SCOOP 2013: I’am_Sound makes some noise in Event #7-M ($82 Heads-Up)

May 15, 2013


Some say it’s the purest form of poker. Just you and an opponent, playing every hand until one of you is gone. It’s the ultimate standoff and last challenge to winning any poker tournament. But in Event #7, every stage consisted of this last, face-to-face challenge.

Well, it was more like IP address-to-IP address. KoM6AuHeP was seated over in Russia while I’am_Sound played the match in Switzerland. Both these players had to endure 11 heads-up matches to make it to this level.

I’am_Sound was eventually the last one standing.

I’am_Sound outlasted a field of 3,639 players that included 18 Team PokerStars players and dozens of other pros.


Players had to win three rounds just to cash and each subsequent match saw a larger pay jump. Soon, the 3,639 players were down to eight and they were guaranteed $5,092.78.


I’am_Sound vs supersan321
dealertoy vs MagicMan111
Born2Ca$h vs mabtins
StarTrak666 vs KoM6AuHeP

dealertoy, Born2Ca$h and KoM6AuHeP all won their matches fairly quickly and were waiting on I’am_Sound and supersan321.

First of four

Born2Ca$h vs mabtins

mabtins lost a huge hand early on…

…and wasn’t able to hang on. It was bad luck for the at-risk player that Born2Ca$h picked up J♣J♠ when mabtins had 10♣10♠. But luck is part of poker and a J♦ was part of the final board mabtins played this event.

mabtins finished 8th for $5,092.78 and Born2Ca$h went on to the next round.

One more

StarTrak666 vs KoM6AuHeP

StarTrak666 and KoM6AuHeP were having a fairly even match and StarTrak66 then pulled away up to 6,500. KoM6AuHeP responded by winning a few pots, taking back the lead and then winning a fairly large pot.

With 40/80 blinds, KoM6AuHeP raised to 160 and StarTrak666 re-raised to 320. There was a call and a monotone flop, 4♣Q♣8♣. StarTrak666 bet 160 and KoM6AuHeP made it 520. StarTrak66 called and checked the A♦ turn.

KoM6AuHeP bet 1,240 and StarTrak666 moved all-in for 3,660. KoM6AuHeP called and turned over 6♣5♣ for the flopped flush while StarTrak666 showed two-pair with A♠Q♠. The river was a J♠ and StarTrak666 was out in 7th.

MagicMan111 out in 6th

dealertoy vs MagicMan111

dealertoy first halved MagicMan111’s stack after raising to 120 and having MagicMan111 call. The flop came A♥6♦K♣ and dealertoy bet 150. MagicMan111 called, a 7♥ came on the turn and dealertoy bet 360.

There was another call and another card, the 3♦. MagicMan111 took the initiative this time and bet 700. dealertoy raised to 1,620. MagicMan111 then called and mucked when dealertoy showed A♣6♠.

MagicMan111 got chipped down a bit further and called dealertoy’s 160 preflop bet. dealertoy bet 200 on the 6♠3♣A♥ flop and MagicMan111 called, bringing a 10♥ on the turn. MagicMan111 called dealertoy’s 360 bet and a 3♥ came on the river. dealertoy bet 1,440 and MagicMan111 called all-in.

MagicMan111 showed A♦4♣ for his tournament life while dealertoy turned over A♠6♥ for two-pair.

MagicMan111 was out in 6th.

The long one

I’am_Sound vs supersan321

Our three victors were silently waiting on their virtual felt for supersan321 and I’am_Sound to finish their bout.

I’am_Sound was in the lead for the majority of the match but supersan321 came out of his dip to snatch it a couple of times. I’am_Sound then chipped supersan321 down to about half the starting stack before dealing the final blow.

supersan321 moved all-in for 2,470 off-the-bat and I’am_Sound called. supersan321 showed K♥6♥ and I’am_Sound turned over A♥9♦. The board came 5♣8♥2♠10♦7♥ and we were down to…

The semifinals

The final four players virtually sat atop the pillars of the Event #7-M tournament brackets.

I’am_Sound was to go up against dealertoy and KoM6AuHeP was facing Born2Ca$h for a spot in the final.

All four players were guaranteed $9,151.17 but were hunting down the grand prize. All four players had already won 10 matches to get to this point, all they needed was two more.

But there was only space for two, and our first to go was our last remaining SCOOP champion, Born2Ca$h, who won the 5-Card Draw SCOOP 6-L in 2011.

No double SCOOP

KoM6AuHeP vs Born2Ca$h

KoM6AuHeP got the initial momentum and then won a big pot to take a commanding lead over Born2Ca$h.

Born2Ca$h raised to 100 and KoM6AuHeP re-raised to 300. A Q♦10♦Q♥ flop came when Born2Ca$h called and KoM6AuHeP bet another 300. Born2Ca$h called and the turn brought a 6♥. Born2Ca$h bet 600 and a 3♣ came on the river when KoM6AuHeP called. Born2Ca$h fired off again, betting 1,400.

KoM6AuHeP called and took down the pot with A♠10♠ to Born2Ca$h’s air, 7♠5♥. Born2Ca$h then survived a few all-ins but couldn’t make a dent in KoM6AuHeP’s lead.

KoM6AuHeP raised to 160 and Born2Ca$h called. KoM6AuHeP bet another 160 on the 5♠4♠7♦ flop and Born2Ca$h raised to 320. KoM6AuHeP three-bet to 990 and Born2Ca$h moved all-in for 2,430.

KoM6AuHeP called and showed Q♠6♠ for a flush draw while Born2Ca$h turned over 8♠6♦ for the straight. The turn brought a 2♠ and it was all over.

Born2Ca$h would miss out on a second SCOOP and KoM6AuHeP advanced to the final.

Pre-final final

I’am_Sound vs dealertoy

It was the final match before our final match. dealertoy was up against I’am_Sound and dealertoy won a few hands early on. I’am_Sound then won a few big pots to take a big lead. It seemed like victory was I’am_Sound’s.

With 30/60 blinds, I’am_Sound raised to 120 and dealertoy made it 480. I’am_Sound threw in a four-bet to 840 and dealertoy moved all-in for 3,655. I’am_Sound called with J♣J♥ and dealertoy turned over 10♣10♦.

The A♦5♦J♦ gave I’am_Sound a set, but dealertoy picked up a flush draw. The 9♥ came on the turn and the river was a 4♦, doubling dealertoy up to 7,310 and leaving I’am_Sound with 2,690.

I’am_Sound then doubled-up after going all-in preflop with 7♦7♥ against dealertoy’s A♦9♠. The board ran J♣2♦5♦6♠5♠ and I’am_Sound was back in the game. Players were even for a while and then I’am_Sound pulled away again:

dealertoy was out two hands later. With 60/120 blinds, dealertoy raised to 240 and I’am_Sound re-raised to 540. dealertoy moved all-in for 2,660 and I’am_Sound called.

I’am_Sound: A♥10♣
dealertoy: K♥Q♣

dealertoy was behind, but the 9♣K♣6♠ flop put him in the lead with kings. The turn was a J♣ and I’am_Sound picked up queens as outs. The river didn’t bring a queen though, it was a Greenstein, A♠.

dealertoy was out and our final match was set.

The final bout


Players reached the final match and decided to discuss a deal. This discussion ended up having nearly as much strategy, bluffs and raises as the match:

HostJonnyC (Administrator): I’am_Sound:$22,024.41
HostJonnyC (Administrator): KoM6AuHeP:$22,024.41
HostJonnyC (Administrator): Left To Play for place 1: $3,000.00
I’am_Sound: i dont agree yet
I’am_Sound: 23k for me, 21k for KoM6 and 3k for the game
I’am_Sound: otherwise i’ll play
I’am_Sound: and theres no deal
KoM6AuHeP: why dont 50/50?
I’am_Sound: because i think i have a little edge 😉
KoM6AuHeP: 21500/22500 ok?
KoM6AuHeP: i pro in HU
I’am_Sound: nah sorry..
I’am_Sound: i played HU since i’m a kid.. my parents teached me
innerpsy (TeamOnline): Alrighty, looks like no deal yet!
innerpsy (TeamOnline): Lets play it out then?
KoM6AuHeP: one moment
KoM6AuHeP: 50/50 deal or play?
I’am_Sound: 23k / 21k and 3k for the winner
KoM6AuHeP: no ma sry
KoM6AuHeP: 50 /50 or play
KoM6AuHeP: winner 3k
I’am_Sound: 22,5k/21,5k +3k is ok too
KoM6AuHeP: no
I’am_Sound: lol?
KoM6AuHeP: 50/50
I’am_Sound: that was you offer before
I’am_Sound: 22,5k/21,5k and 3 for the winner..
KoM6AuHeP: 50/50 and winner 3k or play
KoM6AuHeP: if no
KoM6AuHeP: i will play
I’am_Sound: allright. lets do the 50/50 deal
I’am_Sound: i agree
KoM6AuHeP: ok
KoM6AuHeP: i agree

The deal was set. Both heads-up experts were going to duke it out for $3,000 and the title of champion.

Like several heads-up matches, this one was decided by two key hands:

KoM6AuHeP was chipped down further but managed to double back up to 3,300 after his 8♣8♦ held up against I’am_Sound’s A♥5♦.

But KoM6AuHeP would lose a few hands and find himself all-in again. With 30/60 blinds, I’am_Sound raised to 120 and KoM6AuHeP three-bet to 360. I’am_Sound called and the flop came 8♦9♠6♥.

KoM6AuHeP bet 360 and I’am_Sound raised to 3,660. KoM6AuHeP called all-in and showed A♠10♦ to I’am_Sound’s A♦7♦.

The turn was a 3♥ and KoM6AuHeP was still in the lead. Then a 5♦ came on the river to end things. I’am_Sound hit a straight and KoM6AuHeP was out in 2nd, earning $22,024.41.

This made I’am_Sound the heads-up champion of Event #7-M, earning his first SCOOP watch and $25,024.41. Congratulations to I’am_Sound for an impressive amount of consecutive heads-up victories.

2013 SCOOP Event #7-M ($82 NLHE Heads-Up) results

Players: 3,639
Prizepool: $272,925
Places paid 512

1. I’am_Sound (Switzerland) $25,024.41*
2. KoM6AuHeP (Russia) $22,024.41*
3. dealertoy (Germany) $9,151.17
4. Born2Ca$h (Canada) $9,151.17
5. supersan321 (United Kingdom) $5,092.78
6. MagicMan111 (Canada) $5,092.78
7. StarTrak666 (Canada) $5,092.78
8. mabtins (Latvia) $5,092.78

*Denotes a two-way deal.

With all three versions of Event #7 done, we’ve put another SCOOP in the history websites. There is still plenty of poker to be had this spring though. For a full schedule, leader board, list of satellites and all the information you could want on the SCOOP, visit the SCOOP homepage.

Alexander Villegas writes words for the PokerStars Blog.


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