PokerStars weekend review (3-25-13)

March 25, 2013

Another weekend comes to a close capping off not just the usual (and enormous) slate of Sunday majors and live tournaments but also the MicroMillions 4 series. The micro-stakes, big-prize festival once again proved to be a huge success as it ran over its $5,000,000 festival guarantee by paying out $9,588,892.60 – a MicroMillions record – and clocked up 1,572,760 entries – also a MicroMillions record.

But if you thought that might mean you had time to pause and catch your breath then think again. The action just never stops: Omaha week begins today.

Let’s take a look at the poker highlights of the last few days before you start pot-pot-potting four and five cards…


Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov

  • Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov is having a great time on the PokerStars tournament tables this year. Having already sealed some solids wins in $55 and $109 rebuys the Russian EPT champ last night won the Sunday Warm-Up for $110,780.37 to bring his 2013 PokerStars tournament cashes total up to $274,549.

  • The MicroMillions 4 came to an end after 11 days of furious micro grinding with Ges26 from Belarus winning an incredible $140,468.56 from a $22 buy-in. A full MicroMillions review will be posted to the PokerStars Blog later today.

  • Uruguayan player ESTRATEGA 18 topped the MicroMillions 4 leader board to collect the Champion’s Trophy and a $5,200 ticket to SCOOP 2013 Main Event. ESTRATEGA 18 claimed the Player of the Series title by cashing in 29 of the 100 events taking 3rd in one event (ESTRATEGA 18 has notched up individual glory in the last edition of the MicroMillions).

  • Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown blew Phil Hellmuth’s name-dropping antics out of the water with his recollection of the time that James Bond came knocking.

  • Dominik ‘Bounatirou’ Nitsche and Dan ‘djk123’ Kelly were beaten to the ANZPT Sydney trophy by Dinesh Alt who collected AUD $226,320 (US $237,077). Kelly, who is one of only three players with three WCOOP titles, finished in 8th (AUD $23,460) while LAPT winner Nitsche toppled just before heads-up in 3rd (AUD $80,040).

  • Meanwhile Bart Lybaert was winning the Eureka Czech Republic Main Event for €115,000. Team PokerStars Pro Chris De Meulder was on hand to help with Belgian celebrations (and to do his best at jumping into a winner’s photo).

  • We took a look at just one of the many reasons that Phil ‘philbort’ Gruissem is such as beast when it come to High Roller events. You could claim this is an easy fold but, come on, let’s face it, most would get it in and then spend the next three months complaining about the ‘cooler’.

  • And finally…. Aren’t you curious to see what $250,000 in tournament buy-ins looks like? You can check it out here.

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