PokerStars Macau: Macau Cup II Results

July 30, 2008


PokerStars Macau has wrapped up another Macau Cup and the results are in.

If you’re not aware, PokerStars Macau opened a few months back as the first-ever live poker room in Macau. Since then, it’s been home to the biggest poker play going on in China. It will also serve as host to September’s Asia Pacific Poker Tour event in Macau (more about that event at the end of this post.

In the meantime, here are the results from the second Macau Cup event (all prizes HKD).

Macau Poker Cup Charity Event

1. Kim Lee from Hong Kong – Prize: APPT Macau Entry to Main Event
2. Sae Hon Lee from Korea – Prize: APPT Macau Entry to Main Event

59 participants each paid a $500 entry fee and made a $1,500 donation to Caritas de Macau. In total, $88,500 was raised for the Caritas De Macau

Deep Stack Event

1. L Devadason – Prize: $20,520
2. Manuel Chu – Prize: $14,108
3. Barry Chang – Prize: $7695
4. Philip Prause – Prize: $5130
5. Alex Low – Prize: $3847

Red Dragon Event

1. “Denny” Dengfeng Yu from China – Prize: $119,040
2. Celina Lin from Australia – Prize: $81,840
3. Ivan Tan from Singapore – Prize: $44,640
4. Jean-Philippe Buanton from USA – Prize: $29,760
5. Luke Wei – Prize: $22,320

$500 Challenge

1. Ted Fu – Prize: $6120
2. Gang Wang – Prize: $4208
3. Stephen McDonagh – Prize: $2295
4. Kin Man So – Prize: $1530
5. Dak Bong Daniel Poon – Prize: $1147

If you find yourself in Macau in the next month or so, take some time to visit the room for these events.

Asia Pacific Poker Tour Macau
September 1-6, 2008
Entry Fee: HKD 25,000
Guaranteed Prize Pool: HKD 10,000,000
Qualify at PokerStars Macau, or online at PokerStars

Saturday 100K Guarantees
Entry Fee: HKD 2500
Guaranteed Prize Pool: HKD 100,000
Every Saturday at 8:00 PM beginning August 9, 2008 at PokerStars Macau


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