SCOOP: 10 + 10 = victory for deamon10 in $1,575 Double-Shootout Event 5

April 05, 2009


Two tables. Eighteen opponents. In a Double-Shootout event, that’s all that stands between each of the 100 players and first prize.

Easier said than done, as anyone would soon realize after taking a quick gander at who entered Saturday’s “high” version of SCOOP Event No. 5. A lot of familiar monikers there among the list of one hundred players who ponied up the $1,500+$75 entry fee. See if you recognize any of these names from online poker tournament leaderboards: ActionJeff, AJKHoosier1, Ajunglen7, Andy McLEOD, djk123, gbecks, jeff710, liberace,, MrSmokey1, RaSZi, shaundeeb, Sowerss, THE__D__RY, and Tîmex. (We’ll let you play the game of “who’s who” with these folks.)

A number of Team PokerStars pros came out for this one, too, including Chad Brown (“ChadBrownPRO”), Humberto Brenes (“Humberto B.”), Isabelle Mercier (“NoMercy”), and Vicky Coren. Also present were two of TeamPokerStars’ newest additions, Ivan Demidov and Peter Eastgate (“PeteEastgate”), runner-up and champion, respectively, at the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event.

At 2:30 p.m. Eastern time the virtual cards virtually flew across the virtual felt and the very real fight for the $45,000 first prize was underway. One had to reach the final table to cash in this one, so everyone was aware that Round 1 represented an all-or-nothing proposition.

shaundeeb was an early casualty, finishing 9th at his table thanks to floes’ quad deuces. Shortly after that, Chad Brown went out in 8th at his table, crushed by Andy McLEOD’s pocket kings. Meanwhile, Peter Eastgate quickly assumed the chip lead as his table, maintaining control throughout the afternoon before finally taking it down after a tough heads up battle versus Antoshka.


That made the 23-year-old from Odense, Denmark the first to advance to the final table, taking just under two-and-a-half hours to get there. deamon10 was the next to move on after defeating JMPRODIGY heads up, then Halfrek outlasted rivermanl to take the third seat. Ivan Demidov battled gamely heads up for nearly an hour against AJKHoosier1 (who finished third in last fall’s WCOOP Main Event) before finally falling. Then getcrunk defeated Ajunglen7 heads up, and after four hours of play half of the final table had been set.

The remaining PokerStars pros were all eliminated. First, Humberto Brenes went out in 5th at his table. Then Isabelle Mercier and Vicky Coren — seated at the same first round table — were both ousted, Coren in 4th and Mercier in 3rd. That meant Eastgate would be representing all of Team PokerStars at the final table. (Good thing he’s had a bit of experience already handling pressure.)

SvZff then took his table, knocking out charder3 to do so. Acesupper took care of RaSZi to move on. Then steamraise outlasted librace. Just two tables remained in play, with Tîmex and PURPLE”K”99 battling at one, and kenny05 and SixthSenSe19 at the other. Both heads up battles lasted around an hour, with SixthSenSe19 and Tîmex finally emerging victorious. After nearly five hours of play, the final table was finally set:


Players began Round 2 with 50,000 chips (as opposed to 5,000 for the earlier table), although the blinds were adjusted as well to start out at 250/500. On the very first hand of the final table, SixthSenSe19 took a massive pot of 75,826 off of Halfrek after turning a set of jacks. Play settled down somewhat thereafter for the first couple of levels, until the following big hand went down between AJKHoosier1 and steamraise.

steamraise opened to 1,650 from UTG, AJKHoosier1 called from late position, SixthSenSe19 called from the button, and the blinds got out. The flop came 8♦J♥10♥. steamraise checked, AJKHoosier bet 3,600, SixthSenSe19 folded, then steamraise check-raised to 11,400. AJKHoosier1 responded by promptly reraising all in, and steamraise called with his last 15,131. AJKHoosier1 showed J♣J♠ for the flopped set, while steamraise had 9♥8♥ for the straight, flush, and straight flush draws.

The turn was the 7♦, giving steamraise his straight, and the K♥ promoted his hand to a flush. That pushed steamraise back up to 58,912, while leaving AJKHoosier1 with just 2,569. A couple of hands later, AJKHoosier would put his stack in the middle with pocket sixes on a board of 3♦9♥8♠, only to have steamraise call with J♣9♣. No six came to save him, and AJKHoosier1 was the first to go.

As Level 3 began, Eastgate found himself engaged in a couple of unsuccessful confrontations with SixthSenSe19. Here’s one particularly interesting hand involving SixthSenSe19 making a tough river call:

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Those hands with SixthSenSe19 left Eastgate the table’s short stack. Eastgate open-shoved from under the gun, and it folded around to get crunk who called from the small blind. Eastgate showed Q♦J♦, and would need some help against get crunk’s K♣A♦. The board came 9♦A♠5♠4♠3♣, and Eastgate was out in 9th.

Five hands later, a short-stacked Tîmex pushed all in from the cutoff for 12,535 with A♦6♠ and SvZff called from the button with J♣J♠. The board came K♠K♣9♦10♥5♠, and Tîmex stopped ticking, hitting the rail in 8th. Meanwhile, SvZff had assumed the chip lead with his 114,464 chips putting him ahead of get crunk in second with 91,971.

Our next elimination came as Level 4 (blinds 500/1,000, antes 100) was winding down. get crunk raised to 2,700 from middle position, and it folded around to Halfrek in the big blind. Halfrek, who had been nursing the short stack ever since the first hand of the final table, raised to 8,000 from the big blind, leaving himself 12,000 behind. get crunk shoved over the top, and Halfrek made the call. Halfrek showed Q♣K♣, while get crunk had K♥K♦. The board ran out 9♦9♠2♠8♦7♠, and Halfrek was gone in 7th.

SixthSenSe19’s final table had been going well until a tough hand against deamon10 saw most of his stack suddenly wiped away. After some preflop back-and-forthing, the pair got it all in on a flop of 7♦4♣8♠, with SixthSenSe19’s pocket kings in good shape against deamon10’s pocket tens. However, the 10♠ peeled off on the turn, and suddenly SixthSenSe19 was down to 11,042 — about ten percent of what he’d had when that hand had begun.

Play moved into Level 5, and SixthSense19 decided K♦Q♥ was the hand with which to gamble his last 5,942 chips. Both Acesupper and get crunk called. The flop came 3♥8♣6♣, get crunk bet 6,000, and Acesupper folded. The cards were turned over, and get crunk showed 8♥8♦ for the flopped set, meaning SixthSense19 was essentially drawing dead — only a runner-runner straight for the tie could save him. The miracle didn’t come, and SixthSenSe19 was out in 6th place.

Largely on the strength of that big hand versus SixthSenSe19, deamon10 had take the chip lead, pushing his stack over the 200,000-chip mark while no one else had 100,000. deamon10 maintained the advantage into Level 6, when the following blind-vs.-blind confrontation took place. The table had folded around to steamraise who completed from the small blind, then deamon10 raised to 4,800 from the big blind. steamraise check-raised all in for 33,530 total, and deamon10 called. steamraise showed J♣K♦, while deamon10 had Q♠Q♣. The flop brought a third queen — Q♦9♥6♣ — though steamraise had outs to a straight. But the turn was the 8♥ and the river the 4♣, and steamraise had been eliminated in 5th.

As deamon10 pushed beyond the 300,000-chip mark, Acesupper slipped down to 19,214, and following a preflop raise by SvZff, Acesupper shoved all in and SvZff called. Acesupper had a hand — 9♦9♠ — but SvZff had a better one — A♥A♦. The board came 7♦8♦Q♦10♥4♠, and Acesupper wished a “gl all” as he hit the rail in 4th. About a dozen hands later, it was get crunk’s turn to push all in with his stack of 51,920, and SvZff was again the one to call. get crunk showed 8♠8♣, but SvZff had him in bad shape with 9♠9♥. No eight came, and get crunk was out in 3rd.

When heads up began, deamon10 had better than a 2-to-1 advantage with 341,727 chips to SvZff’s 158,273. But with blinds of 1,000/2,000 (with a 250 ante) there in Level 7, no one was in any hurry. SvZff was able to pick up a couple of large pots early on, however, and the advantage swiftly swung the other way.

Thus began an arduous heads up battle that saw the lead change hands multiple times. After 100 hands, the two players were nearly even — SvZff 259,737, deamon10 240,263.

Finally — just as midnight struck — came the final hand. deamon10 had a small edge with 269,783 to SvZff’s 230,217. Both posted the 350-chip ante, SvZff posted 1,500 for the small blind, and deamon10 3,000 for the BB. SvZff raised to 7,200, deamon10 reraised to 18,775, SvZff reraised back to 45,000, deamon pushed all in, and SvZff called. SvZff turned over A♥K♥ and deamon10 10♦10♠. They both watched the community cards fall 4♥J♣7♥6♦8♦, and all of the chips slid deamon10’s way.

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Everyone who made the final table cashed. Here’s what each player earned:

SCOOP Event #5: $1,575 Double-Shootout No-Limit Hold’em

1. deamon10 (gislev) $45,000
2. SvZff (Geldermalsen) $30,000
3. get crunk (New York) $20,250
4. Acesupper (Adelaide) $14,850
5. steamraise (Los Angeles) $10,500
6. SixthSenSe19 (Uruguayo) $8,250
7. Halfrek (Odense) $6,600
8. Tîmex (Waterloo) $5,625
9. Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate (“PeteEastgate”) (London) $4,800
10. AJKHoosier1 (Bloomington) $4,125

The SCOOP continues tomorrow with H.O.R.S.E. and deep-stacked No-Limit Hold’em events. See the entire SCOOP schedule here.


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