Russian breaks world record on PokerStars

November 25, 2009


Think about how many hands of poker you’d play in one session of a live game.

We’ll be generous and give the dealer 30 hands per hour. We’ll be generous again and figure you can sit still for ten hours. That means you saw around 300 hands between the time you started playing and the time you got up for the night. With that total, you’d be a little short of the new world record. That is, you’d be short by more than 39,000 hands.

Now, we of course know that most of you who read here are online players and can book several thousand hands in one session without blinking. But, do you think you could play 40,088 hands without stopping?

That’s exactly what Russian player “innerpsy” did this past weekend.

The 22-year-old Russian pro got it in his head that he could play 40,000 hands in a 24-hour period. So Saturday morning, he sat down just before 8:30am. Eighteen hours and 33 minutes later he had broken the world record for number of online poker hands played in a single day.

The man who has been playing professionally for a couple of years said, “Before this challenge, I had never actually played more than 20,000 hands in a day before, but the idea came up and I just figured I could do it. It was one of the toughest things I have ever accomplished, but I am proud I managed it.”


The challenge was hosted on PokerStars by the Russian forum Card Game Masters. Nearly 10,000 of fans logged in to watch the performance via two video streams and a live radio broadcast featuring expert commentary from players such as Max “Decay” Lykov.

“I gained a lot of experience doing this and will definitely try it again in order to improve upon my result,” innerpsy said. “One of my main goals is also to reach Supernova Elite status.”

We’re not math majors around here, but we figure if he can keep putting in those kinds of numbers, Supernova Elite shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Congrats to “innerpsy” for his record-breaking performance.


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