SCOOP 2014: calvin7v captures watch, $27K-plus in Event #14-M ($215 PLO, Heads-Up)

May 09, 2014

The relentless grind of another SCOOP heads-up tournament has ended, with Finland’s calvin7v having outlasted a field of 892 players to win Event #14-M, a two-day, $215 buy-in pot-limit Omaha affair. calvin7v earned a first prize of $26,979.57 for the win, and here’s the story of how it was done.

DAY 1: From 892 to 8

With 892 players that meant a prize pool of $178,400, more than twice the event’s $75K guarantee. The first day of saw those 892 combatants battle their way through seven rounds of heads-up matches to leave just eight survivors.

The money bubble burst at 128 players, meaning those making it that far had survived three rounds. Fredy “sirfreddy83” Torres of Team Online was one who made it that far before succumbing to Ka-Ching_87 to earn a min-cash of $463.84 in the event. Meanwhile Team PokerStars Pro Marcin “Goral” Horecki also made it to the final 128, then defeated bastet2004 to go a step further into the final 64.

That’s where it was game over for Goral — against an opponent named GameGameOver, in fact, who knocked out the Polish pro for a $817.07 cash.

GameGameOver would be among those going out in the next round to earn $1,346.92 paydays, then Ka-Ching_87 would be among the group going out in the Round of 16 to earn $2,572.52.

Just eight remained to return on Friday to decide the next SCOOP champion.

DAY 2: From 8 to 1


calvin7v cuts down zaza38

The match between calvin7v and zaza38 was the first of the four quarterfinal contests to finish, taking just over a half-hour to play out.

Except for a brief period early on, calvin7v maintained a small lead for most of the match. Then in Level 4 (25/50), zaza38 made a min-raise from the button, calvin7v called, and the pair saw a flop come 2♠6♠10♦. After calvin7v checked, zaza38 bet, then the pair raised back and forth until all of the 4,007 chips with which zaza38 had started the hand were in the middle.

zaza38 had A♠A♣8♣4♠ for an overpair of aces plus the nut flush draw, while calvin7v had 8♠6♥6♣5♥ for a set of sixes. The turn was the 7♦ and river the 10♣, giving calvin7v a full house and a spot in the semis while ending zaza38’s Event #14-M.

vinacis_gg vanquishes Luckbox4Life

Meanwhile vinacis_gg fell behind early versus Luckbox4Life before coming back to lead for much of the second half of their match, eventually taking about a 4-to-1 chip advantage into Level 4.

That’s when Luckbox4Life raised to 100, vinacis_gg reraised to 300, and Luckbox4Life called. The flop came 9♣3♣7♠. vinacis_gg bet 600, Luckbox4Life raised all in with the 1,701 left behind, and vinacis_gg called.

vinacis_gg: A♠K♣7♥4♠
Luckbox4Life: A♣5♥4♦2♣

vinacis_gg had a pair of sevens while Luckbox4Life was drawing to a club flush. The turn was the 5♦ and river the 9♠, meaning vinacis_gg ended with the better two pair and the win while Luckbox4Life hit the rail.

Muka82 moves on through cardiaftw

The other two matches continued, and as they crossed the 45-minute mark and into Level 5 (30/60), Muka82 had cardiaftw on the ropes with 9,518 chips to the latter’s 482 after leading for much of the match.

Muka82 then raised the pot from the button with A♠6♥3♣2♥, cardiaftw reraised all in with Q♠10♦7♥6♠, and Muka82 called. A 4♥5♥J♥ flop then all but sealed it, giving Muka82 a flush, and after the 8♠K♥ run out, cardiaftw was out and just one spot remained in the semifinals.

slinkyshop sinks Eversti78

Finally, slinkyshop had built up over 7,200 chips versus the stack of a little less than 2,800 held by Eversti78 in the last quarterfinal match to complete. Then with the blinds at 40/80 slinkyshop raised to 240 from the button, Eversti78 reraised to 720, and slinkyshop called.

The flop came 10♣9♦2♥, prompting a bet of 1,440 from Eversti78. slinky shop responded with a raise and Eversti78 called with the 638 left, turning over A♦Q♥10♥6♦ for a pair of tens and some backdoor possibilities. Meanwhile slinkyshop had Q♣10♠8♠2♣, also having tens with some draws as well, and after the turn brought the 7♦ and river the J♠, slinkyshop had made a straight to make Eversti78 the last elimination of the round.

After just over 50 minutes for the quarterfinals to complete, four players remained.


Muka82 makes quick work of slinkyshop

About 20 minutes into their semifinal match, Muka82 had edged up over 7,000 to take a nearly 3-to-1 chip lead over slinkyshop.

Then during Level 2 (15/30) a hand arose that saw Muka82 calling a three-bet from slinkyshop before the flop, then also calling a continuation bet as the flop came 3♦6♦J♥. Both checked the 2♥ turn, then the 9♦ fell on fifth street. slinkyshop checked, Muka82 bet 420, slinkyshop check-raised to 2,100, and Muka82 called.

slinkyshop turned over A♣A♠J♦2♠, those kickers having made two pair. But Muka82 had K♦10♦6♠4♣ for a king-high flush, and suddenly slinkyshop was down to just 220 chips.

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slinkyshop was all in on the next hand before the flop with A♦6♦4♥3♣ to Muka82’s K♦J♦8♣3♠. The board ran out A♣9♥10♣J♠K♣, giving Muka82 two pair and the hand and ending slinkyshop’s tourney one round shy of the finals — a seventh cash already for slinkyshop in the 2014 SCOOP series.

calvin7v collects another victory over vinacis_gg

calvin7v and vinacis_gg were close to even after about 20 minutes of their match, then calvin7v seized a considerable advantage after flopping a straight and getting some post-flop bets out of vinacis_gg.

vinacis_gg would double up thereafter, then chip up further to narrow the lead as they crossed the 35-minute mark for the match.

Then with calvin7v sitting with 5,875 and vinacis_gg 4,125, a hand arose in Level 4 (25/50) that saw vinacis_gg open for 150 from the button, calvin7v three-bet to 450, and vinacis_gg call.

The flop came 3♣7♦2♥. calvin7v checked, vinacis_gg bet 450, calvin7v reraised to 2,250, vinacis_gg pushed all in for 3,675 total, and calvin7v called.

calvin7v had 10♦10♠8♥8♣ while vinacis_gg showed K♦7♥6♦2♦. vinacis_gg had two pair and the lead, and was still ahead after the 9♥ fell on the turn. But the river was the 8♠, giving calvin7v a set of eights and the win and setting up the final match of Event #14-M.

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calvin7v captures title after mowing down Muka82

The finals pitted two tough competitors, a former Super Tuesday winner in calvin7v and Muka82 who had already picked up two seventh-place finishes in SCOOP events this week in Event #10-L ($7.50 PL 5-Card Omaha) and Event #12-L ($27 Stud).


The match remained even into the second 10-minute level, then calvin7v edged in front and gradually built a big advantage as they moved past the half-hour mark and into Level 5 (30/60). Then, with calvin7v up to 8,537 and Muka82 having slipped to 1,463, the final hand took place.

It began with calvin7v limping in from the button, Muka82 raising to 180, calvin7v limp-reraising to 540, and Muka82 calling. The flop came all small cards — 3♠2♦6♠ — and after Muka82 pushed forward the last 923 behind, calvin7v called.

Muka82: K♦J♣6♥5♣
calvin7v: K♠Q♣8♠7♣

Only Muka82 had hit the flop to make a pair of sixes, but calvin7v had a flush draw plus other ways to outdraw Muka82. The 10♠ then fell on the turn, providing one such out for calvin7v and making the river 5♦ no matter. After two days and 10 rounds, Event #14-M had been decided!

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Congratulations to calvin7v for outlasting a series of opponents to win Event #14-M, earning both a $26,979.57 payday and a coveted SCOOP watch. And kudos as well to Muka82 for making it all of the way to the final heads-up match to earn a nice $17K-plus cash.

SCOOP 14-M: $215 PL Omaha (Heads-Up)
Entrants: 892
Total prize pool: $178,400.00
Places paid: 128

1. calvin7v (Finland) $26,979.57
2. Muka82 (Brazil) $17,167.43
3-tie. vinacis_gg (Denmark) $8,582.82
3-tie. slinkyshop (Canada) $8,582.82
5-tie. Eversti78 (Finland) $4,781.12
5-tie. cardiaftw (Brazil) $4,781.12
5-tie. Luckbox4Life (United Kingdom) $4,781.12
5-tie. zaza38 (Finland) $4,781.12

SCOOP heads into its first weekend with a ton of tourneys on the schedule for players of all different bankrolls. Check the 2014 SCOOP homepage for a rundown of all the events still left to be played.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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