PokerStars Strategy: Beware the shaking hand (even at the PCA)

September 27, 2013

Almost everyone in the game knows the shaking hand rule in poker. It doesn’t mean that the player is nervous, it means that the adrenaline coursing through your opponent’s body is too much to control because they’ve hit an enormous hand in a big pot. Now, with experienced players, the assumption is that a wobbly hand is a reverse tell, a faked reaction to make other players think that you’ve got a big hand. Sometimes it means, you know, they have got a big hand. If it looks like a big hand and shakes like a big hand, it’s probably a big hand.

Check out Dimitar Danchev’s hand at the beginning of the PCA final table at 5:45 on the video below (although the full hand begins at 4:50). Danchev wasn’t a player without experience having finished runner-up to Andrey Pateychuk at EPT Sanremo but he couldn’t control the big final table nerves of flopping the nuts. It’s obviously a tough situation for big stack Jerry Wong who held the second largest over pair as well as the second nut flush draw. Unless you get a webcam set-up at home you won’t be able to put this one into effect if you’re playing online but it could be of real use in any home game or PokerStars sponsored live event like the PCA. You never know, it might help you win $1,859,000.


Dimitar ‘shaky’ Danchev

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