PokerStars’ newest innovation: Home Games

January 12, 2011


It’s always something. Isn’t it?

John has the best chips and the sweetest table, but his wife is having a candle party Monday night, so he can’t host. Frank’s kid has the sniffles, Rick moved to Cleveland, and Gordon hasn’t hosted since that time Kevin literally cried after getting beat boat-under-boat.

Keeping a home poker game going is one of the hardest things for a group of friends to do. Something always gets in the way, and eventually the game falls apart under its own weight. That changes as PokerStars prepares to again revolutionize the online poker world.

Today, PokerStars launched Home Games, a brand new part of the PokerStars software that allows players to bring their private home games online. With barely any effort at all, players can have the freedom and flexibility of hosting their own games in the safe and convenient PokerStars environment.

“Nothing like the PokerStars Home Games had been offered before, and it’s so easy to use,” Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu said. “You have so many options when you open up your poker club. You can customize it any way you want, just like you would in a home game with friends.”


PokerStars Home Games is fully integrated into the PokerStars software. With just a few clicks, players can set up their own club. After that, Home Games has easy-to-use tools for scheduling games, managing club memberships, and maintaining club leaderboards. The new system even allows players to customize their own club lobby.

“Ever since I started playing online, I’ve kind of been neglecting my home game posse,” said Team PokerStars Pro Fatima Moreira De Melo. “It’ll be nice to pick up where we left off. Now we’ll just get together online!”

Managing an online club for home games at PokerStars will apparently have more benefits than simply being in charge of the game. PokerStars is promising big time promotions that can earn club managers and their players some serious prizes.

Home Games will support all the games PokerStars has to offer. Club members can play for free or for real money in cash games or tournaments. No one has to worry about his buddy being a slow dealer, somebody slowing down the game, or the three-seat spilling beer on the table–again. In short, PokerStars takes care of all the stuff that is annoying about hosting a game.

Even players who don’t have a regular home game will be able to easily recruit for their own private PokerStars games. The new Home Games platform is easy enough that invitations can be sent out via email, social media, or any way founders choose. Once that’s done, the club manager only needs to schedule a game, and PokerStars will send reminders to the club members.

If all of that isn’t enough, Home Games will track club members’ statistics. No longer will there be a question about who is ruling the home game. It’s yet another perk for self-professed stat geek Daniel Negreanu.

“I cut my teeth in home games, and it still brings back some of my best memories from playing poker,” Negreanu said. “Winning a WSOP bracelet or an EPT title are all good and well, but becoming the best player in your home game is equally satisfying.”

If you’d like a quick-start guide to Home Games, Kid Poker has it for you below.

As if you needed more incentive to check it out, PokerStars is running the Ultimate Home Game from now until March 6, a chance to win a a week-long trip to one of four incredible locations for up to eight people. In addition to that, winners get a private game and a night out with Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel and another Team PokerStars Pro of their choice. Click the link above for full details.

For full details on everything you need to know about Home Games, visit the PokerStars Home Games homepage.


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