PokerStars VR goes live today. Need a headset? Here’s how you win one

November 08, 2018

The VR Poker world needs new terminology. If you can help, you could win yourself an Oculus Rift headset.

The new PokerStars Virtual Reality (VR) game goes live today. But in launching it we have unexpectedly opened-up some moral, practical, and philosophical questions.

Like this for instance.

If, while wearing a VR headset and immersed in a hand, you are suddenly rugby tackled by envious but well-meaning friends, what would this outside interference be called?

Or take this one.

The imagery in the new VR game appears to have more vivid colours and arguably better graphics than real-life. Should live poker now be renamed “low-res poker,” or something else?

And then there’s this one.

You suffer a bad beat. You then find yourself watching your opponent perform an ungracious victory dance in front of you (all possible in the PokerStars VR world). What crime are you committing (given you are beyond police jurisdiction) if you leap up to grab your opponent by the throat?

Even after months of extensive testing, our innovation team missed these questions.

So, the only way to satisfy ourselves that we have the answers is to hand over the investigation to you.

PokerStars VR is launched today. Read on to find out how you can win your own VR headset

Like the great expeditions in history, we’re calling on players like you to fill in the gaps in our VR poker knowledge.

Because just as online poker brought with it a whole new vocabulary – words like mis-click, bum-hunting, gg and nh – VR poker is likely to do the same.

And whatever those words are, we want you to be the first to provide them, by delving into this world and reporting back.

There are risks attached. For one thing, you might not come back.

The world you’ll find when you put on a headset, whether it’s Macau in 2050, a traditional old western saloon, or a yacht moored off Monte Carlo, will likely offer a more hospitable environment than any IRL winter.

the “traditional” old west saloon view on PokerStars VR. We may need a word for people sporting blue hair back in the late 19th century…

The imagery and the playability are so good that the only reason to unplug from VR Poker is to reboot your internet connection, and maybe eat something. Or to call in sick*.

The PokerStars VR view from the back of a yacht, moored off Monte Carlo

And given that in this VR world you can handle chips, cards, interact with opponents, spot tells, and own a pet donkey, it satisfies most if not all the needs of a typical poker player.

(Except bringing your winnings back to the real world. All PokerStars VR games are play money only.)

But if you do manage to unplug and make it back to the real world, you’ll have stories to amaze the rest of us mortals for years.

Or at least until we buy our own headsets and join you there.

But if you don’t want to wait that long, you can enter our VR Poker contest and win a headset of your own.

An Oculus Rift headset with touch controllers (RRP £400)**.

To win it we want answers to fill the gaps in this new virtual poker world.

We want to know:

Which new words should be added to the VR poker lexicon?

It can be for any aspect of the game. The moments we’ve talked about here, or any others you might experience, real or imagined.
Just give it a name.

The best suggestion will win the new Oculus Rift headset.

Be creative, original, and irreverent. Then simply send your suggested word to us (with its definition) on Twitter (@PokerStarsBlog), along with your [Stars ID], being sure to use the #VRPOKER hashtag (so we can find it).

You can enter as many times as you like, but the closing date is: Sunday 11 November at 23:59 ET.

As always there are Terms & Conditions. So, familiarise yourself with those first. Then get thinking.

We’ll announce the winner (along with some of the other suggestions) in a PokerStars Blog next week. By then one poker player will be on their way into this new VR world. They may even get to try out their new word.

We’re looking forward to reading your suggestions.

* We don’t recommend this. Although come to think of it, this will also need a word of its own.
** It’s worth noting you’ll need a PC to play.


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