To live in the poker world, you have to be able to handle a little cognitive dissonance from time to time. For instance, you have to be able to accept that the Russian Poker Tour just finished up an event in Egypt. Yes, Egypt.

The most recent event in drew such famous names as Ivan Demidov, Alex Kravchenko, Maxim Lykov, and Alexander Dovzhenko (EPT Kyiv runner-up).

Of all the entrants, Nadezhda Gundorina was one and only woman who signed up. She managed to make it all the way to heads-up play where her pocket sixes eventually lost to Iost Beskrovny’s pocket eights.

Here’s how the the final table payouts looked:

PokerStars Russian Poker Tour Egypt ME results (EUR):

1. Iosif Beskrovny – 28,435
2. Nadezhda Gundorina – 19,800
3. Ruslan Pridrik – 12,800
4. Andrey Dorozhkin – 9,400
5. Igor Dubinsky – 6,900
6. Mihail Lahitov – 5,200
7. Mihail Shahnovich (PokerStars player, Sunday Million winner) – 3,500
8. Alexander Kravchenko (PokerStars Team Pro)

Kravchenko may have finished just short of the money there, but he managed to do something few people have done.

He won a poker tournament underwater.

In the time away from the main event in Egypt, Alex Kravchenko, Ivan Demidov, EPT Kyiv winner Maxim Lykov, RPT St. Petersburg finalist Evgeny Zaytsev and RPT Series organizationer Eric Shahbazyan sat down for a game under the sea. Metal cards, metal dealer button, and a bow-tied dealer took the chips and oxygen underwater for a tournament unlike many other you’ll see.


When the event was all said and done, WSOP bracelet holder and Team PokerStars Pro Alexander Kravchenko managed to win the undersea adventure.

The win may not have won him much in the way of money, but when he made it back to the beach, he picked himself up a pretty nice trophy.


Congratulations to Iosif Beskrovny and Kkranchenko for their…unique victories.


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