SCOOP 2013: klippen’s wings aren’t clipped in Event 37-L ($27 HORSE)

May 25, 2013

I couldn’t tell you why but I really enjoy seeing totally dominant final-table performances. Some people love wild swings and players battling back and forth, tooth and nail. Not me. I love ruthless, pitiless domination. It feels more satisfying to see one player dismantle a final table. I’m feeling mighty damn satisfied tonight after watching klippen destroy the final table of SCOOP 2013 Event 37-L, $27 HORSE.

Mixed games like HORSE require prowess across a number of poker disciplines, so it was no surprise to see the Team PokerStars Pros punch above their considerable weight class in Event 37-Low. Three team members made the money out of 10 that entered. David Williams had the best day; he finished in 100th place for $76.31. He was joined in the money by Jose “Nacho” Barbero (151st, $58.27) and Marcin “Goral” Horecki (212th, $51.33).

The only SCOOP champion among the eight players assembled at the final table was ozenc:

Event 37-L final table.png

Seat 1: ozenc (1388750 in chips)
Seat 2: St3phenHendr (2899703 in chips)
Seat 3: breasticlelv (2643002 in chips)
Seat 4: Kazantipolé (307350 in chips)
Seat 5: klippen (4359604 in chips)
Seat 6: DaliaAllin (950624 in chips)
Seat 7: L1000000 (998269 in chips)
Seat 8: LuigiPalermo (582698 in chips)

Level 66: limits 80k-160k (Limit Hold’em)
Average: 1.76 million (11 big bets)

klippen startedthe final table with a sizable chip lead and had position on the shortest stack at the table (Kazantipolé) and the 2nd and 3rd place stacks of St3phenHendr and breasticlelv. It was an enviable seat, but at the beginning of the final table klippen didn’t have much chance to use it. LuigiPalermo, the second shortest stack, was dipping into an extensive time bank on every hand, perhaps trying to hasten the end of the hold’em round.

Kazantipolé wound up being the first eliminated on one of the last hold’em hands. From the cutoff seat, breasticlelv raised pre-flop. Dealt A♦10♣, Kazantipolé three-bet, folding the blinds. breasticlelv capped the action, which was enough for Kazantipolé to go all in. breasticlelv showed a dominated K♠10♦, but paired kings on an all-diamond flop, K♦4♦7♦. Kazantipolé needed an ace or a diamond, but neither came on the turn or the river. Kazantipolé busted in 8th place.

Meanwhile, as the tournament approached the midnight break, the game switched to Omaha Hi/Lo – and the staller switched to DaliaAllin.

breasticlelv: you guys realize were already at the FT?
St3phenHendr: no need to stall
LuigiPalermo :Europe > breakfast time
breasticlelv: hes about to have 5 whole minutes devoted to that breakfast

LuigiPalermo had all the time in the world for breakfast when the game switched to 100k-200k razz. Down to 209k, LuigiPalermo made a stand with A-9 / 6. klippen, still with the chip lead, called with 3-3 / 2 and improved to a 6-5 by 6th street. LuigiPalermo had a live draw to a better 6 at that point but bricked the river to bow out in 7th place.

The game switched again, to 120k-240k Stud. L1000000, who became the new short stack after LuigiPalermo’s elimination, was in a desperate spot with only 393k in chips. klippen, still the chip leader, completed with a 7♣ door card. L1000000 started 7♥8♣ / 6♠ and went with it. klippen revealed two nines in the hole, a bad hope for L1000000’s board straightening out. By the river, klippen’s board turned into two pair, queens and nines; L1000000 ended with ace-high and the title of 6th-place finisher.

ozenc was the next player to run into the klippen buzzsaw. The game was 120k-240 Stud Hi/Lo when it happened. ozenc had two-and-a-half big bets and raised to 240k with an ace after klippen completed a queen. The two players capped the action on third street and got the remainder of the chips in on fourth. ozenc had started with split aces and never improved to a better high or a qualifying low. klippen’s split queens, on the other hand, made a second pair of deuces on 5th street, enough to drag the pot and bounce ozenc out of the event.

breasticlelv tried to engage the table in some banter during the limit hold’em round but nobody was buying. When the game switched to 160k-320k O8, back-to-back hands knocked breasticlelv out. First, klippen scooped with 2♠5♣6♣K♣ by flopping a strong low and rivering trips, 3♥A♦6♥7♣6♦. breasticlelv check-called bets on the turn and river after leading the action on the flop but mucked at showdown.

Down to 813k the next hand, breasticlelv three-bet the button after St3phenHendr opened. St3phenHendr called to an 8♣6♠7♠ flop, where the rest of breasticlelv’s chips went in the middle with single-suited aces, A♠A♣J♣K♥. St3phenHendr’s 10♥7♥4♠3♠ was behind but had all kinds of ways to improve. One of those ways was by catching two pair on the turn 4♥. Another was by making a baby flush with the river K♠. Either was good enough to dispatch breasticlelv to the rail in 4th place.

With three players left, deal negotiations commenced. The players asked to see ICM numbers. DaliaAllin agreed to the numbers as presented but St3phenHendr did not. Chip leader klippen was in no mood to negotiate, so play resumed.

Limits escalated quickly to 200k-400k Razz, putting even more pressure on short-stacked St3phenHendr’s 1.4 million in chips. A brutal Razz beat ended St3phenHendr’s tournament right there. After DaliaAllin brought it in with a 10, St3phenHendr completed a 5 and klippen raised a 3. St3phenHendr called and caught an ace on 4th street. klippen caught a 4. Each player put in one bet to see 5th street, a 7 for St3phenHendr and a 9 for klippen. St3phenHendr had only 885k left and bet. klippen paused, thought and then raised. The chips went in. St3phenHendr had the better hand and the better draw, 2-2 / 5-A-7 against A-3 / 3-4-9. But two face cards bricked St3phenHendr’s hand, while klippen caught a 10 and a 6 to finish with a 9-6 and notch yet another elimination.

DaliaAllin proposed a deal. Again the tournament was paused. This time, after deal numbers were presented, klippen (with the big stack and a 3-to-1 chip lead) was the player to ask for more money. DaliaAllin refused.

Given how straightforward heads-up razz is, you wouldn’t think that a HORSE tournament would end in the razz round. Yet that’s exactly what happened. The action was capped on 3rd street and 4th street; DaliaAllin put three bets in on 5th street. By sixth street things calmed down, as DaliaAllIn led and klippen called. But down the river, DaliaAllin had only 665k left. After DaliaAllin led out, klipped made sure to get the chips in. DaliaAllin called.

And what were the boards that generated all this action?

DaliaAllin: 6-7 / A-5-K-2 / J
klippen: 5-6 / 2-3-3-6 / A

Each player had a strong four-card draw by 4th street. DaliaAllin got there first by making a 7-6 on 6th street, but klippen’s river ace improved klippen to a 6-5 to end the tournament.

When the final table began, seven eliminations stood between each player and victory. klippen notched five of the eliminations en route to a dominant performance. That’s why klippen is the latest SCOOP champion.

SCOOP 2013 Event 37-L $27 HORSE results

Players: 2,826
Prizepool: $69,378.30
Places paid: 368

1. klippen (Norway) – $11,796.36
2. DaliaAllin (Portugal) – $8,325.39
3. St3phenHendr (Austria) – $6,244.04
4. breasticlelv (Panama) – $4,856.48
5. ozenc (Austria) – $3,486.91
6. L1000000 (Canada) – $2,081.34
7. LuigiPalermo (Germany) – $1,387.56
8. Kazantipolé (Switzerland) – $693.78

SCOOP 2013 is winding to a close. The last events start on Sunday. Check out the schedule of qualifiers to this events on the SCOOP home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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