PokerStars Sunday Million Results (11/26/06)

November 27, 2006

Jovial Gent has a quarter-million reasons to be even more jovial today after winning the PokerStars Sunday Million over the weekend. After proposing a deal and being refused, Jovial Gent went on to crack apestyles pair of kings with two pair. The result was a quarter-million dollar payday. Final table results are below.

PokerStars Sunday Million Results

1. Jovial Gent (United States) $250,202.70
2. apestyles (United States) $135,229.60
3. tumbleweeds (United States) $80,327.50
4. jesseduke (United States) $65,239.90
5. JP 5-time (United Kingdom) $53,784.50
6. GoNoles (United States0 $43,307.00
7. grgr333 (United Kingdom) $34,226.50
8. Pimplyteen (United States) $25,146.00
9. realest8 9United States) $16,764.00


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