Rodrigo “peceli” Presutti owns two Saturday KOs, HR Series titles for “terror777727” and Franciso “Tomatee” Benitez, “Roykus” takes down Sunday Million

March 30, 2020inPoker

It’s been a busy weekend for the high rollers, with the usual schedule of the HRC boosted by the High Roller Series, as well as major tournament wins at all stakes. Here are the highlights:

  • “Roykus” wins Sunday Million after striking deal with “Ifmdcu”
  • Rodrigo “peceli” Presutti owns both Saturday KOs in amazing double
  • Huge HR Series victories for “terror777727” and Franciso “Tomatee” Benitez
  • “J0hn Mcclean”, “WATnlos” and Pascal “Paffchen” Hartmann strike big in HRC


Sunday Million win for “Roykus”

This weekend’s Sunday Million reached a prize pool of over $2.3 million from 23,134 entries.

Roykus” from the Netherlands and “Ifmdcu” from Mexico made a heads-up deal to chop up over $300k. Ifmdcu was leading at the time of the split, but it was Roykus who eventually prevailed, earning $159,915 for first place.

Ifmdcu took $149,034 for second, whilst third place “Floesoe” missed out on the deal, still walking away with $94,277.

Two of the players who made the final table gained their entry via satellite – ninth place finisher “Thx4Paying”, and fifth place “supernewf500”, who earned 4,500x their buy-in after satelliting in for $11.

Here are the results from the Sunday Million final table:

Player Country Prize
Roykus Netherlands $159,915
Ifmdcv Mexico $149,034
Floesoe Netherlands $94,277
NUT3UK UK $68,416
supernewf500 Canada $49,650
chininhaltig Germany $36,031
fcrscccc Norway $26,147
786LUCKY UK $18,975


Elsewhere in the Sunday majors, “RQuariguasi” from Brazil earned themselves $30k for coming first in the Sunday Mini-Million, whilst “lazarovv10” from Bulgaria turned their $11 buy-in into over $30k for first place in the Storm.

In the $215 Supersonic, “jokepoker333” from China added to their collection of MTT wins, earning a rapid $31,649 after satelliting in for $27.50. Second place “Jabracada” from the UK won $22,526. The $22 mini-Supersonic was also booming, with Brazilian “Kelvin_FP:AR” earning $14,415 for first.


Rodrigo “peceli” Presutti owns both Saturday KOs

Rodrigo “peceli” Presutti, one of Uruguay’s top online pros, has been making big waves in the High Rollers for years now. This weekend, he didwhat no player would ever think to be possible, perhaps even topping Astedt’s double a few weeks ago.

What was this epic feat? Presutti won not one, but two Saturday KOs.

Presutti came first place in the $1,050 HR13 Saturday KO for $27,795, plus an additional $32,332 in bounties. He also took down the $215 Saturday KO for $16,099, earning $19,343 more in bounties.

Presutti, congratulations for monopolizing the Saturday KO… just try to leave room for the other players next time!

Presutti’s combined score from both KO tournaments: $95,569

Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez has a big win in the HR Series

“terror777727” monster score in PLO event, $100k HRS win for Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez

terror777727” is a name that Hold ‘em players could potentially overlook. Anyone who frequents the high stakes PLO tables, whether cash or tournaments, knows to fear them.

The High Roller Series 16 event was a huge PLO tournament. 71 elite entrants bought in for $10,300, generating a prize pool of $710k. terror777727 came first, adding $191,635 to his already huge file of PLO profits. “probais” from Hungary came second in the event for $143,250.

Legendary pro Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez from Uruguay also came out with a huge High Roller Series win. After scoring big in bounties last month, Benitez came first in PKO Event 17 this weekend for $39,550, plus $61,593 in bounties – a total pillage of over $100k.

Over in the hyper-turbo Event 18, “drupa-lucker” won $58,363 in just over two and half hours of heart-racing play.

The High Roller Series Main Events is still running, with 170 entrants left at the break. The prize pool now stands at over $2.3 million. “MonsieurRask” and “lipe piu” are the only two players with over 2 million chips, but there’s still all to play for. Check back tomorrow for results of the HRC Main Event.

Here are the High Roller Series results from this weekend:

Tournament Player Country Prize
HR13: $1,050 PKO peceli Uruguay $27,795 + $32,332 bounties
HR14: $530 PKO, PLO cmontopdeck Germany $12,089 + $14,308 bounty
HR15: $5,200 Main Event TBC X X
HR16: $10,300 PLO terror777727 Bulgaria $191,635
HR17: $2,100 PKO Tomatee Uruguay $39,550 + $61,953 bounties
HR18: $530 hyper turbo drupa-lucker Russia $58,363

HRC victories for “J0hn Mcclean”, “WATnlos” and Pascal “Paffchen” Hartmann

The High Roller Club supplemented the HR Series for a double whammy of high stakes action

Never to be overshadowed, the High Roller Club continued to provide some of the hottest poker action of the weekend, with prize pools rivalling the High Roller Series.

The Sunday $530 HRC Bounty Builder came with a $1 million guarantee, making it one of the biggest tournaments of the weekend. “J0hn Mcclean” from Andorra came first place for $98,698, plus an additional $79,773 in bounties for a total of $178,471.

Austrian reg “WATnlos”, who’s previous accomplishments include Sunday Million and HRC titles, battled through a solid final table of pros to take first place in the $2,100 Sunday HR. He earned $40k for first, beating second place “anteen”, who took $30k for second.

COOP titleist Pascal “Paffchen” Hartmann from Austria was also among those to score in the HRC this weekend. He made a heads-up ICM split with Hungarian “Belabacsi” in the Sunday Supersonic. Hartmann eventually won the tournament, earning $30,231 for first place. Belabacsi took slightly more due to the split, $31,317 for second.

Here are the top High Roller Club results from the weekend:

Tournament Player Country Prize
HRC: $530 Bounty Builder J0hn Mcclean Andorra $98,701 + $79,773 bounties
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up Kuul Bulgaria $56,668
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Cooldown pkrbt Sweden $20,048 + $21,082
HRC: $2,100 Sunday HR WATnlos Austria $40,486
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Supersonic Paffchen Austria $30,231




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