Satellites galore! Qualify for Monte Carlo for as little as €1 starting this Sunday

February 15, 2019inEvents

Spring is on the way, along with one of the highlights of the poker calendar…

Here’s something to think about as you put on more layers, and turn the thermostat up another notch.

Satellites to the PokerStars and Monte Carlo® Casino EPT start this Sunday, 17 February.

That might not mean spring is here exactly, but it does mean winter will soon be over, and thoughts can turn instead to Riviera sunshine, and one of the biggest prize pools of the year.

There’s something else to get the blood flowing.

Satellites for the Main Event start for as little as €1.

That’s the new minimum buy-in for a wide range of satellites, down from the €5 last year.

Which is less than the price of, well… anything in the Principality.

Win one of the many satellites that get started this weekend and you’ll receive an EPT Monte Carlo package worth €8,220.

That includes €5,300 main event seat, hotel accommodation, and expenses.

And as you might have heard, there are few better destinations on the poker calendar to have someone else pick up the bill.

So we’ll take care of getting you there. You work on winning one of poker’s most prestigious titles.

The festival itself runs from April 25 through to May 4.

Few events play out with such a glamorous backdrop. The type made famous by movie stars, royalty, and roar of grand prix engines.

In fact, everyone should see Monaco at least once.

Poker players should make that once a year.

Those €1 satellites are just the start. You’ll find a full slate of qualifiers, at buy-ins to suit every bankroll, in the PokerStars lobby.

So can jump in and get started this weekend.

And if you want to read more about the Monte Carlo festival, the luxury accommodation, and the sunshine, check out PokerStarsLIVE.



Stephen Bartley

Stephen Bartley started reporting on EPT events in 2005, joining the PokerStars Blog during Season 4. Since then he has covered various live PokerStars events using irreverence and awkwardness to tell the stories that emerge from each tournament and ask questions of the characters that play them. He lives with his family in Whitstable, Kent.


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