Range Wars: A new hope from PokerStars School

June 23, 2020inStrategy

A long time ago, in a cardroom far, far away…poker players didn’t think about ‘ranges’. Long before online poker emerged, the goal each hand was to single out a particular combo that you believed your opponent held, one which you could then tell them: “That’s what I put you on”.

That’s not how we should play poker in 2020, of course. We have to consider a range of hands for each opponent in every pot, and then do our best to go to war against the potential combos, while also considering our own perceived ranges.

Thankfully, PokerStars School is offering lessons in that way of thinking right now.


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Range Wars

If you’re new to poker, or at least new to current strategy, the concept of a ‘range’ might be foreign to you. After all, when we watch Daniel Negreanu call out his opponent’s exact hands during a big pot on TV, it seems like that’s what we should be trying to do, too.

Unfortunately, not many of us have Negreanu’s reading abilities, especially online where we can’t even see the way a player handles their chips or that awkward squirm in their chair.

So what do we do instead? We build a range of hands our opponents could have and a range of hands that we should play from each position and stack depth. This way, we can develop a strategy that will make us harder to play against.

PokerStars School’s Dave Roemer kicked off a brand new series this week, in which he’ll dig into some ideas behind ranging and playing your own range vs. an opponent’s range.

It’s called Range Wars, and you can check out Part 1 right here.

Grand Tour Strategy

Continuing on from last week’s content update, PokerStars School is delving back into the depths of Grand Tour strategy.

If you’ve not seen how Grand Tour works yet, you can check out PokerStars Ambassador Nick “OP-Poker Nick” Walsh streaming Grand Tour games every Tuesday from 10am to 2pm GMT.

This week, the focus is on ‘Early Game Play: Defending the Big Blind’ and ‘Small Blind Limp or Jam Strategy’.

School Pass

Fancy playing some multi-table tournaments where you can test out the new tricks you’ve just learned and win some free prizes? We don’t blame you.

PokerStars School runs free-to-enter tournaments every week and all you need to do to join is enter the weekly School Pass password.

Head to the #school_news channel of the Discord channel to find out the latest password.

Terms and conditions do apply, so find out more info here.

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