I’m sure by now you’ve seen the announcement that PokerStars will be adding casino games and sports betting in the coming weeks and months. While we are very excited about this significant expansion in our product offering, it comes with an obligation to manage it responsibly. I want to assure you that responsible gaming practices have been incorporated into the development of the product and our approach to marketing and promotion.

PokerStars has a long and proud history of integrating responsible gaming features into its software and the casino and sports betting offerings will be no different.


1. Beginning December 3rd, you’ll be able to opt out of all casino and sportsbook marketing simply by clicking a button in the client. And of course, there’s an “unsubscribe” link in every one of our emails. So if you get one and don’t want to get any more, a couple of clicks will take care of that.

2. As we noted in our initial announcement, you will be able to make the casino games and sports betting portions of the client completely invisible to you if you wish.

3. You will be able to set stakes limits for the casino games.

If you want your relationship with PokerStars to be “all poker, all the time”, that’s exactly what it will be. If you want to play our casino games, you’ll be able to customize your experience to fit within the parameters you desire.

We are taking everything we’ve learned about responsible gaming in the poker world and bringing it to casino games and sports betting. You’ll be able to exclude yourself from casino games for a period of time (or permanently) just as you can with our poker games. We will still work with players who want customized exclusion times and we will immediately close the account (poker, casino, and sports betting) of any player who says that he or she has a gambling problem. And if asked, we’ll work with that player to find them counseling services in their community.

We understand that virtually all of our players want to control their online gaming within parameters that are appropriate to their lives, and we consider it our responsibility to give them tools to do that.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about responsible gaming on PokerStars, drop us an email at wecare@pokerstars.com. Because we do.


Jeanne David is the Responsible Gaming Manager for the Rational Group. She has a master’s degree in social work and over 20 years’ experience in the counseling field. She has headed up the responsible gaming team at PokerStars for over eight years.


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