PokerStars introduces Regional Championships of Online Poker

October 13, 2010


When the seasons change, the top half of the world falls toward autumn, and the bottom half of the world jumps toward spring, it seems as if there is simply something missing from the poker planet. There is that niggling sense that something else should be going on…something with COOP in its name.

Now, the COOP is missing no more, and you have the chance to be crowned the online poker champion of your region.

PokerStars has just announced the Regional Championships of Online Poker, heretofore known as RCOOP (and, as far as we’re concerned will be pronounced Arr-Coop). RCOOP is PokerStars newest online tournament series and gives us a COOP in these late-year months.

Of course, there is a twist.

Unlike WCOOP and SCOOP, PokerStars players will be only be competing against players from their own region. PokerStars has cut the globe up into 13 different regions. Each region has its own tournament series and will have a champion all its own. Every region will enjoy eleven tournaments across the spectrum of poker disciplines.

English only at the tables?

Well, not in RCOOP (unless of course you live in an English-speaking region). At the RCOOP events, you’ll be able to chat in your native tongue and with the Team PokerStars Pros who play under your flag.

To find your region, see the tournament schedule for your events, and start planning your regional attack, visit the PokerStars RCOOP home page.

In the meantime, gaze a bit on WCOOP main event champ Tyson Marks.


Tyson Marks


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