PokerStars weekend review (8-26-12)

August 27, 2012


There is a lion loose in Essex. Or there isn’t. It’s hard to say. Somebody claims to have seen one, and that’s been enough to start police and sharpshooters on a mission to find a lion where a lion doesn’t belong. This is, by far, the biggest news of interest today in Great Britain (it’s a bank holiday, so things are a little slow).

But, after the lion, these are the stories making big headlines.

  • Sunday Warm-Up: Incognito no longer, undaDISGUISE wins $97K
  • Battle of the Planets: Another Great from Russia, TheGreatRus claims August title
  • Minko23 defeats PS Friend Sjlot to win August 26 Women’s Sunday
  • Sunday Million: nebo_blizko blitzes final table, scores $184k
  • sunday_million_8-26-12.jpg

    For a complete look at the big action from the weekend, check out the PokerStars weekend majors final table results.

    Good luck to all in the coming weeks.

    And watch out for lions.

    Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging.


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