PokerStars Festival Korea: From Partying to Poker

July 22, 2017

There’s been a dramatic change of pace for the poker players here in Korea tonight. Not just the fact that the fourth and final Day 1 flight is a turbo with 20-minute levels instead of the usual 45, but at this time yesterday everybody was away from the tables and partying the night away.

When Day 1B wrapped, the Players Party began – and free drinks meant the opportunity to be a degen of another kind off the felt. The venue was the prestigious club Rubik inside Paradise City where players were treated to a live band, delicious free food (Korean fried chicken is the nuts), and pool tables for those still in a competitive mood.

PSF Korea live band2.jpg

A spectacular show to set the night off

The night’s MVP would have to be PokerStars LIVE’s Lorie Torre Lagrosas who made sure everyone in attendance (and especially herself) were enjoying an abundance of alcoholic beverages. Somehow Lagrosas managed to make it to work at 10am today but when asked how she was feeling it seemed she recalled things a little differently.

“No no no no no,” Lagrosas insisted, “I only had one or two drinks! I’m very professional.”

More astute readers or those in attendance would snap-call that bluff.

PSF Korea cheers.jpg

Cheers Lorie!

The drinks continued to flow and when the live band finished it was time for the dancers to grace the stage. They were an instant hit and inspired many patrons to jump up and bust dance moves of their own. On the other side of the bar, High Roller final tablist and Main Event big-stack Daniel Demicki appeared to be hustling a friend on the glass pool tables.

PSF Korea dancers party.jpg

Dance like nobody’s watching (or taking photos)

PSF Korea Daniel Demicki pool.jpg

Demicki lines up the shot

Unfortunately the media team (actual professionals) slipped away early so we could be sharp and meticulous for today’s coverage, but rumour has it that the party kicked on until past 7am.

Now it’s all business as Day 1D is in full effect. So far another 38 players have entered the fray and it appears Young Ko Choi is leading the way, having tripled his starting stack to now sit with 90,000. Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has also returned in a bid to redeem her Day 1C elimination earlier this afternoon.

As mentioned, this flight is a turbo so it’s only scheduled for four hours of play. We’ll have a full recap when it’s done but in the meantime you can check out PokerNews for live updates.


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