SCOOP 2014: Bartek436 last gunslinger standing in Event #19-L ($27 NL 6-Max Shootout)

May 11, 2014

Calvin “cal42688” Anderson’s goal: win five consecutive short-handed shootout tables to become a five-time SCOOP Champion. A victory in Event #19-L $27 NL 6-Max Shootout for cal42688 would’ve put him in a tie with Shaun Deeb for the most career SCOOP victories at five. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson is no stranger to the winner’s circle. He also won a WCOOP bracelet in 2010 to go along with his four SCOOP watches (his most recent coming last spring).

Only five opponents stood in Anderson’s way. Disaster struck early and Anderson lost half his stack in the opening level. He somehow kept his head above water for five levels before he met his fate and busted out in fifth place. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson missed an opportunity to tie Deeb with five. With Anderson out of the way, it opened up a clear path for Bartek436, who pulled away with a triumphant shootout victory.

SCOOP Event #19-L $27 NL 6-Max Shootout attracted 6,086 runners. They created a prize pool worth $149,411.30, which almost doubled the guarantee. The top 1,296 places paid out with $19,427.21 set aside to the eventual champion. If you won your first table, then you secured a min-cash.

Team Poker Stars Pros attempting to win a SCOOP title included Max Lykov, ElkY, George Danzer, Martin Hruby, Nacho Barbero, Joe Cada, Bryan Huang, and Marcin Horecki. PokerStars Team Online at their grind stations for this event included xflixx, frosty012, mement_mori, nkeyno, Pessagno, DaWarsaw, and nanonoko

Round 1 lasted approximately 3 hours. George Danzer bubbled the money, but a trio of notables cashed: Team Online xflixx (284th) and Team PokerStars Pros ElkY (1,139th), and Max Lykov (1,291st). All three of them would bust out in the second round.

Lykov was knocked out early in Round 2 and finished in 1,291st place. ElkY busted in a classic suck/re-suck when he three-bet shoved with A♣3♣ but ran into Ifold2ndnuts’ K♠K♦. ElkY had flopped an Ace to take the lead, but the K♣ spiked on the river and Ifold2ndnuts rivered a set to win the pot. ElkY hit the road in 1,139th place. With three to go on xflixx’s table, he got it all-in preflop with A♣J♠ versus suful’s 10♣10♠. xflixx turned a flush draw, but whiffed on the river. Germany’s xflixx bounced in 284th place.

Round 2 finished in roughly four hours. Round 3 consisted of 216 players and only 36 of them would go onto the so-called semi-finals. As expected, Round 3 was the quickest of the first three, clocking in around 2:45. Round 4 was even faster around 2:35.

During Round 4, cal42688 won his shootout in a mere three and a half levels and became the first player to advance to the final table. He sat around for a couple of hours before the final six were seated. With two left on the last table of the round, NHalabardzie (Poland) and sk2ll_m0dR (Germany) battled heads-up for almost three full levels before NHalabardzie ran A♥Q♠ into sk2ll_m0dR’s A♣A♠. NHalabardzie unceremoniously bubbled off in seventh place and sk2ll_m0dR advanced to the final table.


SCOOP Event #19-L Final Table – Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Bartek436 (5,000)
Seat 2: cal42688 (5,000)
Seat 3: MiDwAYUA (5,000)
Seat 4: kodl.havelka (5,000)
Seat 5: sibupk (5,000)
Seat 6: sk2ll_m0dR (5,000)

Round 5 would be the final table. Levels were 15 minutes. Everyone started with the same stack of 5,000. Blinds began at 25/50 and antes kicked in at the third level. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson was seeking his 5th SCOOP crown and his 7th overall “COOP” title.

sibupk eliminated in 6th place

It took almost three levels before we saw our first bustout at the final table. Bartek436 opened to 184, kodl.havelka flat-called, sibupk bumped it up to 480, Bartek436 called, kodl.havelka re-raised to 1,525, sibupk five-bet shoved for 3,297, Bartek436 folded, and kodl.havelka called. Both players tabled their hands…

kodl.havelka: A♣K♦
sibupk: A♠Q♦

Ah, the dreaded A-K vs. A-Q scenario. The board ran out 8♠5♦4♠9♣10♣. Neither player improved, but kodl.havelka won the pot with Ace-high and a King-kicker. Russia’s sibupk became the first player to exit the final table. For a sixth-place finish, sibupk earned $2,091.75.

With five players remaining, kodl.havelka was out in front with 12.3K, while cal42688 was one of the shorter stacks with 2.8K.

cal42688 eliminated in 5th place

Bartek436 opened to 276, cal42688 moved all-in for 1,740, and Bartek436 called. cal42688 made a final stand with Q♥4♥ versus Bartek436’s A♠2♥. The board finished up 9♠6♦3♥10♠5♥. Neither player improved, but Bartek436 dragged the pot with Ace high. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson missed a chance to win his fifth SCOOP title. Alas, he busted out in fifth place, which paid out $3,735.28.

sk2ll_m0dR eliminated in 4th place

MiDwAYUA min-raised to 240, kodl.havelka called. sk2ll_m0dR bombed it all-in for 1,622, MiDwAYUA re-shoved for 4,303 and kodl.havelka folded. sk2ll_m0dR was in trouble with 2♠2♥ against MiDwAYUA’s K♥K♠. The board ran out 9♦5♦4♥A♠J♣. sk2ll_m0dR had turned a Wheel gutshot draw, but failed to get there on the river. MiDwAYUA’s pocket cowboys held up and sk2ll_m0dR was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $6,723.50.

With three to go, kodl.havelka led with approximately 14K.


Action was paused to discuss a deal. Sitting atop a commanding lead was kodl.havelka with 16.2K and more than 50% of the chips in play, followed by Bartek436’s 8K and MiDwAYUA’s 5.6K. Any deal had to leave $1,500 on the table for the eventual champion. Initial ICM numbers were rejected by kodl.havelka. Negotiations went nowhere so play resumed without a deal.

kodl.havelka eliminated in 3rd place

After several levels of inaction, we finally had some fireworks. During that stint, kodl.havelka had gone from the big stack to the shorty.

Bartek436 opened to 460 and kodl.havelka called from the big blind. The flop was Q♦Q♥J♣, kodl.havelka checked, Bartek436 bet 400, and kodl.havelka called. The 3♦ fell on the turn. kodl.havelka checked, Bartek436 fired out 700, kodl.havelka check-raised to 1,800, Bartek436 shoved for 18,751, and kodl.havelka called all-in for 3,968.

kodl.havelka: Q♣10♠
Bartek436: J♦6♦

Although kodl.havelka flopped trip Queens and led, Bartek436 held two pair and turned a flush draw. The river was the K♦ and Bartek436 rivered a flush. kodl.havelka busted out in third place, which paid out $10,458.79.

HEADS-UP: Bartek436 (Poland) vs. MiDwAYUA (Ukraine)
Seat 1: Bartek436 (26,414)
Seat 3: MiDwAYUA (3,586)

With two remaining, Bartek436 held a 7-1 edge.

MiDwAYUA eliminated in 2nd place; Bartek436 wins SCOOP Event #19-L!

Heads-up lasted 42 hands, but it went quick. MiDwAYUA attempted a comeback and doubled up a couple of times when Bartek436 failed to deliver a knockout blow. But MiDwAYUA was unable to launch a successful counterattack.

On the final hand… MiDwAYUA min-raised to 500 and Bartek436 called. The flop was 8♣6♠5♠. Bartek436 fired out 625, MiDwAYUA bumped it up to 1,899, Bartek436 bombed it all-in for 22,184, and MiDwAYUA called all-in for 4,857.

MiDwAYUA: 8♥5♥
Bartek436: K♥5♣

MiDwAYUA flopped two pair, while Bartek436 only flopped bottom pair. The turn was the 6♣ and the river was the K♣. Bartek436 rivered a better two pair to win the pot with Kings and sixes. MiDwAYUA failed to stave off elimination and busted in second place.

For a runner-up performance, the Ukraine’s MiDwAYUA took home $14,194.07.

Congrats to Poland’s Bartek436 for binking Event #19-L, which paid out $19,427. Bartek436 also won a sleek SCOOP watch.

View the final hand in the replayer:

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SCOOP-19-L: $27 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Shootout]
Entrants: 6,086
Prize pool: $149,411.30
Places paid: 1,296

1. Bartek436 (Poland) $19,427.21
2. MiDwAYUA (Ukraine) $14,194.07
3. kodl.havelka (Czech Republic) $10,458.79
4. sk2ll_m0dR (Germany) $6,723.50
5. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson (Mexico) $3,735.28
6. sibupk (Russia) $2,091.75

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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