SCOOP 2014: Done deal for DrParkinson in Event #34-L ($27 8-Game)

May 16, 2014

Deal making in tournaments is an interesting art. Sometimes it’s difficult to coordinate and negotiations are fierce, and those complexities are multiplied the more people that are involved. So it’s rare to see six players all come together at the start of a final table and agree to a deal without any bickering whatsoever. Well, that’s exactly what went down in today’s SCOOP event, and while DarkAvenger3 was happy to take home the most money it was Russian DrParkinson who claimed the title.

Event #34-L of the 2014 SCOOP was a $27 8-Game event that produced a field of 2,379 players to more than double the advertised guarantee.

2010 World Champion Jonathan Duhamel, Adrienne Rowsome, George Danzer, David Williams, Bertrand Grospellier, Naoya Kihara and Marcin Horecki were some of the Team PokerStars Pros in the field today, but they were eliminated short of the money for the top 300 players.

When qq6= from Finland was eliminated in 301st place, the remaining players had locked up $44.38 in prize money as they started to eye off the top prize of $9,200.07.

Australia’s PokerStars Team Online member Roy “GodlikeRoy” Bhasin won the last longer of the red spades today with his run ending in 53rd place for $137.83 in prize money.

It would take just over nine hours of play for the field to be reduced to a final table of six. Isetit was getting short and when the No Limit Holdem round rolled around, Isetit moved all in for under five big blinds with pocket sixes, only for DarkAvenger3 to make the call with pocket sevens. Isetit couldn’t find a two-outer and was eliminated on the final table bubble in seventh place as our final six were as follows:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: alpina43 (1,242,772 in chips)
Seat 2: D. Taylor01 (1,299,705 in chips)
Seat 3: DarkAvenger3 (3,978,822 in chips)
Seat 4: goba87 (1,599,607 in chips)
Seat 5: DrParkinson (2,498,840 in chips)
Seat 6: Dainiux (1,275,254 in chips)

As the final table was formed the players almost immediately decided to try and get a deal going:

goba87 said, “does anybody want to see the numbers?”
DrParkinson said, “ok”
D. Taylor01 said, “ok”
DarkAvenger3 said, “lets see”
DarkAvenger3 said, “but dont promise anything”
goba87 said, “put the tick in “discuss a deal” in “info” tab”
DarkAvenger3 said, “i did”
goba87 said, “just look, no promisses =))”
goba87 said, “alpina, dainiux?”
Dainiux said, “if alpina agrees i will too”
DarkAvenger3 said, “alpina, click INFO”
goba87 said, “put the tick and lets see them”
DarkAvenger3 said, “and then the tick box”
goba87 said, “alpina — nazhmi na galku vo vkladke “info””
goba87 said, “esli hochesh podelit”

The ICM numbers were presented, and after a few hiccups trying to assist alpina43 to use the chat, the six players, rather incredibly, all agreed to the deal numbers without any further negotiations required. It wasn’t all over quite yet though, as there was $500 left in the middle, as well as the SCOOP title, to play for.

When play resumed, the No Limit Holdem round went by rather uneventfully before DrParkinson raked in a nice pot in 2-7 Triple Draw. DrParkinson drew two, then one, before standing pat against alpina43 and raked in the pot with an eight-low.

It wasn’t a good round for alpina43 who took another hit in 2-7 Triple Draw against D. Taylor01. alpina43 decided to stand pat on all three draws with a nine-eight low and led the betting the whole way against D. Taylor01 who took one and one, before standing pat on the final draw with a nine-seven low to pip alpina43 and take it down.

alpina43 was onto the short stack but fought back nicely with two big 2-7 Triple Draw pots, including a full double up with an eight-low against DarkAvenger3.

When the game switched to Limit Holdem, Dainiux took a hit with ace-jack being out-flopped by DrParkinson’s suited king-four, and Dainiux was in trouble. A few hands later, Dainiux was all in preflop with K♠9♥ against both Taylor01 and goba87, until a turn bet from D. Taylor01 forced a fold. The board read 7♣A♥7♥7♦ which wasn’t much good for Dainiux especially when D. Taylor01 turned over A♠9♦ for a full house. Perhaps a one-outer seven to chop? No, it wasn’t to be as the 6♥ completed the board leaving Dainiux to take home a post-deal total of $3,860.82 which was about $2,700 more than the original sixth place prize money.

The Limit Holdem round would also claim a couple more casualties.

alpina43 had endured a rollercoaster ride on the final table already, but a pot that was capped preflop, bet on the flop, raised on the turn, and bet again on the river on a board of 9♥Q♦J♥Q♠5♥ was too much heat for alpina43 who was forced to fold to DrParkinson’s pressure. This left alpina43 short-stacked and all in next hand after a preflop raise and a bet on a flop of 4♦10♠K♠. alpina43 had caught a pair with 8♦10♥ but was in deep trouble against D. Taylor01’s 10♦K♥ for top two. The 2♣ turn left alpina43 drawing dead and the K♦ river was salt into the wound as alpina43 departed in fifth place for $3,670.03 in prize money.

Just a few hands later and goba87’s last chips were in the middle preflop with both DrParkinson and D. Taylor01 making the call. Both live players checked the J♠K♣3♠ flop, but a bet from D. Taylor01 on the 8♠ turn forced a fold from DrParkinson. D. Taylor01 showed A♠Q♠ for the nut flush which was well ahead of goba87’s A♥7♠. The river was the 9♦ to leave goba87 to depart in fourth place for a nice $4,191.88 score.

The three remaining players were pretty even in chips as the game moved on to Omaha Hi/Lo. DarkAvenger3 started to get on top, thanks largely to this very nice hand that scooped with a straight-flush and a low:

RSS readers click through to see replay

With the game switching to Razz, DarkAvenger3 was again getting the upper hand, taking a healthy pot with an eight-low against D. Taylor01’s nine-low.

However the end for D. Taylor01 would come in a huge Razz hand against DrParkinson. With raises on third, sixth and seventh streets, D. Taylor01 was all in on the river with (7♠4♥) 4♠6♥A♠7♣ (3♥) for a seven-low but DrParkinson revealed (3♦2♠) 10♥A♥6♦4♣ (J♠) for a six-low to take it down. D. Taylor01 was left to take home $3,886.19 for third place.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 3: DarkAvenger3 (4,803,550 in chips)
Seat 5: DrParkinson (7,091,450 in chips)

Razz heads-up is like pulling teeth, so the real action didn’t heat up until the Stud round when DrParkinson collected a sizable pot with two pair. DarkAvenger3 maintained the status quo with some chopped pots in the Stud Hi/Lo round before the No Limit Holdem round would bring the heads-up battle to an end:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Things got big on the river, and when DrParkinson moved all in, DarkAvenger3 went into the tank for several minutes of time bank before making a crying call with top pair, but DrParkinson had the straight to grab the win!

DarkAvenger3 missed the title but collected the lion’s share of $6,239.69 as the chip leader when the deal was signed, as DrParkinson was crowned champion, winning the SCOOP title and $5,747.67. Congratulations!

SCOOP-34-L: $27 8-Game – $25K Guaranteed
Entrants: 2,379
Prize Pool: $58,404.45
Places Paid: 300

1. DrParkinson (Russia) $5,747.67*
2. DarkAvenger3 (Bulgaria) $6,239.69*
3. D. Taylor01 (United Kingdom) $3,886.19*
4. goba87 (Russia) $4,191.88*
5. alpina43 (Russia) $3,670.03*
6. Dainiux (Lithuania) $3,860.82*

* denotes six-way ICM deal

If you missed out today, then don’t worry as there are plenty more opportunities for you to grab yourself a slice of the SCOOP pie. There are 45 different events, all with low, medium and high buy-in levels to suit players of all budgets. A total prize pool of $40 million is guaranteed with the series running right through until May 18th. Head to the SCOOP home page for more details.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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