Qualifier DodgyFish72 to face Isildur1

February 23, 2011


When Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is involved in a match of any sort, people usually start using phrases like “high stakes,” “nosebleed,” and “OMG.” For once, Blom is going to be chilling out a little and giving a PokerStars qualifier a shot at the big time.

Sunday at 3pm ET, Blom will take on the Hungarian PokerStars qualifier known as DodgyFish72. Instead of those $50/$100 no-limit hold’em games Blom is used to, the match will be four tables of $5/$10 for 2,500 total hands.

DodgyFish72 qualified for the shot at Isildur1 after beating a field of 124 players in an
$11 qualifying tourney and winning a 140-player final.

For his efforts, DodgyFish72 will get to keep whatever he has left on the four tables after all 2,500 hands are played. If either of the players manages to stack his opponent during the match, he will get a $10,000 bonus from PokerStars.


DodgyFish72 won’t be the last one to have a chance at Blom. PokerStars is already running tournaments where you can win a seat in the next Qualifier SuperStar Showdown. For more information, visit the SuperStar Showdown qualifier page.


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