EPT Barcelona’s Best Moment: QF4

August 23, 2019inPoker

All this week we’ve been whittling down the eight greatest EPT Barcelona moments. All eight hands are already winners, but three are also losers, having been knocked out already and there’s just one spot left in the semi-finals.

Which of our final two hands will get the green light to travel onwards and which will be pulled over and brought in for questioning? You decide…

It’s Jamila Time

May the fours be with you…

OK, so pocket fours vs A-9 off-suit isn’t exactly a classic race, but this was a coin-flip that lived long in the memory.

An ace on the flop meant that Jamila von Perger was left drawing to a single out – one of the two remaining fours was folded pre-flop. Her rail asked for the one time, and as you can probably guess given that we’re showing you this hand, the poker gods delivered.

Whilst Florian Duta would lose this hand, he did outlast von Perger in the Main Event, finishing 21st to her 23rd.

Death By Quads

You could look at this as queens vs kings in a Super High Roller and file it under then ‘hands the play themselves’ column, but that would be doing this hand a disservice.

First there was the fact that both Vitaly Lunkin and Philip Sternheimer were both deep stacked. Next it was a five-bet pre-flop pot, then there was Sternheimer’s tank with kings, more of a nitroll than a slowroll as Sternheimer legitimately thought Lunkin could have aces. Add in the fact that it was a virtual all-in pre-flop with the players then putting their shrapnel in before the flop was dealt and it’s all kind of weird.

Then came the flop! Watch below to find out exactly what happened.

Which hand deserves to clinch the final semi-final berth? Head to the PokerStars Live Twitter page to cast your vote.

Coverage of this year’s EPT Barcelona action continues here. The record-breaking EPT National, which attracted 4,682 entries, is getting to the business end fast. We’ve got Day 2 coverage here — at the time of writing Michael Soyza, Julien Martini and Raffaele Sorrentino are among the big names still in contention for the €585,500 first prize.



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