PokerStars School Beginners Guide to Poker

August 20, 2019inPoker

Whether you’re seeking to master poker yourself or to give a friend or family member a boost in learning the game, you won’t find a better place to start than the new PokerStars School Beginners Guide to Poker.

This 33-page e-book covers a wealth of topics, starting with the basic mechanics of playing the game and working up to more advanced topics. It’s the kind of guide that rewards repeated reading as you gain experience at the tables.

Absolute beginners will learn poker’s building blocks quickly and in detail. Don’t know the difference between tournament and cash games, no-limit and fixed-limit poker, and different variants like Omaha and Stud? You will when you finish the opening sections of this book.

“Every successful poker player starts out as a beginner,” writes Ramon Colillas in the PokerStars School Beginners Guide to Poker. “Playing regularly is a great way to improve your game and to build up confidence.”

If you’ve mastered the basics but don’t have a lot of experience, the guide’s next few sections on table position and bet sizing will help you gain the confidence you need to keep your cool. Once you’ve grasped those intricacies you can move on to topics like bankroll management, finding the right game to match your skills, and how much time to spend studying away from the tables.

As PokerStars Ambassador and PSPC champion Ramon Colillas writes in the book’s introduction, “Anyone can learn to play poker, but if you dedicate time to improving your game and have a competitive nature, you too could one day be sitting at a PokerStars final table.” Hopefully, this book can be the start of your journey.

Download the PokerStars School Beginners Guide to Poker today and keep it on your phone or tablet for easy reference as you hone your skills.

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