 3,206,817
10. JLink66 (Germany) 3,165,889

Day 2

The 37 went back at it starting at 14:00 ET on Thursday, and exactly one hour later just 18 of them were left gathered around the final two tables, with valkyri3 having snuck past CrazyLissy at the top of the leaderboard and Mastermandel not far behind.

The second hour then saw NV-SEAL (18th), PokerDay.171 (17th), and davgaldav (16th) each eliminated, cashing for $448.42 apiece plus the bounties they had earned (in davgaldav’s case a cool $1,272.11). JLink66 (15th), Rostik2907 (14th), and 4lk4line (13th) then earned $656.22 apiece from the regular prize pool (with 4lk4line adding $795.47 worth of bounties).

Then CrazyLissy and valkyri3 both tumbled to finish 12th and 11th respectively, followed by MiziMiziMizi in 10th with all three earning $874.97 for their finishes, with valkyri3 picking up an extra $2,015.98 and CrazyLissy $1,607.63 more thanks to the bounties.

Just nine players remained, with all of their current bounties visible for all to see atop their avatars (click to enlarge):


Seat 1: Howlly (Brazil) — 7,867,673
Seat 2: Fernando PDF (Brazil) — 4,823,867
Seat 3: slayerv1fan (Mexico) — 4,907,415
Seat 4: Ka-Ching_87 (Sweden) — 7,962,788
Seat 5: tautrimas (Canada) — 14,661,426
Seat 6: usa2romania (Romania) — 8,624,403
Seat 7: Insanidade (Portugal) — 14,759,819
Seat 8: mcluki83 (Germany) — 18,513,786
Seat 9: Mastermandel (Germany) — 6,798,823

Fernando PDF felted, slayerv1fan slain in double KO

mclucki83 had claimed the top spot to start the final table while Insanidade and tautrimas had also accumulated significant chips and bounties. And Insanidade would soon push into the lead while collecting more bounties thanks to a dramatic double-knockout hand just before the two-hour break of Day 2.

The blinds were 150,000/300,000 when Fernando PDF open-raised all in for 4,148,867 from early position, then slayerv1fan reraise-pushed for 4,232,415 from a seat over. It folded to Insanidade on the button who pushed all in over the top, the blinds stepped aside, and all three players’ hands were shown.

slayerv1fan: A♠Q♥
Insanidade: A♣K♣
Fernando PDF: A♥Q♦

It was a nice spot for Insanidade, and after the board ran out K♦9♦5♥9♣10♥ Fernando PDF was out in ninth and slayerv1fan in eighth. Insanidade had moved up over 24 million in chips while banking half those two players’ bounties and increasing Insanidade’s own.

usa2romania to rail in seventh

Not long after it was usa2romania opening for 2x to 600,000 from under the gun, mcluki83 reraising to 1.49 million from the hijack seat, usa2romania shoving all in for 6,885,653, and mcluki83 calling.

usa2romania: K♠K♣
mcluki83: 10♦10♣

The flop then fell 8♥3♠10♥, giving mcluki83 a set of tens and a commanding lead in the hand. The turn was the 2♠ and river the 8♣, and usa2romania was done in seventh.

tautrimas taken out in sixth

Four hands later the blinds were 200,000/400,000 with mclucki83 the new leader and Insanidade in second position, both enjoying a wide lead over the other players.

That’s when tautrimas opened for 800,000 from early position, then Insanidade reraised to 1,850,500 from the next seat. It folded back to tautrimas who made it 4.7 million to go, and when Insanidade reraised all in, tautrimas called with the 6,474,926 left behind.

tautrimas had K♥K♦ and Insanidade A♣Q♣. tautrimas had the edge through the 9♣4♦9♠ flop and 3♦ turn, but the river was the A♥ to give Insanidade the better pair — and the bounty and the new chip lead — while sending tautrimas out in sixth.

Howlly finishes fifth

Five hands after that, Mastermandel opened for just over the minimum with a raise to 800,005 from the button, then Howlly pushed all in for 4,167,673 from the small blind and Mastermandel called.

Howlly had K♣Q♥ and needed to improve to prevent Mastermandel scoring the knocking and winning another bounty with A♥K♥. But the board came 9♠4♦J♥5♦6♥, and Howlly was eliminated in fifth.

mcluki83 meets end in fourth

Some time later the blinds were 300,000/600,000 when Insanidade raised to 1.2 million from UTG, then mcluki83 reraised all in from 1,522,732 from the button. Mastermandel then folded the small blind, Ka-Ching_87 called from the big blind, and Insanidade called as well.

The flop came 7♣2♦A♣. Ka-Ching_87 checked, Insanidade bet 1,861,000, and Ka-Ching_87 called. The turn then brought the 8♠ and a bet of 4,445,098 bet from Ka-Ching_87, to which Insanidade folded.

Ka-Ching87 then showed A♠5♣ for a pair of aces while mcluki83 showed K♣Q♣. A club on the river could still save mcluki83, but fifth street brought the 10♥ and mcluki83 was done in fourth.

Insanidade denied, out in third

Some deal talk followed, but Ka-Ching_87 and Insanidade both preferred to play on and so the trio continued to battle. Eventually Mastermandel pushed up over 40 million and into the lead over the other two. “Still open for a deal,” typed Mastermandel, but Ka-Ching_87 responded “nah this is fun” and they played on.

Then with the blinds up to 500,000/1,000,000 (with a 125,000 ante), Insanidade raised to 2 million from the button, Mastermandel reraised to 5.5 million from the big blind, Insanidade pushed all in for 14,834,630 total, and Mastermandel called.

Insanidade had 10♠10♣ and was hoping the pair would hold up against Mastermandel’s K♣J♥. The tens were still good after the A♠8♦Q♥ flop, but the J♠ came next to pair Mastermandel. The river was the 7♣, and they were down to two.

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Mastermandel collects lasts bounties, wins over Ka-Ching_87

That hand positioned Mastermandel even better to start heads-up play, with Mastermandel starting with 63,231,568 to Ka-Ching_87’s 25,688,432. They’d play four small hands, then on the fifth the end swiftly came.

In that last hand, Mastermandel started things with a min-raise to 2 million from the button. Ka-Ching_87 reraised all in for 23,813,427, and Mastermandel called.

Ka-Ching_87 had A♠9♣ and was drawing live against Mastermandel’s J♦J♠, and when the flop came 5♠9♠A♣ to give Ka-Ching_87 two pair it looked like the match was about to even up.

But the J♣ popped out on the turn to give Mastermandel a set of jacks — another happy fourth street jack for Mastermandel. The Q♥ followed on the river and it was all over — Mastermandel had won!

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Congratulations to Mastermandel for topping another huge SCOOP field of nearly 18,000 players to win the latest watch and an almost $30K return on a $27 investment thanks to all of those bounties claimed.

SCOOP 32-L: $27 NL Hold’em (Progressive Super-Knockout)
Entrants: 17,784
Total prize pool: $436,597.20
Regular prize pool: $218,743.20
Bounty prize pool: $217,854.00
Places paid: 2,250

1. Mastermandel (Germany) $25,594.71 (+ $4,021.08 bounties)
2. Ka-Ching_87 (Sweden) $18,593.17 (+ $1,233.56 bounties)
3. Insanidade (Portudal) $14,218.30 (+ $3,321.02 bounties)
4. mcluki83 (Germany) $9,843.44 (+ $1,384.61 bounties)
5. Howlly (Brazil) $7,656.01 (+ $1,846.00 bounties)
6. tautrimas (Canada) $5,468.58 (+ $2,303.85 bounties)
7. usa2romania (Romania) $3,718.63 (+ $631.99 bounties)
8. slayerv1fan (Mexico) $1,968.68 (+ $777.33 bounties)
9. Fernando PDF (Brazil) $830.54 (+ $830.54 bounties)

We’re closing in on the final days of SCOOP. Check the 2014 SCOOP homepage for details of the remaining events including the three Main Events on Sunday — “low,” “medium,” and “high.”

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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