SCOOP 2012: Waiting for champions with champions

May 21, 2012

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And then we came to the end.

There are no more Spring Championship of Online Poker events to enter. Only a fraction of the people who entered the main events on Sunday remain for Day 2. SCOOP has become the biggest online poker tournament series in history. Now we sit and wait for Day 2 to begin and determine our main event champions for 2012.

Indeed, we await champions, and we do it with champions in our midst. Not only are the ranks of the Day 2 main events fields full of recognizable faces, there are many who we have met recently, including Scott “Mongy” O’Reilly who won the Turbo Championship of Online Poker Player of the Series. The guy is in the money of the $10,300 buy-in on a complete freeroll after using his TCOOP Player of the Series prize, a free ticket to the high buy-in main event.


Scott “Mongy” O’Reilly

O’Reilly is joined by so many stars (including the TCOOP winner Betudontbet), it’s impossible to name them all here. For a complete look at the Day 1 wrap ups, see these PokerStars Blog reports:

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  • This year’s SCOOP has seen many champions we have met before in one capacity or another. Almost anyone who has followed poker recently knows Shawn “buck21” Buchanan, the 29-year-old poker pro from Abbotsford, British Columbia in Canada. After winning a lot of events in his day, this festival was a first for him. He won Event 28-H (Razz). After a year of traveling around the world, he settled down for a couple of weeks to add to his resume.

    “It is my first SCOOP title, which is very cool,” he said. “I won a WCOOP PLO title before, so its awesome to add a SCOOP title.”

    But then there are others out there we have never met, yet are people who have dreamed their entire careers of this kind of success.

    Austria’s Hans-jörg “Hans-jörg029” Gaugelhofer is a 30-year-old concert pianist who lives on dreams. Last year he got to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing in Vienna’s Musikverein. This year, he became a SCOOP champion in event #27-H $1,050 NLHE event for $167,321.

    “A lot of dreams come true,” he said.


    Hans-jörg “Hans-jörg029” Gaugelhofer

    And then there is the story of José Queiroz da Costa Neto, a one-time Brazilian history teacher who looked to poker as a way to make a better living. When no one else believed in him, he said, he believed in himself. He set out to prove to himself he could win a SCOOP event, and he did in Event #30-M, the 10-max shootout.

    “I try to make my life interesting. I try not to wait for things to happen,” he said. “I like being the main character of my own story, so instead of waiting things to happen, I try to make them happen.”


    José Queiroz da Costa Neto

    Spain’s Sergio Cabrera Godoy was disappointed in where his life was heading. Nothing seemed to be going particularly right for him. He said he spent a long time “in the tank” and finally emerged with a newfound drive to succeed.

    “I decided it was time to break with everything and try as hard as I could to make my dream true. And now look at me, I’m a SCOOP champ,” he said “Fight for your dreams, try as hard as you can, work as hard as you can, focus as hard as you can and you will be rewarded.”

    His reward was a win in Event #13-M, the $265 NLHE Knockout event.


    Sergio Cabrera Godoy

    Those are ust a few of the many stories we’ve covered over the past two weeks. Now, we look forward to three main event champions tonight.

    Keep it here on the PokerStars Blog for full coverage of the new champions’ wins.


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