SCOOP 2014: Jesusisback0 comes back, wins Event #11-M ($215 NLHE, Super-Knockout)

May 08, 2014

Another exciting one to share as the 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker rolls forward at PokerStars, this the “medium” version of a no-limit hold’em “Super-Knockout” event (Event #11-M). With a $215 buy-in, each knockout earned a player a nice $103 bounty along the way, and in the end it was Jesusisback0 of Poland collecting the last such bounties to win the title and a $76,045.65 first prize.

Here’s the story of Jesusisback0’s triumph, which included starting the final table ninth of nine in chips before coming back to win.

Day 1

It was a 4,706-player field that Jesusisback0 topped to win this two-day event, with the total prize pool of $969,436 created by that group — half for the knockout bounties, half the “regular” prize pool to be divided among the top 630 finishers — easily besting the event’s $500K guarantee. It would take just over six hours for the cash bubble to burst on Wednesday at which point John “kleath” Leathart led the chip counts 630 players remaining.

A couple of Team PokerStars Pros were still in the hunt then, too — Maxim Lykov and Fatima Moreira de Melo.

Lykov would last a short while longer before flopping top pair of tens with A♥10♠ then getting his below average stack in the middle but unfortunately against one-time SCOOP event winner NhFy‘s K♣K♦. The latter’s hand held, and Lykov was out in 478th ($189.04).

Meanwhile de Melo made it a bit further before getting involved in a wild three-way all-in situation following an 8♣7♦6♣ flop in which all involved had flopped sets. Take a look:

A tough one for markmcg888 and de Melo who finished 266th and 267th, respectively, each earning $276.28 for their finishes.

As the night neared its close the field was trimmed down to less than 50 players with K_banks1, JRL2012, and Zilbye the only ones among them with stacks of more than 1 million chips while former leader John “kleath” Leathart tumbled to hit the rail in 184th ($339.40).

They played on a while longer, then when the scheduled break arrived there were 38 left with Zilbye having pushed ahead of all to be the overnight leader with nearly 1.9 million chips. Meanwhile Humbadee, sitting outside the top 10, had collected the most knockout bounties during the day after eliminating what would ultimately be the tourney-high of 19 players, already picking up $1,957 for doing so.

Here’s how the top 10 looked when Day 1 concluded:

1. Zilbye (Russia) — 1,897,581
2. AlGohr (United Kingdom) — 1,346,897
3. K_banks1 (Canada) — 1,203,152
4. JRL2012 (United Kingdom) — 1,047,700
5. pramuk88 (Germany) — 997,730
6. nicelife (Sweden) — 928,406
7. KajtiPajti (Hungary) — 869,565
8. Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski (Canada) — 777,753
9. TR0P_F4CIL3 (Switzerland) – 760,960
10. HetaGunnar42 (Sweden) — 744,376

Day 2

It took an hour for the final 38 to play down to 22, during which time Humbadee went out in 29th ($1,066.37) without collecting another bounty while Zilbye continued to lead. Zilbye was still in the top spot about 15 minutes after that as four more fell and just 18 players remained.

Gleb “Ti0373” Tremzin (18th), Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski (17th), and 180TheMan (16th) were next to go, each taking $1,454.15 of the regular prize pool plus their respective bounties. nicelife (15th), JRL2012 (14th), and KajtiPajti (13th) followed, picking up $2,181.23 plus the bounties (16 of them for JRL2012, worth $1,648!). And chickensssss (12th), K_banks1 (11th), and TR0P_F4CIL3 (10th) took away $2,908.30 each plus their bounty prizes.

After a little under three hours’ worth of play on Day 2, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Thomas “SirSwish6” Conway (Mexico) — 1,222,940
Seat 2: hotmark777 (Lebanon) — 2,287,609
Seat 3: Jesusisback0 (Poland) — 1,127,128
Seat 4: (Mongolia) — 2,759,741
Seat 5: NormyDozer (Australia) — 1,897,858
Seat 6: DeLaBijen (Netherlands) — 2,639,372
Seat 7: Shawn “squintster” Quint (Mexico) — 1,347,092
Seat 8: hwtd1 (Canada) — 4,888,478
Seat 9: Zilbye (Russia) — 5,359,782

Zilbye continued to lead, with hwtd1 also building a big stack to put those two well ahead of the field as the final table began. hwtd1 was making a second SCOOP “medium” event final table in two days, in fact, after finishing fifth in Event #9-M ($109 NLHE) last night.

Meanwhile, Jesusisback0 would start as the final table’s short stack, but while others knocked each other out, Jesusisback0 would eventually chip up to lead when it mattered most.

DeLaBijen downed in ninth

Shortly after the final table began, hotmark777 took a big chunk out of DeLaBijen’s stack in a hand in which DeLaBijen opened with an early position raise and hotmark777 called from the cutoff, then hotmark777 called bets on all three postflop streets as the board came 9♣2♠K♣Q♣K♠.

DeLaBijen then showed Q♥J♣ for kings and queens, but hotmark777 had 9♠9♥ for a flopped set that became a full house.

Knocked back to short-stacked status, DeLaBijen would battle for a while afterwards, then with the blinds up to 40,000/80,000 watched as Jesusisback0 opened with a raise to 168,775 from middle position. It folded to DeLabijen in the cutoff seat who reraised all in for 915,756. The button and blinds stepped aside, and Jesusisback0 quickly called.

Jesusisback0 had J♠J♦ while DeLaBijen held A♣K♦. The board came 2♠3♠10♥10♠Q♠, ultimately totaling a flush for Jesusisback0 and a ninth-place finish for DeLaBijen. taken out in eighth

Another half-hour went by during which time became the table’s short stack. Then with the blinds up to 50,000/100,000, open-raised all in for 715,467 from under the gun and got one caller in hwtd1 playing from the hijack seat. had A♦10♣ while hwtd1 had A♠Q♦. The community cards came 3♠K♦2♦8♦Q♥, and was out in eighth.

SirSwish6 sunk in seventh

They pushed through the four-hour mark of Day 2, then about 15 minutes after that the blinds were 60,000/120,000 when Thomas “SirSwish6” Conway open-raised all in for 837,973 from the cutoff, then hotmark777 reraise-pushed from the button to scatter the blinds.

Conway had K♦9♦ and needed help against hotmark777’s A♠J♠. The flop came 9♣J♥Q♣ to give both players pairs, but hotmark777 the better one. SirSwish6 picked up a gutshot straight possibility, too, but the turn was the A♥ and river the 7♠, and Conway was eliminated in seventh.

Zilbye says bye in sixth

Play continued, with Zilbye doubling through NormyDozer with 8♦8♠ against the latter’s A♥K♣, one of several double-ups happening among the shorter stacks as the blinds kept increasing. A king flopped, but the turn and river both brought eights to give Zilbye quads and survival.

But then with the blinds at 80,000/160,000 another hand soon came up that saw Zilbye open-raise all in for 2,040,560 from early position, then NormyDozer reraise-shove from the small blind to set up another confrontation between the pair. This time NormyDozer had Q♠Q♥ while Zilbye turned over 10♣10♦, and following the 6♥8♥J♣7♥8♦ board, Zilbye was sent railward in sixth.

squintster squashed in fifth

The blinds moved to 100,000/200,000, then it folded around to NormyDozer in the small blind who pushed all in, then Shawn “squintster” Quint called from the big blind with the 2,461,415 he had left.

NormyDozer had 10♠4♠ and was behind Quint’s A♣3♣, but the 10♥6♥4♣7♣10♦ runout gave NormyDozer a full house and ended Quint’s run in fifth.

hwtd1 halted in fourth

Meanwhile, Jesusisback0 had moved into the chip lead and would push up over 12 million while NormyDozer was the nearest challenger with almost 6.6 million. hwtd1 had become short, however, and would open-raise all in from the button for 1,716,009 (about eight-and-a-half big blinds) then see hotmark777 reraise-shove from the small blind and leader Jesusisback0 fold.

Both players had aces, with hwtd1’s A♠J♠ ahead of hotmark777’s A♣8♦. But once again the community cards created a comeback as they came 9♦10♠8♣5♥4♥ to pair hotmark777’s eight and send hwtd1 out in fourth — one spot better than hwtd1’s finish last night in Event #9-M.

Normydozer knocked out in third

They were in the same level (100,000/200,000/25,000) when Jesusisback0 opened for 400,000 from the button, NormyDozer reraised all in for 2,197,557 from the small blind, and Jesusisback0 called.

Jesusisback0 had A♦10♣ versus NormyDozer’s Q♥J♠. The flop came Q♣K♦6♣ to put NormyDozer in front, but the J♣ fell on fourth street to make a Broadway straight for Jesusisback0. The river was the 9♥, and they were down to two.

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Jesusisback0 wins after heads-up versus hotmark777

Jesusisback0 had about a 2-to-1 chip lead to start heads-up play with 15,735,260 to hotmark777’s 7,794,740, and over the first 20 hands between the pair would widen the gap by pushing up over 18.18 million while hotmark777 slipped back to about 5.34 million.

Then with the blinds still 100,000/200,000, hotmark777 raised to 400,000 from the button, Jesusisback0 reraised to 897,555, hotmark777 pushed all in for 5,323,964 total, and Jesusisback0 called.

hotmark777 had A♠10♦ and Jesusisback0 had K♣Q♦, then the flop fell 10♥7♠K♥ to pair both but put Jesusisback0 in front. The turn was the 9♠ and river the 9♥, and after about five-and-half hours of play on Day 2, Jesusisback0 had won.

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Congratulations to Jesusisback0 for topping another big SCOOP field and tough final table to earn the watch, the title, and $76K-plus for first prize, plus a few more dollars for collecting 15 bounties along the way.

SCOOP 11-M: $215 NL Hold’em (Super-Knockout)
Entrants: 4,706
Total prize pool: $969,436.00
Regular prize pool: $484,718.00
Bounty prize pool: $484,718.00
Places paid: 630

1. Jesusisback0 (Poland) $76,045.65 + $1,545 bounties
2. hotmark777 (Lebanon) $56,469.64 + $927 bounties
3. NormyDozer (Australia) $39,989.23 + $824 bounties
4. hwtd1 (Canada) $27,386.56 + $1,442 bounties
5. Shawn “squintster” Quint (Mexico) $20,600.51 + $1,133 bounties
6. Zilbye (Russia) $15,753.33 + $824 bounties
7. Thomas “SirSwish6” Conway (Mexico) $10,906.15 + $927 bounties
8. (Mongolia) $6,058.97 + $927 bounties
9. DeLaBijen (Netherlands) $3,877.74 + $1,545 bounties

There’s lots of SCOOPin’ still to come both this week and next. Check out the 2014 SCOOP homepage for a full schedule as well as results thus far in the online tournament series.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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