Powergolf aces 6/28/16 Super Tuesday, carts away $64K

June 29, 2016

Another Super Tuesday is in the books, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold’em tournament on PokerStars that always draws a tough field of top poker talent. This week’s event took more than 12 hours to complete, with Denmark’s Powergolf ultimately prevailing to take away a $64,670.30 first prize.


There were 337 participants in this week’s Super Tuesday, meaning a $337,000 prize pool that bested the $300K guarantee. After almost five-and-a-half hours of poker they were down to 54, and with the money bubble having burst Francisco “07Papi” Oliveira sat in the top spot of the counts with a lot more poker left to be played.

About two hours after that they were down to 18 players, with Oliveira still in the top five and Powergolf having moved out ahead of the field by building a stack close to 950,000. 

Crackdel29 (18th), kursplunk (17th), and abeainy (16th) were the next players knocked out, with those three each taking away $3,033. pappadogg (15th), BOBAN94 (14th), and eijseijs (13th) followed, making $3,707 apiece. Then after slipping in the counts Francisco “07Papi” Oliveira went out in 12th, followed by MaltLiquor40 (11th) and rams85 (10th), with each of them picking up $4,381 for their efforts.

With allucan3at the new leader with more than 2 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Ozgur “phaplap” Arda (Cyprus) — 1,137,660 
Seat 2: Powergolf (Denmark) — 999,814 
Seat 3: allucan3at (Indonesia) — 2,076,794 
Seat 4: kjunia (Japan) — 921,660 
Seat 5: valerii888 (Ukraine) — 312,043 
Seat 6: Kevin “parksy1066” Parkes (United Kingdom) — 371,754 
Seat 7: Keiruja (United Kingdom) — 551,477 
Seat 8: Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu (Germany) — 1,526,914 
Seat 9: Str0j (Slovenia) — 526,884 

On the sixth hand of the final table, the blinds were 10,000/20,000 when allucan3at opened for 44,800 from middle position, then kjunia three-bet to 120,000 from the next seat over. It folded to Kevin “parksy1066” Parkes who reraise-shoved all-in from the small blind for 299,754, then Keiruja reraised all-in over that for nearly half a million, enough to scatter the others.

Parkes had A♦Q♦ but would need help against Keiruja’s K♣K♠. The board ran out 8♥7♣J♦7♠3♦, and Parkes had become the ninth-place finisher.

It would take another 50 minutes until the next knockout, by which time the blinds had increased to 15,000/30,000. 

After the table folded around to the small blind, Keiruja open-raised all-in. Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu was in the next seat with just under 2,000 less than Keiruja to start the hand, and called all-in with the 361,083 left after posting the big blind. It was Keiruja’s 3♥3♠ versus Neu’s K♠8♠, and after the 2♥3♦A♠ flop gave Keiruja a set, the 6♥ turn sealed it and Neu was done in eighth.


Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu

The tournament moved into its 11th hour, and with the blinds up to 20,000/40,000, kjunia opened with an all-in push to 370,776 from the cutoff seat, then Keiruja reraised all-in from the small blind to isolate. kjunia had 9♥8♥ and was well behind Keiruja’s K♣K♦, and five cards later — 3♥2♣5♥K♠2♦ — kjunia was eliminated in seventh.

About a dozen hands later they were in the same level when Keiruja limped in from early position, then Ozgur “phaplap” Arda raised to 124,000 from the button. It folded back to Keiruja who called, and the pair saw a flop come 6♥A♥K♠. Keiruja checked, Arda bet 146,080, Keiruja shoved all-in, and Arda called with the 550,748 he had behind.

Arda had top pair with A♣Q♦, but Keiruja had flopped a set with 6♣6♠, and the 8♥ on the turn meant Arda was drawing dead to finish in sixth.


Ozgur “phaplap” Arda

A short while later it was allucan3at making a just-over-2x raise to 103,500 from the cutoff seat and Str0j calling from the big blind. The flop came Q♥Q♣9♠, Str0j checked, allucan3at bet 128,500, Str0j check-raised to 800,000, and allucan3at called all-in with the 474,942 left.

allucan3at had K♥K♣ for kings and queens while Str0j turned over J♠10♥ for an open-ended straight draw. The turn then filled that draw, coming 8♠, and after the 7♥ river allucan3at was knocked out in fifth.

The final four all made it to the 11-hour mark of the tournament, and shortly after the blinds were 30,000/60,000 when Keiruja open-shoved from the small blind and Str0j called all-in with the 455,965 left after posting the BB. Str0j had A♦8♣ and the preflop edge over Keiruja’s Q♦2♥, but the flop came 3♠9♥Q♥ to give the latter a pair, and after the 4♠ turn and 9♠ river it was Str0j on the rail in fourth.

Twenty more minutes passed, after which Powergolf had built a huge lead with more than 7.1 million while Keiruja was down just under 800,000 and valerii888 was with just over 510,000. That’s when Powergolf open-raised all-in from the small blind with A♥7♣, valerii888 called all-in from the big blind with A♥2♠, and after a 5♣3♦J♠A♦Q♦ runout valerii888 was eliminated in third.

That pot gave Powergolf a better than 9-to-1 chip advantage to start heads-up play with 7,633,127 versus Keiruja’s 791,873. 

It was almost over on the second heads-up hand, as the U.K.-based Keiruja was all-in with A♣5♦ versus Powergolf’s A♥K♥. But a five on the river saved Keiruja.

The player from Denmark remained confident, though, humorously typing “im ur iceland ;)” as a gentle needle referring back to England’s recent loss in the European Championships to Iceland.

Keiruja gradually chipped back up, however, then managed to double-up into the chip lead in a hand in which Powergolf flopped two pair, Keiruja turned a flush, and all the chips went in prior to a benign river card for Keiruja. 

They continued battling from there, their duel ultimately lasting about an hour. The tide turned back in Powergolf’s favor in a big hand that saw Powergolf shoving the river with the board showing 2♦J♦3♣K♣K♦ and after a bit of time in the tank Keiruja calling with A♦3♣. Powergolf had K♥9♥ for trip kings, though, to go back up over 6.18 million to Keiruja’s 2.24 million, and would never relinquish the lead again thereafter.

By the final hand the blinds were 50,000/100,000. Powergolf min-raised to 200,000 from the button, Keiruja called, and the flop came 6♣8♠10♦. Keiruja checked, Powergolf bet 200,000, Keiruja pushed all-in for 1,311,246, and Powergolf called.

Keiruja showed 8♦5♣ for eights, but Powergolf had tens with 10♥9♥. The turn was the J♦ and river the 4♠, and it was finally over — Powergolf had won.

Congratulations to Powergolf for outlasting a tough Super Tuesday field and enduring that lengthy heads-up battle to come away with this week’s title.

6/28/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 337
Prize pool: $337,000
Places paid: 54

1. Powergolf (Denmark) $64,670.30
2. Keiruja (United Kingdom) $48,022.50
3. valerii888 (Ukraine) $35,385.00
4. Str0j (Slovenia) $26,960.00
5. allucan3at (Indonesia) $18,872.00
6. Ozgur “phaplap” Arda (Cyprus) $14,322.50
7. kjunia (Japan) $10,952.50
8. Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu (Germany) $7,582.50
9. Kevin “parksy1066” Parkes (United Kingdom) $5,594.20

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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